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Why Social Media Marketing is Important!

Why Social Media Marketing is Important!

With over 17 million people using social media every single day in Australia, it’s not hard to see why businesses are investing so much in social advertising. Australians spend almost 6 hours
looking at their screens on average, and over 1 and a half hours of that are spent on social media alone! With nearly 90% of Australians connected to
the internet, why not start marketing where most Aussies are spending their time online! It’s a no-brainer. At Xugar, we thrive on creating unique campaigns
for your business to help it grow sustainably. We want you to connect with your audience
across all devices and platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Think hamburgers, see Maccas. Think mobile, see iPhone. This product association is what we want to
build for your products and services, and Social Media Marketing is the most effective
path to brand recognition. Engage, connect and grow with your audience. Get in touch with our Digital Growth Experts
today to start your social media journey! Give us a call on 1300 56 56 10
That’s 1300 56 56 10

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