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Why People Are Freaking Out Over This BANNED The Nun Ad | DeadTalks

Why People Are Freaking Out Over This BANNED The Nun Ad | DeadTalks

Hello, and welcome back to CZsWorld. Today we’re gonna be talking about the new
pre-roll ad for the Nun. But you might want to turn your volume down
because *SCREAM*. OK, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I had to. People are losing their minds right now over
this YouTube pre-roll ad for The Nun. I assume you’ve probably seen it if you’re
watching this video, but if not, it looks like this. And this was brought to my attention by a
tweet going viral right now by a user named apple, who says: WARNING! If you see an ad on youtube with the volume
sign being turned down and nothing else, ITS A JUMPSCARE for the new NUN movie coming out. i advise you look away and/or turn down the
volume if you have anxiety or just straight up dislike jumpscares, pls rt to save a life And that tweet has amassed over 100,000 retweets
in just 24 hours. There are articles being written about this
and people are actually calling for YouTube to take down the ad. To which I have to say — apple and whoever
else is tweeting about this right now. Why you gotta go and ruin the fun for everyone,
like me, who hasn’t seen the ad yet and would have enjoyed that little scare. I mean people are acting like this is something
like the public needs to be aware of. It’s not like the Nun comes out of your
screen and punches you in the face. It’s a loud noise, not a safety hazard. And don’t you dare call for this ad to be
taken down. We just got through the Adpocalypse, and it’s
hard enough for horror creators, like myself, to earn a living because many brands no longer
consider horror content to be “safe” to advertise on. So now we finally have an ad that is tailor
made, to run in front of horror channels, and you are not going to take that away from
us, just so that you don’t get startled for two seconds. Not to mention, that as long as you have ad
personalization on in your Google settings, which… I mean why would you not, I mean if you have
to see ads, you might as well see ones that are relevant to your interests, but if you
have this on, and you don’t like horror movies, you probably won’t see the ad anyways. My ads are personalized to include horror
and I still haven’t seen this come up. And to be honest, as much as I love the concept
of this ad, and it reminds me of the classic YouTube screamer videos from the mid 2000s
that you never really see anymore… this one’s not really fooling anybody. First of all, it uses the Mac OS volume icon. And I don’t know, maybe there’s a different
version of the ad for Android or Windows, but unless you’re on Mac, and you’re browsing
full screen so that the icon is actually centered on screen, you’re probably not going to
fall for it. But look at some of these responses. “they need to display a warning before such
ads!!!! i cannot stand watching or even listening to anything related to the horror genre, my
heart’s too fragile to take it and my mind effs up bad & it ends up haunting me for the
rest of my life!!!!” Well no, if you put a warning, that completely
ruins it. The point of the ad is to catch you off guard
to get your attention. It’s marketing 101. “I WATCHED IT MUTED AND IM STILL ON THE
VERGE OF TEARS”. Are we really that soft now that people are
in tears over a 6 second advert? I mean, I’m so sick of everything being
watered down for my spineless excuse of a generation. Everything is constantly complained about
to the point that those of us with common sense can’t have nice things when Therese
here cannot handle the sight of a fictional character. “Great, I am already having anxiety from
knowing this exists. @YouTube would you please revise this add? It really isn’t costumer friendly” Well actually, the Nun costume is very well
done. In my opinion the costumers did a great job. But if you feel like this ad is giving you
too much anxiety, I’d recommend you crawl back into the womb from which you came from
which you came from, because you’re not quite ready for the real world yet. “I won’t be watching YouTube videos for
a while then , I hate jumpscares” This is interesting because usually when someone
says they hate jumpscares, it’s because a movie relies on jumpscares too much and
doesn’t build that suspense that you need for a jumpscare to have a good payoff. Personally I really like jumpscares when they’re
done well, and in the context of this ad, it uses the volume icon to throw off the viewer,
so if the prerequisites of being on a Mac and being full screen are met, I think it’s
a clever advert. But, it is a bit random theming wise… like
what do computers have to do with a Romanian Nun Demon? It would have actually fit better for a horror
movie about technology like Unfriended or Friend Request… or… Scary… Friend… Internet… Movie………? And it looks like before I even had the chance
to finish up this video and post it, YouTube has already gone ahead and taken down the
ad. And they do point to this article on their
ad policy where they do have rules against violent and shocking ads in content. Including promotions that are likely to shock
or scare. But then they say what they consider to be
shocking factors in ads are. Whether the video shows scenes containing
violent and/or graphic imagery that can be shocking or disturbing to viewers
Whether the video shows the graphic aftermath of a violent act
Whether the shots of violence or gore are the focal point of the scene in the video
And whether the violence contained in the video is realistic when posted in a dramatic
context And they also go on to say that other factors
include the camera angle and focus, and the clarity of the images in the video So it looks like this Nun ad doesn’t technically
have of these factors that they consider to be shocking. But I’m sure we’ll never hear a statement
on it. And my advertiser revenue will go down as
a result of this. So this is the perfect opportunity to say
to check out my merch store and maybe pick up an item or two to support the channel. But if you are one of those people whose life
was not ruined by this ad, then drop me a like on this video. I’m genuinely curious to see what the like
to dislike ratio comes out to on this one. And remember to subscribe to CZsWorld for
more great horror content every week, ring that deathbell for notifications… you know
what? Ring that thing loud enough to startle some
complainer on the internet, and I’ll see you in the next one. Assuming we both survive.

100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out Over This BANNED The Nun Ad | DeadTalks

  1. Did you actually censor the word ‘hate’?

    Seriously, it’s not like 2 year olds are watching this.

  2. Just came here to see why it got shut down and I'm glad it did. IDC about horror movies but some people have conditions so for fun people can have an issue.

  3. We live in a post apocalyptic joke world where people are pussies just grow some balls and get over with it 🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. Okey… you know what it's okay to get jumpsacred but not everyone would like to die from a heart attack..😐😐 try and see things from another point of view

  5. People are really pussy now 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 like really you took an ad down because your so scared of a fictional character. Like really “‘my life ruined” man i couldn’t be in a horror movie with one of them because i would just leave them behind while they cry in a corner 🏃🏽‍♀️😂 (coming from someone WITH ANXIETY!!!!)

  6. Meanwhile i watch a true crime documentary that makes me weep and scream in the middle of the night, and these people treat this ad like Vietnam.

  7. What about people who have medical illnesses,people could have heart attacks or panic attacks,don't think about yourself. The world doesn't revolve around you

  8. This All Happened Because They Were Showing This Nun Ad At Random And In Between Videos That Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With Horror….So I Can Understand Why All The Snowflakes Are Upset…. They Were Watching What They Thought Was Safe And Got A Jumpscare They Never Expected! But Banning The Ad Was A Little Harsh For Us Who Like Being Scared!

  9. These people have no spine wtf is wrong with them. They would die to live anywhere other than a city. Even farm life would kill them. The nun wasnt that good but the horror genre is my favorite one so i find it stupid people want to distroy the genre

  10. I can understand not liking the ad. Some people genuinely can't handle loud sounds (people who are on the autism spectrum like myself) and people who don't like scary images could also be freaked out.

    My little cousin watched "Scary Godmother" and the ad came up. YouTube analytics decided to scare her because scary godmother is in the same category as these stupid "Conjuring" movies.

  11. I don't mind the ad, nvr saw it till I found this video, but, to be completely honest, some ppl, mainly, maybe a lot of older ppl, may…. more than likely don't wanna have a heart attack and die… after seeing the ad. And YouTube just wants there to be a safe environment for all ages. So having it removed was maybe the best idea they had. I did like what you had to say in most cases, but… ya… heart attacks for old folks or maybe even little kids not wanting to go to church any more for the fear of some scary, evil, nun would come to get them, something like that. But for most ppl, the ad is going to be mainly fine since they might've had a chance to be exposed to some abnormally scary things like that ad before and will most likely be some what prepared for it.

  12. lol this scared grow some balls im 16 and that is not to fringing it just gets u off guard bye the way CZsWorld great video ill be looking for were to for of your content.

  13. I agree and disagree. That ad maybe normal for healthy people, but for those who have a heart problem, they could literally die from it.

  14. I love how people are complaining about mental illness, PTSD, heart problems, blah blah blah. Everyone in those categories are in the minority. How about you stay the fuck off the internet because it's clear you can't handle it. Know your limits and stop trying to project your weaknesses on us. Clean the sand out of your vagina while your at it.

  15. Some people welcome surprises more than others. It's more a matter of personality than bravery. Furthermore, you know how you say people dislike jumpscares because they're overused? If you have horror movie ads enabled, this ad will show up multiple times at random intervals while browsing YouTube or even listening to music and you will quickly be sick of it.
    Also, 0:09, 0:30, and 4:07.

  16. I know this is really old but the issue is the ad is ILLEGAL, you can’t fake operations of a system like they did.

  17. Fuck off! Ptsd, heart issues, and serious fucking anxiety disorders exist! Would you really call a war vet a pussy for being triggered by a jump scare? Not to mention, it's just a dick thing with no warning on whether it's a tech ad or not. I'm a horror fan too, but I understand that it can be really upsetting to some people, and shit like this makes horror fans look like assholes. Also, lol, sjws! 😛 Jesus, you are unoriginal.

  18. This ad can cause harm to those who have weak hearts. It could also show for children which can terrify them.

  19. Suck a dick. I hope you get PTSD toward things like this, greasy bitch no one calls you soft for your "why am I like this" ass getting beat up at some point in life at least you would've been beaten up for it some decades ago. You're a snowflake and this is not how you deal with/fix it. Fuckin creep, how old are you with braces???

  20. *goes on about how weak people with literal mental disorders are for disliking a jumpscare ad*

    *censors the word hate*

  21. PTSD. Epilepsy. Anxiety that gets triggered by loud noises. A lot of people could've had a heart attack (the loud noise of a scream can remind a veteran of someone they were close to screaming before getting shot). I'd say don't say shit on a subject without having an ounce of education. As someone with anxiety I wanna fucking punch you in the face. People with legitimate anxiety can't help it

  22. As much as I love a good jump scare, I tend to watch videos when I'm driving or at work. If a person is driving and they hear a loud noise like that it might startle them enough to get in an accident. It did not offend me, but I don't think its necessary.

  23. honestly, fuck you. do you realise how many people have anxiety, panic attacks and ptsd from this sort of thing? it's not "fun" for everyone, douchebag.

  24. I'm ten the ad didn't scare me I just made a joke saying the Nun needs to brush there teeth and she has no eyebrows

  25. you really just ignored the issue with that ad. a lot of people have anxiety and get panic attacks and cannot handle things like that. putting jumpscares in your video doesn't help either. i get that you're a channel based around horror, but this video of yours probably has more outside viewers rather than your usual viewers that are used to stuff in this topic. the outside viewers came here expecting a simple video explaining the situation but instead got startled and basically ridiculed for having anxiety

  26. Yeah you do understand that some people have gotten this ad even thought they dont like horror? "it ruins the fun" shut the fuck up asshole

  27. You complain about people being sensitive to being scared yet you censor the word "hate"? lmao grow up and die please

  28. You scared the shit out of me when you where like other random internet friend movies and the nun scare came out

  29. You mother fucker for that intro you scared the shit out of me and when it was all quiet at the beginning I thought my iPad was broken 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. As someone who was actually diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by a psychiatrist… did people really have nothing better to complain about?

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