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Why I Hate Google Ads… a Rant. Frustrations, Complications and More

Why I Hate Google Ads… a Rant. Frustrations, Complications and More

Today, you’re going to hear about five reasons
why I hate Google Ads, and you’re going to want to stick around and hear reason number
one because it might surprise you. Stay tuned. Hi, I’m Mike Mancini, founder of PPCVideoTraining.com. I’m a Google Ads agency owner, entrepreneur
and coach. So you’re probably wondering, as an agency
owner for Google Ads, why do I start a video out with saying I hate Google Ads? And this is more of a rant and I’m sure a
lot of people can sympathize with some of these things that I’m talking about. There are times when Google makes it extremely
hard to do business with them and I’m going to get into those right now. Number five, Google Ads Express. I understand that Google wants to get people
involved in their products and using their systems. The problem is, I’ve yet to find anyone that’s
been really profitable with this system. The problem is that Google has all of these
tools, and I completely understand that they want to get people using it and experienced
with it and then give them more options. The problem is, it’s so difficult to have
a profitable campaign using just Google Ads Express. The best analogy for Google Ads Express is
like giving somebody a bicycle when you have a Ferrari available. Google Ads offers way more opportunities for
you to trim your budgets or to make them more profitable or add negative keywords and bid
adjustments and all of these different things that Google Ads Express does not. And for me, as an agency owner, when I talk
to people, they’re like, “Well, I tried Google Ads Express. I’ve spent $3,000 on it, and I can’t remember
if I even got a single lead.” That is a frustrating thing to try and overcome. And those users may have spent a lot more
money with Google if it had been profitable for them. So those are the reasons why I can’t stand
Google Ads Express. Number four, the system suggestions. Every time I open up Google Ads, regardless
of the campaign or account I’m working in, up in the upper right hand corner, there is
that little bell notification with an icon that says, “You know what? You have one or two suggestions.” The problem with those suggestions is anybody
that’s been working in Google Ads for a while can tell you that 90% of the time, the suggestions
are just wrong. The AI of the system should be able to determine
that, you know what, if Google Ads wants this campaign to be profitable, adding 400 more
keywords to a campaign that’s only got a $400 a month budget is probably not going to be
a wise idea. Some of those keywords, if you would add them
in there, they are broad match suggestion keywords, meaning they are going to a million
searches from a million different places and those are the million searches that you don’t
want to be paying for. On top of that, sometimes the budget suggestions
are absolutely horrible. I can spend 10% more of my budget and get
one more click. That really makes no sense if I’ve got a $500
a month budget and my clicks are running $2. Let’s see, spent $50 more to get an extra
$2 click. Once again, makes no sense to me. So that’s number four, the Google ad suggestions. Number three, they don’t let us know what’s
coming up next. Now, there are instances and times when of
course they do, they have to, such as back in 2018 when the new Google Ads interface
was coming, they had to put it in beta. They had to figure out if there were problems
with it, and they had to get feedback and give us an idea of what’s coming. And that was great. They actually gave us so much time to get
used to it, and while it still was a learning curve, the fact that they gave us that much
time to learn it was absolutely awesome. However, there are a lot of changes that they
make in the system and the system literally just pops it up one day, where I’ll be literally
going through looking for something that I knew where to find the day before and it just
isn’t there anymore. Now, there are certain times when Google will
give us a heads up. With that said, 90% of the education I get
about Google Ads is not from Google. It is usually keeping up with what’s being
written about them and other people in the industry, such as industry blogs, industry
experts and so on. That brings me to number two of why I hate
Google Ads, the support or lack thereof. So yes, this does tie a little bit into number
three about the fact that maybe we don’t necessarily get the updates that we should as agency owners,
people who are promoting Google Ads, but the support that we receive when it comes to issues
with campaigns, issues with accounts, issues with anything at all, the support is very
lacking. Now, if you were to call the Google Ads number
because you’ve got an account that’s spending a couple hundred dollars a month and you need
help, you are going to be forwarded to someone who either has a hard time understanding you,
understanding what you’re talking about or just does not understand how the system works. They are given a script. I’m almost convinced of this, that they are
given a script that says, “If they ask this, say this. If they ask this, say this.” The problem with that is half the time when
it says, “Say this,” it’s wrong. I’ve called in before and I have an actual
account manager, somebody that I usually can get ahold of the same person every time that
knows my business and knows my campaigns that can help me. And if they can’t, they know where to go get
the answers. And sometimes those people have been amazing. But the problem with that is that usually
when you get somebody who’s really, really good, after a few months that person is promoted
and you are given someone else. Sometimes the people that have been given
to us as account managers are literally people, I think that they just came out of school,
and they have absolutely no idea how Google Ads works. I’ve gone to them before and said, “Listen,
I have a problem with an account. We can’t figure out where this money is going. We’re wondering if this is account fraud,”
so on and so forth. And they have absolutely no idea where to
find that answer and they’re giving me just cookie cutter answers when I’m not just somebody
who’s sitting here asking questions saying, “This didn’t work. I want my money back.” Over the years, we have brought millions of
dollars of ad spend to Google. We are trying to make this system better. We are trying to help. It’s extremely frustrating when Google does
not make it easy for us to send them more money. And the number one reason why I hate Google
Ads is they’re calling my clients. There are times when my clients will call
me and say, “Why is Google calling me?” And these aren’t the spam calls that you get
about your Google Business listing that is just a total scam, right? If somebody’s calling you about your Google
Business listing, that is not Google. Chances are it’s a scam. Hang up. But these are people that are calling them
about their Google Ads accounts. These are representatives from Google that
give them identifying information about their Google Ads accounts. It is a legitimate call. With that said, why is Google calling my clients? I brought these clients to Google and said,
“Here, we’re going to take their money and give it to you because you provide a valuable
service. It gets them leads in business and we’re going
to manage it for them.” But sometimes these representatives from Google
will call my clients and give them suggestions about their accounts. Number one, they don’t care about those suggestions
because they don’t want to run their Google Ads. That’s why they hired us as an agency to do
what for them. Number two, because they don’t care about
it, they don’t understand what you’re talking about. And number three, half the time, the suggestions
coming from Google to my clients are the silly, stupid suggestions that we just talked about
as number three thing that we hate about Google were the bad suggestions, their suggestions
about upping budgets 20% to get 5% more clicks. And as a Google Ads agency owner, I find that
extremely frustrating. Now, with that said, this is me on a rant
as a Google Ads agency owner. These are just some of my frustrations. As with any huge system like Google Ads, there
are going be things that maybe just don’t work right. Hopefully they will hear some of these complaints
because I’m not the only one giving them. These are things that every agency owner I
talked to is frustrated with, but we also make our livings presenting Google products
to clients. It works great for everybody. Google gets paid money to advertise, clients
get leads and we make a living off of brokering this whole deal as well as managing these
ads, setting them up, so on and so forth. So it works for everyone. So coming out here in the near future, I’m
coming out with another video called Five Reasons Why I Love Google Ads. If it’s available, you can click the little
button in the upper right hand corner. That will take you to right to it. So are you also frustrated with Google Ads
for the reasons I talked about or are you frustrated for any other reasons? Do us a favor. Leave us a comment below. Let us know exactly where your frustrations
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