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Why Marketing Is Important For Your Sales Process

Why Marketing Is Important For Your Sales Process

One of the first and most important
things I ever learned from Dan that you can certainly should apply and use and
all of your marketing all your business is that marketing at its core and by the
way every single person here who plans on having a business or you already got
a business you want to make more you are a marketer may as well just like put the
hat on you’re a motherfucking marketer that is what you do and I’ll tell you
what when I was 21 years old I just started my first business I got invited
to go speak at a master map Beto’s Coons mastermind and Pedro’s
taught all these gym owners how to make more money with their gym and he invites
me to go speak at it it’s in Las Vegas I’m twenty-one of course I’m going so I
go to this event and I’m sitting in the back waiting to go speak and I hear
Bader’s talking and teaching all these gym owners this huge mindset shift and
he’s telling them that hey you are not a gym owner you are not a personal trainer
you are a marketer who happens to sell and market personal training if there
was a dentist in the room he would have said hey you are not a dentist you are a
marketer who happens to sell dental services hey you are not a massage
therapist you are a marketer who happens to market and sell massage that makes
sense right we are marketers no matter what it is that we sell that is who we
are we are marketers right and when it comes to marketing one of the most
important lessons I ever learned from the attendees one of the most genius
marketers that has ever walked this planet is bait to critter connection
here’s like a really important mindset shift I want everyone to kind of
understand in terms of philosophy when it comes to this stuff is that there is
selling and there is marketing okay marketing is what makes them come to you
selling is what sits close video marketing is what makes them come to you
selling is what closes the deal if you want to think of this visually think of
it like this this is your prospect and this is their phone iPad like it’s on
the phone and on their phone they’re reading all of this marketing that came
from you maybe they’re reading an article or an ad or a video and they
like what you’re saying it’s a good fit they’re interested in where they’re
interested what do they do let’s say you are over here right well
they read it and they like it they’re gonna
come to you now because they read the market and they go this is for me this
is interesting I want to learn more about this right it could be as simple
as I was on Instagram and then I saw this guy yelling at me telling me I
needed high income skills and he said his name was Jason he’s just yelling at
me but he’s making sense so I was like shit he’s right and then I went to his
website right I went to his website and on his website he said a few things that
resonated with me made me realize I need to take action right now and so I bought
right this would be the marketing and this little part at the end would be the
selling why is marketing more important than selling right why is marketing more
important than closing I love to agitate because it wakes people up from the
slumber of mediocrity I love it okay I really really truly do I know I’m
helping what I do good marketing makes selling easy yes this is what I want
everyone to understand like watch this like by a show of hands here Todd yes if
this is true for you how many of you like hard selling people what you like
trying to push them and overcome their objections and argue with them and and
try and like pressure them to try and buy and sell yes no one no one wants to
do this no one enjoys it and mainly the main reason you don’t enjoy is because
you don’t like it when other people do it to you so why would you want to do it
to someone else Johnna did I try that for five months I
gave up eventually yes also has a really low success rate with the right
marketing not only do we make them come to us which gives you a lot more power
in the selling but if you do your marketing correctly it should position
you in the driver’s seat when your hard selling someone why would you have the
hard sell them because they’re the prize that prospect to you is the prize I want
you to buy so bad I want you to I just want your money I need to say I want to
make my commission I’d need to meet my quota etc etc etc there the prize they
got what you want no no when we do the correct marketing we flip the script now
we are in the driver seat we are the prize whether it’s we’re
selling ourselves or we’re selling a product than our product is the dress is
the the prize and the prospect that we didn’t go to them or
Marketing made them come to us so they come to us they’re doing the work and
because they come to us because the marketing position us as hires that is
as credible as is something that’s worth yeah worthwhile to want something desire
is something that could help solve a problem feel the need meet a need they
want it and so they’re willing to then come to us they’re then willing to pay
more for the product or service there’s less price resistance there’s no
objections to overcome if all you’re doing is selling you’re gonna be
bitching and fuckin arguing with people all day long chasin on the air feel like
shit don’t do it but if you are marketing then you have
people coming to you all day already predisposed to want to do business with
you hey why don’t you have the time you want for yourself yet why does your job
keep letting you down it’s because you have been developed the high income
skills yet to create your own high income empire for yourself and your
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8 thoughts on “Why Marketing Is Important For Your Sales Process

  1. Sales vs. Marketing, what do you personally think is more important? (PS: I personally reply to all of the comments within the first 24 hours!)

  2. The BEST marketing strategy ever is to add value to your audience.. Kinda like what Jason is doing right now with this video.

    I have learned so much from this man right here from girls psychology to now business psychology. ONE of the reasons that I'm following my passion of creating content !! 💙🙏🙏

  3. "Good marketing makes selling easy" that could best advice for anyone that makes a living in sales or running their own business.
    The way to get more sales is to get potential customers to come to you. By the time they call or email you chances are they have already looked into you and your product or service. You start pretty much in the closing phase of the sale. When you have to go out and cold call etc. that leads to frustration and doing things just to stay busy and not accomplishing much.

  4. Will learning "how to build funnels" help us become a great copywriter? I'm asking this because I feel, it requires a different copy to close audiences at different stages in the funnel.
    what do you think JC?

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