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Why Social Media Marketers And Advertisers Need To Cooperate – Social Media Minute

Why Social Media Marketers And Advertisers Need To Cooperate – Social Media Minute

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab,
this is Social Media Minute. I can’t believe this is still happening
in social media. Marketers that advertise
and marketers that create content still don’t share information
with each other. There’s still a big siloed wall. For the first time we actually
talked about this in 2014. We made articles,
we talked about it at conferences. And we thought this issue would go away. I mean it’s only up to the brand
and the brand managers to actually go and figure it out
with the agency folks that do it, or with the advertiser people
in that company. But still today, in 2017,
there are brands and marketing teams, and pretty major brands, that don’t communicate together. The data from social and the strategy
for social content is completely different
to the advertising one. It blows my mind.
I can’t believe it. And the solution is so simple. You have to talk together, figure out how to blend the data,
the results and the strategies. We’ve seen extreme scenarios. Somebody just throwing out content
with thousands and thousands of reach. And then just putting all the money
on one piece of content. Obviously, that’s the stupidest strategy
in the world, right? And it’s still happening. If you think
your company still does that, share this video around,
make sure the people around you hear it, make sure your boss
and the agency understand. You have to share data.
The simplest solution is start sharing metrics
and strategies right away. Very easy solution.
We’ve seen it in the past. An agency came and they said,
“We were really doing this.” So they went, they got
Socialbakers analytics for example. They put in their ad accounts,
they put in their insights accounts, and they put in all their
open engagement and content metrics in one place. You don’t have to launch
a publishing tool, or start advertising
with a different tool. You just put the data somewhere where
you all can manage it at the same time. This is very simple, an obvious solution
that will work for everyone. So please, let’s break down the siloes between the advertising
and the content piece in social media, once and for all. Make data be free. Thank you very much.
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