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Why Do We Snort Things?

Why Do We Snort Things?

Say hello to my little FREND. IT’S… it’s
The NOSE. And you know what? It doesn’t want any of those things that you’re trying to
sniff up there. Stop it. Insufflation or the act of inhaling something
through the nose is an ancient practice; Google’s NGram viewer finds references to insufflation
all the way back to the late-1600s when the term was coined. Insufflation is even part
of some religious ceremonies,, and was probably a way to consume tobacco before we learned
to dry and smoke it. Even though it’s harmful, snorting is pervasive in our culture. It’s
so visible, a third grader was suspended in Atlanta for snorting crushed up candies back
in 2013. And recently, powdered alcohol, or “palcohol,” was legalized for sale in the
U.S.; and there are concerns people will begin snorting that too! Though according to the
company’s website, it would take an hour to snort enough powder to equal one shot of vodka.
Even chocolatiers of today advertise the ability to snort their cocoa! For when ingesting something
isn’t enough, people tend to follow their nose; why is that? Well, the nose is a hole in the front of your
skull with a bone at the top and cartilage at the bottom. It’s divided by the nasal septum.
Behind the nose are four sinus chambers which together are pretty large — an average of
15 cubic centimeters. They extend as far back as your throat, and contains folds of bone
and cartilage called turbinates to increase the surface area of the mucous membrane which
lines the whole internal structure. The membrane is densely packed with blood cells, which
is why when you snort something things get a little crazy. When a drug, like cocaine for instance, is
mixed with hydrochloric acid, it turns into a salt powder, which can then be sniffed or
snorted. When the fine powder hits the mucous membranes it adheres to the membrane and is
absorbed by the bloodstream. Once there, it heads from the nose down to the heart, then
to the lungs to get oxygenated; once oxygenated that blood goes back to the heart and then
all over the body. Though popular legend is snorting is the quickest high, smoking is
actually quicker, because the breath which oxygenates the blood carries with it the chemical
compounds; cutting out the trip from nose, to heart, to lungs. The problem with snorting ANYTHING is the
nose didn’t evolve to process physical particles of that size and absorb them. It’s sort of
a body hack. Over time, the mucous membranes wear down and stop humidifying air before
it enters the body. Even something as harmless as chocolate can cause scarring and damage.
Continued use of cocaine causes perforations of the nasal septum — the bridge that holds
up the nose — sores in the membrane, chest infections, and of course nosebleeds, colds,
inflammation and, if it gets worse, the collapse of the nose itself,; not to mention a cocaine
addiction. You can even lose your sense of smell altogether. If the tissue dies, flies
can lay eggs and produce nasal maggots — which CAN live in the sinuses feed on the dead flesh
— though doctors admit that
it extremely rare.

100 thoughts on “Why Do We Snort Things?

  1. I snort OxyCodone for 2 years now , went to detox Rehab none of them actually work the only way to quite is to move from the Place you living

  2. Because the nasal in norse has blood curcets running threw and the drug goes in the blood and goes to the brain faster. Phd

  3. I advise that NO one ever snorts anything threw your nose and all medications should be use the way your doctor and pharmacy says go you could have very bad reactions even death……..!

  4. Even though I intuively know I'm casing havoc to my nose, there is not much options, I hate needles and I smoke cigarettes so until evolution comes up with something better nothing is gona go up my ass all together.

  5. I am using this video right now for educational purpose for snorting a mixture of some seroquel xanax zyprexia. I will let you know the results if I live to do so.

  6. I’m about to snort this pill real quick an as I’m crushing it I start thinking hmm I wonder what happens after this stuff goes up into my nose.. like what exactly takes place

  7. I can back this video up absolutely. I am literally no longer as addicted to the pharmaceuticals I insufflate, as much as I am addicted to the process of carefully crushing my drug of choice up and into a completely smooth and powdery sheet…then gently tapping a card over the top of the flattened powder and making a series of lines, and finally inhaling it; allowing myself to gently enjoy the ensuing drip. Don't do drugs kids. This is 17 years of my life that I've lost as well as my family and close friend's respect. Its no longer fun anymore at all, and it hasn't been for a long time now. I'm 32, and also with the way I smoke cigarettes, I'm setting myself up for dying a horribly painful and embarrassing death from lung cancer. How my lungs haven't already failed me, I don't know. I hope this comment is able to help someone out there decide NOT to take any mind altering substance unless it's direly needed. Choose life.

  8. You can just extract the alcohol using a soft base like baking soda, that would increase the potency. Ever heard of crack-cocaine?

  9. I snort vicodin because of my back pain, when im laying on my back in extreme pain i dont want to wait 45mins for the pain to go away

  10. Just stop it? Thats your advice lol but addicts justify it in their minds why it seems ok to do more weather they realize it or not. Its not something you can simply just stop.. your video was fairly naive and a little insulting. But i put a thumbs up on your video because i found it educating and i like the way you talk and present yourself.

  11. So remember kids, don’t snort cocaine. Stick it up your ass instead! lol (This was in an episode of Future Man.) Though to be fair, I hope I’m never that desperate to escape reality.

  12. That's a pretty sick shirt, brah. Also, Google Artie Lang's nose if you want to see what one looks like collapsed.

  13. Anyone can get addicted to the way they do they're drugs. If u are a snorter, every drug u come across you will ask yourself if it can be snorted then u want to snort everything. If you Become a needle user, u will want to shoot anything u come across cause nothing else will compare. Because the needle gives you the desired high almost instantly, you will never have the patience for anything else because your used to the instant gratification.

  14. I don't recall hearing anything about WHY we like snorting things… Only the side effects and why it hits hard…

  15. Me: yo you got those white stuff
    Drug dealer : yes yes just gimme that monei
    Me 3 minutes later : time to sniff this

    It was creeper gunpowder aw man

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