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Why people often have a negative feeling toward Online Marketing – Mike Blackmore And David Papp

Why people often have a negative feeling toward Online Marketing – Mike Blackmore And David Papp

– You know, part of
the problem we run into in this field is that
everybody’s got a neighbor’s uncle’s daughter’s son
who’s like an expert and knows how to do Instagram and web and whatever.
(Mike laughing) And that’s what we run into all the time. (techno music) Before that, 10, 20, 30 years
ago I ran into the same thing when it came to technology
and IT setting up computers. Everybody knew somebody who knew about computers and how to set it up. And they were starting to
realize, you’ve got industries, and this is what I use, I’ll compare it against the
professional industries, you’ve got lawyers, doctors accountants. They all specialize in their fields. – Right. – And when you have a serious problem, you will get referred to a specialist. Even in any one of those industries, they have specializations
that branch out from there. Technology and the web and
online marketing is no different. It’s just that it’s so immature because it’s the wild west still. It’s just still exploding. We’re still keeping up. And technology is now tapped
into sub-specializations of all of these fields. And so I’m thinking, if
you want to have some help with your Google AdWords account, go and find somebody who knows how to work with Google AdWords and spend some money to set it up properly because
you’ll save in the long run. And that’s what I think
people have a problem with is spending the money up front. – Yeah and I’m not quite sure how that– – I don’t know how to resolve that. – Yeah, I mean, I think
we see that a lot too is where you’ll deal with somebody who’s maybe not had a great experience
with that product, right? – They got burned. – Yeah, there’s a better way
to put it, they got burnt. And now we’re putting them back together, like a wounded deer, and they don’t trust again. They don’t cross the road, you know? And it takes a while for them to do that. And you almost have to
over commit, like under– – We do it on a quarter of
the budget that they burned on the first person in the first place. Thank you very much for watching. Make sure that you go and take a look at all the other content
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  1. Hi David, the room setup looks great! It's a short video, subscribed and look forward to meeting you again sometime. Definitely grown from what Microtek use to be.

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