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Why SEO is Dead and What Works?

Why SEO is Dead and What Works?

you probably heard that SEO is dead what does that mean will stay tuned
because I had to talk about what methods are working and save methods that are not work in
justin is beyond your free to happen is going to help you get your page at the top other search engines say to
not see on the inside d right as it started my name is Michael
Mattos when the cofounders page domination dot com we provide online advertising services for
businesses all across the world including social media I’m video 18 ranking a promotion we do SEO type work so basically
everything for online advertising I we have personally create and manage
over 150 web sites and he’s his web sites are really designed for
our testing what I mean by that is we do a lot of om things to our website to find out what’s
working what’s out work on the tests are different tools we test our different methods and we
test out things that we believe the searches are looking for
and we can measure what’s working against what’s not working so we do this a lot we spent hundreds if
not thousands of hours and of course house in the dollar’s on testing is
different programs to find out what’s working and the purpose is variously as
well as suffering a show you what is working and what isn’t working
and while SEO is dead so say to him lol about me I mean I
personally generate over 20,000 leads online I might be book has been down all over
10,000 time so we kinda have a really good idea and a
good posts on what’s a crime on the Internet today and what’s
working what’s not working so say to I’ll I hate when that happens so say to you
see all that alright this jumper station by the way this offers a free
software use now lost me at the bar link SEO is search engine optimization SEO is dead am Islas Baleares a minor looks like
he’s going for diana Gold any quits right before he breaks through and here’s another person is going to go
all the way through and discover the rich is so that’s my message for
today don’t give up keep going through cell who is this
presentation for well if you are a business owner
looking to hire SEO company this is very important when you’re lookin interviewing INS your
organization it’s very important to find out what techniques what systems were
methods they’re using on your website your blog your video I’m special prime line amortize the
reason for that is you wanna make sure they’re not
utilizing techniques are systems that work back in 2003 a couple years later
because if they are SEO is dead it’s not were keen those all systems and and getting
backlinks the stuff we’ll talk about that later is not working today so that’s what this
fears about why as he always did and what is work im on the other person
that this I’m videos gear for is someone who owns
their own blog or the website you want to promote online you want to
get to rank high in the search engines well if you’re mornin wrong reason wrong
techniques methods are systems chances are it will
never be found so that’s why I put this video together
and the third person course is a person doesn’t online marketing in wants to do this as a career and have a sustainable
lifestyle by doing this the right way so let’s go ahead and his
coat my little presentation here so let’s talk about what methods work and what’s doesn’t sell what doesn’t work this is go ahead and talk
about that well systems when I mean my systems and and
you not to get too technical but there are citizens out there that will help do promotion for your video your blog
post your website and so forth and you know some other systems might be
Magic Submitter SE nuke could be from a third-party
organization that has systems and tools well those systems don’t work specially
on lower authority contacts and what I mean
by law three content on the search engines look for hi it
already and stay rate that compared to
everything else out there so chances are if you’re launching a new website our new blog post or even if you just
get into online advertising you don’t have a lot to authority to your website or blog post.really your
video so you’d be competing with other copies and
been around a lot longer in you have a lot more contacts I’m lot more
videos a lot more shares and so forth you can
be ranking against you can be competing against those guys
I have a lot of authorities so if you’re using systems I am on low 130 sites for new sites he could
D and exercise doesn’t look natural looks
its looks very artificial any search engines are very special you who is extremely smart so
unless you know exactly what you’re doing using systems you know to get backlinks and so
forth is not a good idea will kill your website
might give you a spike you know you might go a bit you know
companies a couple weeks at the top in a very short period time once against
the index it would drop or even disappear so be
very careful when using systems remembering something it doesn’t
understand how to use systems the next scene is non relevant
backlinks I’m well water backlinks is a free tool
that we usually use a bunch tools but this one is eight reps href
said again at the bottom of this website I will have all the free tools that we
use including the Rams I’ll which he did which domain name here
it’s free just hit 30 tell you how many backlinks there are
two a particular website this will be used to monitor in our competition on to scope out what the convo that competitive
landscape looks like and so forth we use a lot of tools well the other good way back thanks for
another way to describe backlinks is kinda fault so the website’s new applied as
hell and back links or doesn’t have a lot of votes while side to have more authority they
probably have a lot of backlinks we have a lot of votes and typically just like anything else the more votes
you have the more popular you are so the search engines rank the website
space on it already or votes but if you get bad backlinks to
your sites use license systems it’s going to destroy the right knee
website i mean i happen right away but over time they will drop so non relevant backlinks are not good on said in a proxies to hide your IP
address to set these are things that as you guys do in a long time ago to try to trick the
system you knock on a trip the surgeons you
certainly our country Google so you know Cena proxies hydride p you know doing things that are you think are you
hiding for princess stuff those strategies EP don’t know how to do
it don’t do because you can’t penalize your
site and creating fake profiles and doesn’t
work writing content for SEO is dead not the readers
what I mean by that is I see a 500-word on blog post for description on your
website nunu keywords stuff that 500 word article
with a lot of these keywords: to you know it tracked searches to find
you so you know rather than be no
reader-friendly is just SEO driven with the budget keywords
other stuff this not gonna work those systems
strategies my route before rehearsal years ago but today those strategies do not work so don’t
just right content that the SEO’s search engines want to com search for and find one right
content as engaging I mean as I mentioned earlier you know
pageviews paid subscribers that stuff doesn’t work well now we know
it doesn’t work let’s talk about some things that do work so what works well given value to your readers this is always been good position gurus
a position is when you do nain use it as a service
they want to provide the best content that’s available on the internet so key in value to your readers give so
much to you that your reader once allied comment or share your content that is what’s gonna help your
information go viral is audience participation by liking
commenting shares just simply right articles not that’s
keyword you know rich but that is you know
user-friendly engages your audience to participate you
know ask questions Kim to get engaged make sure that it’s
relevant and they will participate in a will share the information alright so give value to your readers the next scene is fresh contacts grew the search engines the love life you know you can just put a web page
together and write a blog post for two and let it sit there in my break in the
just disappears over time the reason for that is because your competition or
other people are writing and are more active the righty fresh
content so that first content has been raised up through the ranks the search engine so right engaging content as fresh how often should you
right well that’s up to you we like to write content you know every two weeks at least once a
month and prefer every week if you have time to do it
great write some good I you know right to be content articles we
also have services at will write content by using ghostwriters
support so you know how to write hire someone that
knows how to write and put the information upon your blog arecont website so forth so google loves life in everything is relevant content
if you’re a real see agent talk about content that is relevant to
the real state industry so right content that is
engaging with your clients right content that he is you know
relevant right content that will get like common
shared and no 5 near post finer where r who
they use right we like to do you know some 58,000 even 1500 words and then tie that into a nice video as people
like to you know watched videos in fact most who rather watch a five-year deal
they return block however with 15 words right you
know you create a likely images you can engage cuss recast good
questions you can put some key words here that
looks more natural so it doesn’t look like it’s been stuffed so that’s a lot more you know chances
you know get forwarded shared on the Internet by writing some good content as you know 1251 15 words and so forth our eyes gone
snacks n well I mention that SEO is dead will
want is work in social media is new SEO is dead social media rock skies we went on all for clients if you wanna
online presidency you want to online advertising you have to have social media you know
perhaps you don’t think social media works
perhaps it’ll make sales in social media but the truth is if you not do social media your
competition is or your other you know blog writers up furthermore people research on the internet today
and they go to source me they’re gonna find out you know who
you so she went to complain about your product in your services they’re going
to research use social media is a big way identifying who you are so make sure you pose on social media one thing that we like to do with all
over clients which is almost mandatory is Google Arthur ships 01 is COO of the ships to
go to advertising pine Google baseball writer cell this right here is not to our to
ship and what I mean by that is this is true
of the CBC’s a pitcher that pitcher is associated with this
individuals blog posts or they’re bigger whatever so thats QR to ship that’s Koo authorship I’m who are to ship here’s our video for specials as chemical USO I’m yes one person who I do is and who want
to ship and I have other videos and change to talk about how to
setup Google authorship an asset to exist like another time in the video so SEO who are to ship post and promote
on Google+ has competition all the time most business owners are even online
marketers that pose on Facebook Twitter anything
good job son Google owns you to make videos Google
owns Google+ so polls on Google+ don’t know how to create a Google+ user profile or even
how to post because it is different Facebook and Twitter learn it in fact he
may have videos on how to setup Google+ Pages how to promote problems over that on
another tutorial in video that you can have access to watch is out
my channel so who are to ship I pose on Google+ mandatory social media is ranking on
search engines so to me this is great here well what do you mean my who are on a tight
end page domination course from initial appear type it again
Sorry I supports a commercial appear but
notice here page domination his purpose for Facebook
page it showing up at the top %uh the search
engine so that’s it indicator that the social media is
powerful today for raking content see you must have
social media social media you not written content so I can be seen
on the next scene is social shares are relevant backlinks rely talked about
you know non relevant backlinks also shares are relevant backlinks Nazi good team and Google and search engines there
measuring backlinks relevant so if they see a social share
with someone actually no ghost pager read opposes review and
the share that on social media that is AP positive and relevant backlinks so make sure you focus on
getting social shares and to prove my point this particular
video if you like it’ll be a subscriber you
sure because I want to create value so he create value people will share in this will help out on search
engines cell don’t know my dues and the dismal on page optimization which I put
some keywords animators got 500 words in this is Chris
because s notes videos on a blog post now my blog have released a generous my
video I have 500 words and that promoted through social media
Aspyr shares on get likes comments and so forth I’m not to use any systems I’m not going
to do any backlinks you’ll see in a very short period time
you know maybe a month two months it will be on the first page Google
alright cyl I appreciate you hanging in there now as promised I want to give you a
three-tiered for first page Google you ready Pam tree a social media link with your
keyword or maybe your company name Rd to your earlier that social media is
raking very well on searches of you I am a fan page
create a fan page me which herein your or perhaps your your
company name or something you tryin target knowing that Facebook has a lot already
in Twitter Pinterest so forth put your company name in there put your
key word in there put your blog in a manner your own name so that when
people search they will find you again Facebook
Twitter Pinterest some have a lot authorities so by having
a lot already it’s gonna rain glad he’s run a search engines so create your social media interlinked
everything on to your website use it he were you something that you
want people to find us: and as you know its ranking high backlink your social media accounts
nine or earlier I said don’t backlink value systems well I also said that it with was
lowered authority you want to make sure it’s more natural
you don’t want to do anything as artificial because Google Smart the surgeons search
engines are smart they would he and exit but we have a higher authority site like
Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ you can be a little
bit more aggressive so you can backlink these now I’m always gonna say
try to get relevant backlinks you could do some other things are a
little more aggressive because there’s so much more authority so back link to social media promoter
social media promote your Facebook fan page a Twitter
YouTube champ ensures more on and get back brings to this
because they are ranking in it going after keyword tiny keyword then you’re a lot better
chance because a lot more 40 to be ranked up on Google so is I
hope this was helpful a pretty spend some time with me and
their I want you to subscribe if you like this
video you know please like comment share if he sits cry are share this Video I will fine because I get notified that
you did that and I’ll send you some other free content that we have tools I use get set up on searches your information to be seen at the top
so thinking in Michael Mattos examination every day to success

9 thoughts on “Why SEO is Dead and What Works?

  1. Great advice, Michael!  It seems you are serious about following Google's Terms and Conditions and helping businesses get noticed on the search engines the RIGHT way.  What a breath of fresh air!

  2. Great video, Michael. I was watching you for almost a year now and I can say now that you bring value and good advices. Rock on!!!

  3. Funny Mike, 1st I said shish 18 mins? But this is a great video… Thank God for an open mind… And Thank You Mike….

  4. Very insightful & something I have learned along the way. Social Media is the best tool for getting ranked on google. The web is constantly changing & so must our marketing efforts. Social Media Optimization ( SMO ) is truly where we are at these days. Thanks for the share.

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