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Why Instagram and Facebook ads are different

Why Instagram and Facebook ads are different

– Often what works on Instagram will not work on Facebook. So, Instagram ads often work best when they are short and to the point, and they can just click on
the image, really direct. Whereas, Facebook often works best with more of long form of text. The reason why we say turn off Instagram, because what works on Facebook generally doesn’t work on Instagram. And what works on Instagram, generally doesn’t work on Facebook. So it’s a matter of actually
running the same ad separately. We’re not saying don’t
use Instagram at all. We’re just saying tweak
it to work the Instagram and then tweak it to work for Facebook. So, you’re running two separate ads rather than the same ad in two places. Does that make sense? That’s the reason we say that, because nine times out of 10, it won’t actually work in both places. You’ll get heaps of likes on Instagram, but you’ll just be spending
a shit tonne of money for all those likes, and you’ll actually get no real traction and bookings from it.

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