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Why longtail keywords are profitable#

Why longtail keywords are profitable#

I’m going to give you an example of why
long tail keywords are profitable. Let’s imagine that we are looking at an insurance
company who is selling car insurance, but not any kind of car insurance. Let’s say
a high-end service car insurance. So they go to Google and they say, “I want
my ads to be shown when people search for car insurance and other words” Let’s go
get some examples of which kind of keyword it will be shown for. We have like “over
50 car insurance” or “17-year-old car insurance”. The over 50 is probably a group
that’s more than 50 years that thinks that because they are older and more experienced,
they have less accidents and therefore they would like a discount. The “17-year-old car insurance” is probably
young people that are 17 years old who would like an insurance company who don’t penalize
them for being young and have a high probability of having car accidents. But look more into
that they can be customers for many years and therefore they can earn money on them. But two different groups. Down here we have
the car insurance not on comparison websites or car insurance comparison. Two different
things, people looking for insurance company or looking for being able to compare insurance
companies’ prices and conditions. Then we have “military car insurance”
or “cheap car insurance” for convicted drivers. The military car insurance is for
people who are working in the military and therefore they are looking for a specific
insurance where they can a discount or special conditions. The convicted drivers are looking for an insurance
company who doesn’t penalize them too much for being convicted but look at them that
the probability will happen again. So it is a lot of different groups. The smart
viewer will see that I put small, green hats on many of the small men and women I have
here in the middle and it is because this is business car insurance and it is the group
that actually converts this green hat which is supposed to be a symbol that they convert. This is a target group who would be interested
in high-end service because they know the cost of breaking down, not being able to speak
at the conference, missing a meeting, missing a deadline, also work that need to be finished
or just an hour pay of breaking down with your car and not being able to go anywhere.
So they’re ready to pay while the other one might look more at getting a cheap price. So what kind of conclusion can you make out
of this? First we can save a lot of cost for irrelevant clicks. These keywords are not
converting anything for high-end insurance deals. So we could say that we only want our
ads to be shown for “business car insurance” and then we look at almost all conversions.
I have just one here and we will save the cost of all these clicks. Second, we can get a higher click through
rate and therefore a higher quality score that will reduce our click prices and because
we can target exactly this group and exactly their needs in the ad and in the landing page
which will be to a high conversion as well So we can sort a lot of the irrelevant clicks
away and we can get the one that clicks. We can get a click through rate up and the conversion
up as well and that leads to a great improvement in return on investment. A lot of things you forget in online marketing
is the thing that you can’t measure directly like this and it is the value of having happy
customers. With happy customers, you get a synergy effect and the thing is that maybe
the 17-year-old car insurance customers who might be able to convince some of them that
this insurance is good because they don’t know much about insurance. But after like
two, three years, they found out that they’ve been paying twice as much as they can get
a deal at another place. And they might tell their friends and their
colleagues and family that this is really expensive. You should not go to this insurance
company because they’re taken your money away. They’re charging much more, while
the business car insurance clients, they might explain how they broke down or in a car accident
and they got a car replaced in 20 minutes or the service truck went and picked them
up and drove 400 kilometers to a conference or they actually made it in time. There might
be tell about it in the conference for 500 people or they might link to it in their blog
or on the website or something like that. That’s going to have a really high value
when you’re targeting clients who actually appreciate your product instead of convincing
people to buy your product even if they might not like it that much. You might save on the customer service and
all that kind of things. When you have happy customers, it’s much more fun to work in
the company. So you might save on the employee turnover and everything can become better
if you become happier and it has got a lot of synergy effects. These keywords are of course all mainstream
so this company should go in and look at these groups, if he can work as well as this. It
should look into what they are actually searching for because they’re not searching for “business
car insurance”. They might be searching for “Audi business car insurance” or “New
York business car insurance”. You have to go more detailed and you will get even higher
conversions and lower click prices and all these things. Then you might ask, “Why doesn’t everybody
do that? Why doesn’t everybody go and find long tail keywords?” And in my experience,
there are a lot of people who don’t do it. If you don’t do it, you’re not the only
one. You are in the majority. The thing is that it’s not that simple.
If you have to organize it yourself, the tool and everything, it’s quite difficult because
it’s thousands of keywords. You have to organize and everything. What I did was I made a website that had a
tool that lead you through the different steps and make sure that it’s easy to do the different
steps and it’s efficient what you need to do and you just follow instructions there
and it’s quite easy even if you need to sort a lot of keywords. It’s much faster
than any other tool out there. It’s free and I will be really happy if you try this
test example by making an account and then just try it and it takes five minutes and
then you can see if it’s something for you.

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