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Why Sugaring Is The Best Type Of Hair Removal | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

Why Sugaring Is The Best Type Of Hair Removal | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

The way we apply the sugar paste – it kind of seeps into the hair follicle, wraps around the hair, and then it pulls it out. The craft is always being perfected. It’s like an art of hair removal. My name is Page Ellson and I’m gonna get sugared today. Since I was a gymnast I was in a leotard all the time. I think I was about 9 when someone pointed out my leg hair and I was like, “Mom do I need to start shaving?” And she was like, “No you’re just a little
girl, stop.” And I was like, “Mom, I need to remove my hair.” I think I started shaving my legs when I was 10. It took me a while to learn how to do it. Getting a cut on your ankle is the worst kind of razor cut to get. What I know about Sugaring – I know it’s… I feel like I’ve heard it’s more natural
and you have longer lasting results of your hair removal. My name is Danielle and I am the owner of Sugaring LA. I started sugaring about 13 years ago. I had terrible skin and I was trying to find
different natural ways to heal myself and my skin. It led me into beauty school and how I can take care of it from the inside-out. But then I also learned this great art of
Sugaring hair removal that I just fell in love with. At Sugaring LA, I think we’re 6 years later,
and we have 5 Sugaring salons along the west coast. It’s really exciting to see how quickly
it’s grown and how well people really took to it. Yeah I’ve had bad waxing experiences before. Where they ripped off my skin a little bit. And so I’d have weird strip marks on my
forehead. That happened one time and I was like, “Mmm no.” We get a lot of clients that come and see
us coming from waxing or shaving, and having to shave your skin everyday. Getting that irritation from the constant
friction. You can get really bad razor burn if you try
to shave everyday and the ingrown hairs that you can get with shaving are terrible. Waxing half the time it just breaks your hair or the hyper pigmentation you can get from repeatedly waxing your skin and pulling on the skin. Epilators kind of pull your hair out in every
direction and then it’s gonna start deforming your hair follicle. With Nair it’s like using Drano on your skin. It just kind of burns down into the hair follicle as far as it decides to go so you’re not actually going to pull it out and get the
results. Laser, you know… the last letter in laser
is “R” for radiation. Plucking is going to take you a really long
time. You’re always going to have hair because
you’re always puling them out at different times. We don’t use any sticks, or strips, and
no double dips. Our signature paste is made of lemon, lemon is our natural preservative. Sugar, sugar is a natural healer. And then water. And they’re all organic ingredients. It’s literally just a gloved hand and one
ball. So we have a ball, and this one ball is your
ball and your ball only. We apply it against the hair growth, and it seeps into the follicle, wraps around the hair, and then as we flick, it’s removing the hair in the natural direction. Because you’re a shaver, your hair isn’t
weakened or thinner and finer yet. But because she has thicker skin, dead skin cells, and she’s been shaving. I get a lot the first time but then I’m
loosening it as I’m flicking and I got to go back over. And so it starts to turn this color because
it picks up all the dead skin cells and all the hair. We’re able to kind of go over the area a
few times because it’s just exfoliating the dead skin cells. So it’s very thorough. We don’t miss a hair. Just the quality of my skin looks better. She took off a lot of dead skin cells and
told me how to exfoliate and stuff so my skin on my legs looks better in general. So the sugaring felt similar to waxing but
I actually thought it was a little less painful. Probably because it’s not hot. I definitely want to go back when the hair
starts growing back because I want to keep that. And I can just tell my skin is already really
happy about it so I definitely want to start transitioning into Sugaring. It was a peaceful process and it was nice. It’s kind of an emotional release, you know, for them who have been holding this stuff that really gives them body image issues and to be able to free people of those is great. And that’s some of the favorite parts of
what I do and why I Sugar. Thank you so much for watching. For more videos click here. And to subscribe click here.

100 thoughts on “Why Sugaring Is The Best Type Of Hair Removal | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

  1. 2:10, um your supposed to used shaving cream or you will get cuts ? And yeah I’ve never gotten razor burns , so

  2. We have this kind of saloon in the Philippines, it’s called LAYBARE… you literally just lay there bare. 😂 surrounded by 2-3women sugar balling the hair out of you but faster.

  3. It does not get all the hair and I got rashes of it and I have never got it with waxing I think I’m the only person who does not like shaving

  4. 4:59 this lady has no idea what she’s talking about

    She’s basically “whipping” the sugar; similar to whipping egg whites, when you add air bubbles, it turns the clear egg white white

  5. The reason why it turns whites isn't that it's picking up the hair and skin. Come the frick on. It's because you are folding air into the sugar which turns it from amber o white due to it reflecting more light. It's a property of sugar that's well known in the candy making business. You can literally find this out with as five second search on friggin youtube. eye roll

  6. It changes to that color because its SUGAR. Watch a candy making process and it does the same exact thing.

  7. bitch it turns white cause the more you pull it the more air it intakes thats how they turn candy into a naturaly yellowish white and bitch this is like honey waxing dont think your special.. i hope this is service cheap cause its just browm sugar, lemon and water sheeeet

  8. When did u learn about sugaring ? Cause in the east we always had this thing u r calling sugaring ..the stuff came in small jars and we needed to keep it in a bowl of hot water first .

  9. Very good video but, the sugar doesn't turn that pale yellow color due to dead skin cells. It's because of the air that gets trapped inside it. If you've ever watched old fashioned candy making videos, they use a technique called "Sugar Pulling" that is very similar to this but larger scale.

  10. Any homemade candy maker will tell you that pulling the sugar will cause it to turn more white/opaque because the air bubbles are being popped and reflect the light differently, causing the color difference. Watch lofty pursuits videos and he goes into depth about it in almost every video

  11. Dude. One time I sugared my whole body – I was up until 3 am trying to get my butt crack, cooch, pits and bits – it took forever. When I was done, I felt like smooth silk but dang I was exhausted. I recommend having someone do it for you!

  12. This technique is actually ancient. So ridiculous she talks like she's invented it. This is how even my grandmother waxed.

  13. Sugar waxing is really common and affordable where I'm from, but it's generally considered less effective than hot wax. Women tend to prefer hot wax as it removes the shorter stubbier hair more effectively.

  14. This actually was invented by Arabic people I don't get why white people always try to act like they invented and discovered EVRY FUCKIN THING

  15. I hate it when people misrepresent science. Radiation is just a term for energy being given off. The heat from your body is radiation. All light is radiation. Everything on the planet gives off radiation. If you are going to use that as your argument, discuss wavelength and back up your words with facts instead of fear-mongering to sell a 'trendy' technique that eastern cultures have been using for years.

  16. The demonstration of the waxing part didn’t need to be super extra slow with the suspense/horror movie sounds.

  17. I am doing sugaring wax for last six months now i make the solution myself. I use it on my face, upper lips, eyebrows, under arms,legs ,arms and it just works wonder, it's so easy to make, i just love it, highly recommended to those who don't like going to parlour for waxing 😂

  18. sugar wax isn't meant to be that liquidy, it's meant to be more like thick sticky toffee but not too much that it stick to your bare hands. its an old middle eastern tradition; i'm from Iraq so i should know, just sayin 🤷

  19. Egyptians have been doing this for centuries, Americans always love to act as if they’ve discovered a “healthier” way while we’ve been doing this forever it’s practically the most common type of hair removal and why is it so god damn expensive you can buy it at you’re local pharmacy for 5 le (0.25 $)

  20. it's amazing how fancy it seems from afar. I've been using this my whole life. I'm from a country in Africa called Sudan and this is what we use. it really is a lot more efficient that shaving. it takes a while for the hair to grow back leaving you very smooth ( ofcourse it differs from person to person depending on your hair growth rate ). I've heard myths that after a while it sort of stretches your akin because of the pulling, but I doubt that. our women have been using it forever.

  21. Mann… I wanted to like this but she became really gimmicky with her explanations. Like… "The sugar turns this color bc dead skin cells and hair"… Uh OK it's there but you're also aerating it… Look up candy making lol… But anyways

  22. My african family has been doing this for generations. I would always watch my grandma and my aunts and mom do it it was always so Satisfying😂 ahh memories

  23. I just don't wanna watch rafinery videos because the sound effects makes you stop doing everything like piercing, tattoos, and also whitening your teeth to the dentist 😂😂. You guys are too extra . But i just keep watching your videos !

  24. Sooo
    I tried this and when I put the recipe on water, it didn’t seem to blend in so I waited for 20 minutes , still no change at all then my sister comes in and notices a weird smell.
    Turns out I was using salt the entire time ! 😩

  25. I used to go to sugaring, and tbh, its the best thing I´ve done, yea, it hurts, but sometimes ur hair wont even grow back and it was way better for my skin (waxing was a no no for my skin tbh)

  26. REFINERY! STOP IT WITH THE SOUND EFFECTS! you guys have added it to sooo many videos and it's kinda become overkill 😬

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