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Why Running Instagram Ads For Followers WON’T WORK!! (what to do instead)

Why Running Instagram Ads For Followers WON’T WORK!! (what to do instead)

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and I just want to shoot this video really quick because I get asked all the time Jason how do I run Instagram ads to get more followers on my Instagram account? Now if you’ve been a viewer of this channel, you’ve probably seen that I’ve got a lot of videos on Instagram Advertising Instagram marketing Facebook advertising so I get these comments all the time on how to actually run those ads To get followers for your account now I want to break this down really quick and share with you why you probably shouldn’t be doing that and Really at the end the day what your goal should be with Instagram to go through and grow your following grow the amount of money you make and Why you’re following might not be the number one thing you should focus on so let’s just get this out of the way The number of followers you have is just a vanity metric All right like to go through and say you have a hundred thousand followers if you are a local business Well, if you don’t have a hundred thousand people in your specific area then why does it really matter to go through and have a hundred thousand followers if you only have 50,000 people that are your potential clients right now, obviously, it feels good to have a lot of followers It feels good to have like a lot of likes or comments or shares or whatever And if you have an international business or a national business then great Maybe you can go through and grow to have that many followers But if you’re just purely running ads to get more followers because you want to be seen as like someone that’s important and popular More than likely you are going to be spending a slash wasting a lot of money on Instagram advertisements Now what do you want to do instead is focus on gaining followers that are people that are gonna be your potential clients now Obviously you can go through and grow a following of a million people two million five million people that all could be your potential clients if you have a national or international business But typically actually this is always if you’re gonna go through and grow any social media following doesn’t matter if it’s on Instagram YouTube Facebook whatever it is It’s either gonna take time Or it’s gonna take money Or it’s gonna take both now You probably clicked on this video because you want to see what the Instagram ads look like to get more followers So we’re going to cover the paid way to go through and grow that following first and how to do it profitably And then I’ll share with you guys some organic strategies basically some free strategies that you can use to kind of take advantage of that time factor because obviously You know in six months from now no matter what you – your business is going to be six months further down the road so you might as well get started right now and be leveraging both the paid ads way and also The free organic strategy so you’re optimizing your Instagram account so you can use it to your best advantage All right. So there’s only two reasons why I ever want to go through and run ads for my business, right? it’s never to go through and just get more followers that is going to be a Byproduct of these two core things that we’re going to be doing. Okay, so the number one thing Is to get leads All right Now you might be watching this and depending on where you’re at in your business or what type of business you’re in you might be Thinking well what so what’s a lead Jason? Well a lead is someone’s contact information that you can actually follow up with this person so depending on your business It might be someone’s name their phone number their email address or if you just have like a digital business It could be just their email address It’s just a way to follow up with that person to then go and nurture that person and tell them more about your offers your Services your products whatever it is All right So like let’s say you’ve got a Shopify store and you’re selling little widgets that you buy in China For five dollars and you’re selling them on your Shopify store for ten dollars. Well if you have a lot of emails Then you’re able to go through and blast out and email to all those people your leads and then make money But another thing that’s cool that you could do once you have someone’s email address is you can blast out an email and maybe in the PS section down at the bottom or you can do it within the body of The email invite them to actually follow you on Instagram so see how it’s a byproduct right like our main goal is to go through and Actually get an ROI a return on our investment So for spending money on Instagram ads, we don’t want to spend $1000 and then only make $20.00 back out right you’re gonna be going out of business so quickly if you one thousand dollars you want a way to at least make $1,000 or more back out and then you’re able to grow The number of leads you’re generating invite those people to go through and follow you on Instagram and overall It’s just a win-win for everyone. All right. Now the second thing is You want to run as for is to build? rapport Now, what does that mean? okay, so rapport you might want to go through and kind of in conjunction with these ads to generate leads is running different types of Content that is going to nurture those leads nurture that following nurture those people that maybe are your potential? Followers on Instagram they may like like they’re interested in your concept whatever your accounts about But they may not fully know you but if you run these Instagram ads to go through and build that rapport offer Value then once they get that value. They’re like, oh man. I want to check out Jason’s account. Want to see what he’s doing Oh, man, I think I’m just gonna follow him because I love what he’s doing Because if you’re going through and you’re just purely inviting them from the Instagram app to follow your Instagram account That’s a very shallow relationship, right? So you might grow that Instagram following but over time They might see your post show up in your news feed and think oh man, who is it? Who’s this Jason guy? I’ve never even heard of them and don’t forget that they actually follows you so there’s not a very deep relationship And so they’re just going to unfollow you whereas if you’ve got them as a lead and you’re sending them emails And they’re able to build that rapport there and then you’re also creating different content and marking that content whether it’s videos Instagram stories or other related posts to your business and they keep seeing your name and you build that deeper Relationship once they actually follow you. They’re gonna be a lot more committed to that follow So anyway guys, I hope this logic kind of makes sense If you’re running Instagram ads to grow your following because it’s really just a byproduct Of the core of what you really want to be doing with your business Now let’s cover a couple organic strategies because if you’re like Jason, I don’t have a hundred dollars I don’t have a thousand dollars per month to go through and spend on advertising to get leads or build this rapport any of that well Another strategy is just to leverage time time is on your side and it’s a free Organic way to go through and grow your Instagram following. So let’s talk about two key strategies here and That is number one so quality Slash consistent run over out of room here content And then number two is Hashtags Okay, so let me just break this down right here because quality consistent content that’s really like if you’re gonna grow organically that is the only way that you can go through and grow that following and once again, This is going to be a way you can build a deeper Relationship with your followers instead of posting like once this week once next month one sitting, you know, every five days just sporadic Then if somebody actually follows you and if you’re not posting consistently They’re not consistently seeing you in your their newsfeed and on their stories and all this stuff And they’re gonna forget about who you are. So they might have liked one of your posts, but if you’re not continually posting content, Consistent content quality content, they’re gonna forget who you are. So the next time they see your posts in five days They’ve already seen thousands of posts inside of their Instagram newsfeed over the last several days So because of that they’ve already forgotten about you And so more than likely they’re gonna unfollow you and it’s really gonna be hard to build that sustainable growth with your Instagram following Okay. Another one right here is hashtags now You probably have seen hashtags and it’s basically a way to go through and get in an optimized Instagram search Network Alright, and if you are a realtor and you’re like watching this, you’re like man, I wonder what the best real estate Hashtags are if you give this video a thumbs up I’m gonna drop a link down below in the description as well as in the top comment Giving you the top hashtags to use in the real estate market. Alright So anyway, go ahead give this video a thumbs up And as soon as you have 50 thumbs up, I’ll drop that link down for you guys You guys can take advantage of that but Instagram is becoming more and more a search Network So if you have the Instagram app, you can click on that explore page You’ve got a little search bar up top and when people type different things in well It’s going to go through and associate your post if it has the right Hashtags with whatever they’re typing up into the search function So this is another great way to get some of that organic exposure because it’s kind of like think about Google or YouTube, right? I’m making these videos and if someone types in let’s say Instagram ads for followers, which this video is kind of a power right and they type that in and if my video ranks up there at the top And then that’s a great way to go get some free Organic exposure and hashtags work the same exact way. All right So anyway guys just a quick recap of everything that we cover today if you’re looking to get more followers on your Instagram account and you want to run some Instagram ads and you have some money to Put behind it number one focus on lead generation Okay, focus on getting their name their email their phone number so that you can actually sell your products or services and pay for those ads so if you spend a thousand dollars in a month what you want to be able to spend a thousand dollars the next month and The next month and the next month so you can continually grow your business and the number one way to do That is to generate those leads and then as a byproduct of generating those leads invite them via email to follow you on Instagram All right. The number two thing is run ads building rapport with your followers or your potential followers So you might have created a video or Instagram story or something like that And then you want to show that story or that video or that piece of content to your potential ideal Followers and then once they see that and they’re like, oh man, this is good content Then they’re going to go through and follow you there check out your profile see whether type of content you’ve got and that leads us into the organic strategies of quality and Consistency because if they see when your ads they click off to your Instagram profile, and they see y’all man This person is only post and every once in a while not very often. They’re not very active there They’re gonna be a lot less likely to follow you As well as if they’ve already follows you and they’re not seeing you in their feed every single day A lot of people think that like if someone sees them in their feed every single day, it’s going to be annoying No, it’s actually the opposite you want to be in that person’s feed So you say top of mind and so you stay relevant with good quality content and then also make sure you’re using hashtags to leverage some of those organic search functions inside of the Instagram Explorer tab So anyway guys hopefully this video is helpful. If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what strategies you guys are thinking of using to grow your Instagram account Also, if you do have an Instagram account and you’re looking to get more followers Let’s all we can help each other out drop your Instagram handle down below in the comment section We can all go through and check out each person’s Instagram account and see what they’re doing and be able to give that Motivation to help them and help each one of you go through and grow your Instagram account, right? So anyway with that said if you are brand new here, my name is Jason Wardrop I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell. And with that said I will see you in the next video

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  1. Hey Jason, nice one. I just wanted you to make a detailed video with step by step guide on running instagram ads using Instagram…. Share some hacks and tricks to get leads for cheap

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  3. Hey Jason! Could you help us set up a campaign?? We have a few targets we would like to chase but don’t really know the best way to set it up or the right keywords to target! Please get back to us

  4. I use the canva app on my phone to edit my photos,
    repost elf app for reposting.
    Make sure to use the @ symbol to tag and give credit.
    28 hashtags seems to be a good number that won't trip the algorithm for shadowbanning.

    Have a doc/notes section with your hashtags ready where you can quickly copy and paste.

    Follow my homie Nick Arapkiles who specializes in IG growth.

    My IG, YT handle: emotionalecosystemexpert

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