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Why the Bone-In Tomahawk Is the Best Cut of Steak — Prime Time

Why the Bone-In Tomahawk Is the Best Cut of Steak — Prime Time

– Did they tell you that
when you apply here, like you’re gonna have a front row seat to awkward first dates when your cooking? – Yeah, break ups. All sorts of good… – Oh no. – Fucking breakups? – We have a little thing in the back where so many days since a break up. – Are you serious? – It’s always zero. – What? – If there were a steak draft, what would be your number one overall draft pick for best steak? – The rib eye. – Yes. Ding. That’s why we are here
in Williamsburg at… – [Ben] St. Anselm… – [Brent] To try a bone in rib eye. – A lot of classic New York steak houses serve kind of the same
thing across the board. These guys serve a lot of different stuff. Really care about where they
get their meat and it shows. We’re here to try it. – Let’s do it. – This is a piedmontese Tomahawk rib eye. – What makes a Tomahawk a Tomahawk here? – We have the bone, which I think traditionally
is like more than, I wanna say five or six inches. Is what they consider. These one’s we don’t french, so it still has a little
bit of the short rib and just like a little
bit of meat to gnaw on. – How many of these do you cook a night? – Weekends, we’ll cook
usually 16, 20 of them. The smallest we’ve ever
had is like 20 some ounces. Largest I think was a hundred ounces. So they really… – A hundred ounces? – Yes. – A hundred ounces. – My God! – So they really… – Did you sell that one? – [Katrina] Yeah. – [Sarah] The racks of rib eyes, there are typically seven steaks. – [Katrina] Do you guys
wanna pick your favorite? – [Brent] Which on do you guys like? You guys are the experts
here just as much as us. – [Katrina] Yeah, I think this one. – [Sarah] Yeah, I think that’s my steak. – [Katrina] Yeah, you gotta
little bit of meat there still. – This is like one of our
games that we play is… – Guess. – Guess how much it weighs. – So let’s wager now. – Yeah, I got money in my pocket. It’s a little bit loose. Let’s do this. – Do we need to get a real scale, so that we’re ah… – Yep. – Yep, let’s do it. – I’ll go get the scale. – Each member of each team
gets to pick up the steak. Confir amongst your teammates. We’ll write it on the paper. Whoever loses is going across
the street for a six pack. – That’s exactly right. – [Brent] Oh my God! – Do we see? What do we… Oh man. We all suck. – 40. – You gotta have a tie breaker steak. – [Brent] Okay, tie breaker steak. We’ll guess another one. – Let’s do the big one. – Here we go. I think it’s a winner. – [Brent] 64. – 62, damn it! – Yes! – Alright, so we owe you guys a six pack. You guys can choose the beer. I’m sure you know the beer
selection across the street. – [Katrina] Yep. – Very, very well at this point. Now that you’ve shown us
up as far as knowing what weights of steaks are… – By doing our job. – You can show us up
on how to cook a steak. – Alright. Lots of seasoning pushed into the steak. So much of it’s gonna fall off. – [Brent] Yeah. – [Katrina] On the grill. – [Brent] So pretty
much if salt and pepper can stick to the surface,
you want it there. – [Katrina] Yeah. – You guys have cooked more
steaks than anyone else, what’s the 101? – Turn it often. You know, you don’t want it to sit. I like to get a good even char so it’s not about like cross hatching
and like any of that. With the fish or anything we do. The next move on this rib
eye that I’m gonna make is just to scoot it over a little bit, so hopefully the grill gets like between where the marks are now. We’ll start it like good and hot, and get a good char going. Then if you need to, if it has a fat cap, move it over to render the fat. – You’re just vastly
different from the landscape. You’re not one of these 200 year old New York (bleep) iconic steakhouses. You’re like and a really amazing, transparent about where
your meat comes from, neighborhood steak house. – [Katrina] A lot of times
you just have to decide like, I don’t give a (bleep) about that. This is how we’re doing it. This is how it’s made. – [Brent] Wooooooow. – [Ben] God that looks perfect. – No barbecue sauce with your steak. Just gets some butter. Let that melt on there. – And that’s it. – That’s it. – [Ben] Love it. – As it should be. So, you guys aren’t just gonna abandon us? – No, we’re gonna help. – You’re gonna eat some
of this too, right? – What kind of six pack do you guys want? – [Katrina] Closest to water is great. – I got you. This sucks. – [Katrina] Yeah. – Living up to my promise. – Thank you. – Can we please serve you guys? – Yes. – You did all the work. This is the crucial move? – This is the sop right here. You gotta butter it up. – You got this like big, beautiful steak. Does anyone ever get upset that their getting this like big, beautiful bone? – You know I feel like the people that order it know what
they’re getting into, but there are people that won’t order it. You know usually like, why would I pay for that bone on that steak, yeah? – I’ve met a few of those. – But most everybody’s
pretty excited about it. – [Sarah] And they know
upfront that it’s… – It’s a Tomahawk. It’s part of the name. – That’s the point. – Yeah. – Yeah, cause you get
this thing to gnaw on. You get some of the short rib. You get that short rib fat. Like that’s part of
what makes it so great. – This is your whole steak
with the bone that it came on. – This really is the best part. The bone is amazing. Rib eye is like the king
of the American barbecue. The American steakhouse. I feel like some people would
probably argue porterhouse. I would tell those people they’re wrong. Thank you so much. – This is fantastic. – It really was. – Yeah. For more of this, click here.

100 thoughts on “Why the Bone-In Tomahawk Is the Best Cut of Steak — Prime Time

  1. "You guys can choose the beer, sure you know the beer selection across the street…" All that gets them amazing Coors L and PBR!!!

  2. True Story. }}}} I did that 2 years ago – once, and never again, BUT IT WAS FUN. I wanted to impress my red-meat loving sweetheart with one of my outdoor grilling specials. When asked how she would like her steak cooked, she's the type that 'Thinks', but would never 'Say', "Break the horns off, wipe it's ass and sear it till it moos". She goes full-animal with Bone-In steaks, so I knew she would love a Prime 1 Rib-Eye Tomahawk ……………….. But the sucker I bought weighed about 4 lbs. When I got home, I realized that I had another problem. That Tomahawk wasn't going to fit on those dinner plates. I had to look in the other room and find a large dinner plate CHARGER !!!! Anyway, I grilled it and she was in meat lovers heaven – just gnawing away on that bone with a stack of dinner napkins at-the-ready. She gave me that look; pupils dilated with a big smile and said, "You must have paid over $ 25 dollars, just for the bone". "Next time, a nice Prime 1 Porterhouse will do just fine" "You get the Strip side and I get the Tenderloin side AND the BONE – and you'll get your desert right now". "Come here and get your prize" ! Oh yeah …………. we grill a lot ! LOL

  3. I almost cried this beautiful woman actually put right amount of salt pepper cause she us right most of it falls off……..take notes steak cookers

  4. I keep going back to this video. For me you make the definitive statement about steak here. It's all there in 5 minutes and 34 seconds. "It's so good, it really is "

  5. 4:47 the perfect black woman voice idc if it was intentional and if it was she gets a pass cause she gets the culture if it was

  6. Just found this amazing channel! I’ve been watching for three hours. 😂you guys are great 👍 just subscribed!

  7. I prefer Nick to these guys. At this point Nick is a living dry aged steak meme and his over the top use of vocabulary is pretty entertaining

  8. The price they're charging if you paid a bit more you could probably get USADA grade prime ribeye. So why would anyone pay this much just for a meat handle and gimmick of calling it a tomahawk instead of just a regular ass ribeye steak

  9. Best steak I have ever had by far is Hanwoo Beef from Korea. I have had beef from Japan, Texas, Oklahoma, Montana, France, Germany, Wyoming, Kansas, Argentina, Brazil , Morocco and several other places in the world. The Korean Hanwoo beef was the best .

  10. They al hooked up after they ate …. the guys hooked up with each other and the girls hooked up with each other

  11. Gotta love how people think enjoying wine is snobby/high brow, those same people mocking pbr/Coors. Comparing and contrasting is one thing, making absolutes when it comes to others enjoyments is another. There's a time and place for different scenarios.

  12. >just butter
    YES. Finally. A properly cooked steak makes its own sauce if you just add a little butter goddamnit.

  13. 1. stickin' salt to the meat like that dries it, it sucks the moisture. Salt should be added AFTER the cooking !!
    2. Flippin' it LESS is actually better.
    I don't think they know what they're doin' LOL
    I'm sure the stake is very good anyway (meat looks amazing) but it could be SO MUCH better.

  14. Nice meat, however should be warm enough to melt the butter 🤔

    @ $3.45/oz and $150-$200 per steak, it outta be warm!

    I am sure it was tasty but not $200 tasty.

  15. You mean why the tomahawk ribeye is a rip-off and scam. Your paying double than what a bone in ribeye cost and not getting much more meat or flavour. So pretty much your paying double for a bone sticking out the end

  16. the only condiment you have with steak is horseradish and maybe English mustard but butter are you crazy

  17. That would have been probably the last cut I would have chosen. Personally I would have gone with the bottom right at 1:41 but I understand it's all personal preference.

  18. As someone with 36 yr in luxury meat…its a scam to get a full price for a dog bone…just get the cowboy cut…

  19. I’m glad to see they didn’t French the bone. One of my favorite things about bone-in rib-eye steaks is gnawing the meat off the bone.

  20. I was with them until they bought the beer. Exposing they know about as much as John Snow, can’t really take them seriously.

  21. OK. So it's basically a ribeye with the rib. Instead of a rack of ribs and a boneless ribeye.
    All those people handling raw meat without gloves. Talk about contamination.

  22. Very nice and simple way of cooking a steak ,,, color on the meat is bright and fresh looking , The lady cooking the steak looks such a come and wonderful person … video has simplicity of american life style in it . I used to live in USA for thirty years and miss America every day now ,,, from IRAN

  23. You PAID for your meal, I trust………………………….
    ps: Mr. Imperious Moustache WOULD be MORE than pleased to get a steak at any NYC "&%^$#@ 200 year old steakhouse." Asshat……………………….

  24. The bone is that meaty flavour add the marrow to stews,soups and gravies and that meaty flavour is intensified exponentially.Its terrific flavour,not to mention nutritional value.

  25. It's a marketing ploy. You are paying top dollar for that extra bone that has absolutely no benefit to the flavour or quality of the steak.

  26. 100oz? Care to speak the international metric system? Not the one where stuck up blinded americans use. You know, the one that's accurate and everyone understands?

  27. So no marbling/ intermusculiar fat? Hows that gonna be tender melt in your mouth? Taste might be good but chewy af. Just saying

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