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Why does mobile advertising stink?

Why does mobile advertising stink?

Why so angry?
Do you realize how amazing a smartphone is? It does everything! Your shopping and your dating and your social networking and your phone. Flashlight, huh? I have a $500 flashlight. It’s taken thousands of years to get to this point. To make a device that can do this: *fart noise* You mess with my phone, it’s like I’m just trying to live my life and you’re throwing signs in my face. No! No! No! Stop! You have a 5 inch screen, why would the ads be this tiny? Unless it’s advertising for glasses, I have no idea what it’s saying.
Who has fingers that tiny? Ahh, my tiny fingers are so creepy! I feel bad for that man. If you’re going to advertise, why wouldn’t you just, like, scream your message at me. Just be like, “Hey, THIS is my product!” When you have a tiny ad, it’s being like “hey”. This is the best you can do?
To Siri: “Why do mobile banner ads suck?” Siri: “I’d rather not say.”
To Siri: “Do you realize that you’re really useless?”
Siri: “Who I am isn’t important, this is about you, not me.” And don’t forget to share the video! Share with you friends. You have friends, right? That’s a wrap! Oh, sweet vodka!

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  1. hello @solvemedia Can u plz tell me from where i can integrate it in android app or ios app and how there is no proper stape or anything i found on google

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