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Why does your Online Advertising fail? | ClickTRUE

Why does your Online Advertising fail? | ClickTRUE

I have seen your company advertising on
Google search and my guess is if you’re lucky you might get one sale out of that
100 clicks that you get and that’s if you’re lucky. Most business owners can’t
even track if their marketing is able to get them more than what they spent so
your Facebook and Google advertising is failing and you don’t know why so let me
share to you the two most common reasons why your advertising fails. First of all
you probably have plenty of competitors all competing for the same target
audiences and are using the same overused best practices to capture your
audience’s attention. Second you’re entering a congested market and it might
take you years to perfect a marketing strategy before your target audiences
begin noticing your brand. Meaning most people won’t even able to make it to see
your ads! But that’s not all, the problem is actually worse than that. Only a small
fraction of people who see your ads will be interested in connecting with you,
most of them won’t even bother so the ads you created are a waste of time
and money. Worst of all you’ve lost out thousands of dollars in potential sales
while converting less than 0.5% of your online traffic but what if I
tell you that there’s a way to double the number of your new paying customers
without spending more than just one cost of a head count. Wait a minute
I’m getting ahead of myself by now you’re probably wondering who am I and
how I can make these claims Hi I’m Via Garcia the head of Inside
Sales at clickTrue and here we focus on getting leads for our clients with a
proven marketing framework and platform our BLP platform makes it easy for
you to target and engage the right people with the right sales pitch
whether you are targeting people on Google search Facebook or LinkedIn. BLP relies on just a few questions about your customers habits and profile
to zoom in on them. We then automatically test a variety of sales pitches on your
target audience to determine the winning pitch which will automatically be
replicated on all your online ads and landing page. Last, but not
least, BLP will manage all your online marketing for you so you can focus on
growing the other parts of your business so how do I know you’ll get phenomenal
results with BLP? Just take a look at the works we have done for people just like
you who invested their Digital Marketing with us. Our clients trust our
20 years of business experience and thousands of successful marketing
campaigns to drive real business outcomes for them. So if you want to
create ads that will blow your competitors out of the water, see your
sales grow in never-before-seen levels, and vastly increase your profit and earn
more money for your business call or email us now so we can help you solve
your marketing problems. I’m Via Garcia again and I’ll see you soon!

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