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Why do I have invalid traffic deductions in my AdSense account?

Why do I have invalid traffic deductions in my AdSense account?

Hi AdSense Publishers, my name is Brandon and I work with the AdSense team. A common question we get from a lot of our
publishers is why do I have invalid activity deductions on my account? So what is invalid activity? Invalid activity includes clicks and impressions
that occur artificially through your site. These come in the form of page views that
are generated from bots or other artificial means to boost your page view numbers or clicks. Most commonly through accidental clicks from poor ad implementation. So what can you do to prevent these sort of accidental clicks and other invalid situations from occurring? Im going to over 3 very common tactics to
help deal with it. The first one is understanding your sites
traffic. This can be done on a high level just by looking
at where your traffic is coming from, what counties, what URLs, what sources. But you can also dig deeper using Google Analytics. And something that you can look further into
on your own. The other important part of understanding
your traffic is knowing who you work with, especially in terms of promoting and marketing
your site. If you’re dealing with low quality third parties
for promotion and marketing you may be dealing with a partner who’s using artificial tactics
of boosting your metrics. This can mean, them posting on certain forums,
community forums or social threads that are derived for the sole purpose of pushing people
to that URL to boost your metrics. And this kind of artificial inflation is something
you want to avoid and it doesnt create an organic situation and organic interaction
with your content. Which is what you want to have success on
AdSense. So understanding where your URLs are being
posted, what kind of communities engage with your content, it’s very very crucial to
understanding invalid activity. The next thing I want to talk about, is in
terms of ad implementation. Ad implementation is very very important for
decreasing accidental clicks because the way your ads are placed on the page can cause
certain scenarios where your users would accidentally click on the ad content. On mobile this is very very important because
the screen is small and users are engaging with the content directly. So if you’re not leaving adequate white space
or other space between the content, users can accidentally scroll over an ad and click
on it causing an accidental click situation. On desktop similarly, if your ads blend in
too much to the content or if there isn’t adequate spacing and labeling that says it’s
an advertisement, user may accidentally click on it thinking it’s a part of the content
or because they couldn’t get around the finding the content. These are very common situations for you to
be aware of. You should take a close look at your site
and make sure that you are labeling and providing spacing to avoid this situation. Third thing you can do is site authorization. If other people are using your ad source code
by just putting inspect on your page and then using any code from your site, that can cause
your ad code to show up on other peoples sites that you don’t own. If these sites do have poor ad implementation
it can cause invalid activity there or other accidental clicks. So to prevent yourself from getting in trouble
with accidental clicks and other invalid activity for ad code that’s not on your site, you want
to turn on site authorization. And you can go to our help center to learn
exactly how to do that. That will make sure that you’re only responsible
for the ad code that’s on your site. Those are the three things, I hope you’ve
found it helpful and thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Why do I have invalid traffic deductions in my AdSense account?

  1. this video useless! as youtube user, u cant monitor whos person are clicking your ads, and adsense will just accused you of invalid clicks. what a shame.

  2. may you please tell me what is click on ads (1. click on skip ads
    2. see full ad
    3.click on visit advertisement
    please please answer me

  3. My Adsense had been taken down when I joined a Multi Channel Network (Freedom!). Now I quited and I'm unable to reactivate my Adsense and Google does not care. These kind of videos are the most stupid things Google can do. Instead of making useless videos like this, they can improve communications between their partners. That would be much-much better.

  4. Ja pierdolę jaki śmieć ludzki. Kto w tym google pracuje. W Polsce nikt takiego pajaca by nie zatrudnił nawet na kasę w Żabce.

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  7. how th hell wood the youtube now what the virew are doing ad we have to take the blam cuz they clickon the stuff to muc dont seam right who can help fix my a 2 account 2 accoutn with adsent was disable my new channla nd old on

  8. I am the same victim. Someone clicked on my ads and it was disabled due to invalid click activity and when I appeal with their form adsense replied that:"our specialists have confirmed that we're unable to reinstate your AdSense account." So my my years of work gone in a moment without any reason. Please help me adsense team. I work through genuine way, all of my traffics are from youtube internal search, suggested videos and social media. So if my competitors click on my ads can't you understand that? Please be helpful with us because you are today here for the people like us. Thanks.

  9. adsense sent me an email about invalid clicks on my blog but I don't understand what to do with Google Analytics. I don't think it's the publisher's job to know who is visiting the page. there are million people online and noone can control their activity. it's not the publisher's fault and responsibility. Adsense hasn't issued a payment yet for this month and even said that my account will be disabled if people made invalid clicks. Wow! No respect for the publishers who are working so hard to provide content! Shame!

  10. Hi google adsense, my channel is approved for a long time,but ads are not showing on my videos,Why? If you don't believe me you can check my channel. I hope you reply to me back. Thank you.

  11. Hello Sir. I opened my account recklessly the country is UK.But I live in Thailand.Can I received Pin Code with Thailand address or not?

  12. Where to get solutions if Google Adsense account showing the wrong website which is not my website and showing –
    "Thank you for your continued interest in AdSense. Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your initial application. To resubmit your application, complete the fields below.

    For your application to be successful, make sure that you've resolved the issues described in the disapproval email we sent you:

    If your application was disapproved because it matches a currently approved AdSense account, then you must close your other account before you reapply.
    If your application was disapproved because your site doesn't follow the AdSense program policies, then you must fix the issues with your site before you reapply."

  13. You work for Adsense? Can you please message me about my account? I paid for traffic a lot of years ago and got my account banned, I am older now and I own a successful computer repair business and I also am partners with an advertising company.

    The only reason I am not creating a lot of videos on my channel "Gigasoft Technologies" is because I don't get paid.

    I tried multiple appeal forms and every time I get a response right away saying you guys thoroughly read and denied my request to get reinstated, I don't think my requests get read any more. All this was because of one mistake I made over 5 years ago, don't you think I learned from my mistake? I would hate to switch to a different platform because I love YouTube, but if I have to I will.

    So please contact me to discus what I have to do to get my Adsense back after over 5 years of being banned?

  14. how do you have control over this stuff…My acct was suspended due to invalid clicks and have no idea what that is about

  15. Hey guys i fully undarstand the invalid clicking policy, but is it right that at the age of 14 me not knowing any better not reading the terms and conditions when making my addsense account and clicking on my own adds which obviously got me banned ( i cant argue that that was the right thing to do!) but after about 7 years!!! Dont you think its a bit extreme black listing someone for 1 mistake 7 years ago and not give him atelast a seccond chance? every appeal form i sent gets the same reply (sorry we cant do anything) i cant make a new account because that gets banned automaticly aswell i just think its a bit too much for something that happend so long ago.

  16. Hi, how are you? i saw your video for adsense i have a website that age is 2 months i want to approve adsense account. But there is very less traffic on my website. Can you please tell me how can i get 500 visitors per day for approval google adsense account?
    My website link is www.magrob.com

  17. I have no AdSense account .but when I applied I got message my AdSense account rejected due to invalid traffic .I applied from blogger.whats situation I can't understand, plz give me solution

  18. hola no puedo monetizar mis videos algien por odio le dio clic mal intensionados https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVb-SM96HsrI_mT8KxylHkQ?view_as=subscriber

  19. hey so i watched the video and my account got disabled for "invalid click activity" for a second time! last time i tried to reach out and nobody got back to me weather i tried to reach adsense or youtube. Now im being a bit more aggressive cause im concerned for my channel because its the second false accusation. My channel is small and i dont do anything foul because youtube isnt a breadwinner thing for me. I'm hoping to make it something special in the future. I been doing youtube for two years but the constant disabling really makes me feel uncomfortable and not trust google adsense as much. I'm really losing confidence in it and i think a lot of small channels keep getting wrongly accused because of the poor algorithm it uses to assume these things. The only OTHER thing i use besides adsense is "adwords" to promote my channel so are you saying i shouldnt use adwords anymore?!?!?! I use adwords on the youtube side for people to potentially see my content if they never have….am i being accused because of that!?!? I PROMISE you im not doing anything malicious. Only time i watch my videos is to review to see how i can improve them or if a subscriber comments about something. I really need help =( i tried to access where to content and dont it in various places. The one that i kept being pointed to was "send feedback" on my youtube channel but even that i feel i am NOT being heard. there needs to be a place i can go to put my complaint in but its sooo cryptic to know where to go. Please HELP!!!! <3

  20. My account was disabled even though I was receiving less than 100 views on my videos after a month of them being out, and even then most weren't even making $0.01. So i really don't understand why my account was banned and why I get the automated messages whenever i try to appeal for it to be unbanned. I had the ads on my youtube videos which were just plain videos that were uploaded without any special editing features added in after being uploaded. So there's no way it could be bad ad implementation. Really, I'm just getting fucked here because the adsense on my account was banned by a bot, and real people don't even bother to read my appeals and i just get the automated messages sent to me.

  21. We need tutorial to show step by step how to save account from this issues !
    We need solution , l don't like this kind of video talking !

  22. Lets be honest here, one of the actual reasons why google would disable one's account for invalid activity, is – to avoid payment, especially when big amounts of money are in play.

    Obviously Google is technologically advanced enough to implement a clever system, that would automatically detect all invalid clicks, based on various already well known criteria, and automatically mark those clicks as false, thus excluding them from payment program.

    In such fair circumstances, one could him self do infinite invalid clicks, or ask anyone to do so, and yet, at the end, get paid for valid clicks only.

    So, as you see, there is no real reason to disable one's account for invalid clicks activity, unless you want to avoid paying money to that account.

  23. When will Google make it easier from people to sign up for a new Adsense or to re-enable it? Doesn't Google make enough money as it is?

  24. this video does not sufficient for describing invalid activity….plz make some good policies so that You Tuber does not cheated by youtube ….i didn't generated any invalid clicks but my ad-sense account has being suspended

  25. I have read the terms of service multiple times and have completely understood where I went wrong. It has been about 5 months of being permanently disabled. Is there any way one of my appeal's would be successful or should I just give up? I have send about one appeal every month since.

  26. if someone going to cyber cafe and post video from their . they have 1 IP address, and by change their account is disable is that mean whole Cyber Cafe IP address is in danger ?

  27. please give my adsense account some days ago i lost my adsense account for invalid activities but i don't anything wrong…please help

  28. please give my adsense account some days ago i lost my adsense account for invalid activities but i don't anything wrong…please help

  29. How can I get my account monetization back? I would like to monetize it but it was shut down many years ago because of invalid clicks. I would like to monetize it now. It was accidental clicking.

  30. I have been using Youtube for over 10 years. Early adopted for Adsense and my account was closed with limited info with the hundreds of $ built up back to the advertisers. Since then over the years I have tried numerous times to reinstate an Adsense account with 0 luck including all the details I can. I resist posting on my main accounts now because I am tired of getting jacked. My videos get stolen re-uploaded with millions of views meanwhile I cannot earn anything form my original created content. btw I work in the video field full time and am consistently creating for work and hobby. I always hear Youtube/Google doesn't care for small creators and now it really makes sense.

  31. If anybody is there like me,
    in October last year I made an app. I initially put up an add on it, and I didn't know much about policies. I clicked my own add. I later removed the ads from my app about a week later. There was at most 10 hits on that add.My account got disabled.
    I mean why? I don't serve the ads anymore. They can clearly see that I made a mistake. It wasn't intentional. If it was I would not remove the ads in the first place. How ironic Google.

    I think I will move to IOS developmemt now.

  32. Will money will cut from our account when we apply for adsense please reply me fast
    I want to create an account

  33. How To Stop Invalid Traffic ? Nobody ever tells about this why ? … Please tell us How To Stop Invalid Traffic ?

  34. Is it invalid activity if I promote an article on my blog using paid advertisements such as facebook and twitter sponsored content?

  35. Class action lawsuit hearing Sept this year -for disabled accounts – aka: don't feel like paying money to our publishers so we just delete your account and make it impossible to get another one – You're Welcome and thanks for the free traffic that we still charge our advertisors on the back end thru bids..

  36. hey i was new to buying domains.. the brandnew domain i bought – shows google adsense banned.. wrote to google.. no one responded..i hope someone from google can reach out to an honest user like me… <3

  37. google wale bhenchod bohot bade wale maa k loude hai, without any specific reason have blocked my adsense account and now I can't even check any details that why its suspended. Aur in maharaja logo neh ek reason bhi nahi diya why its blocked aur phir mujhse puchte hai "what do you think is the reason for your invalid traffic?" Arre madarchod mei kya ab bethkr sari IPs track karu k kon kaha se view kar raha hai, these details should be with these fuckers. I am seriously infuriated that how badly a company can handle such situations by not interacting with the users at all 🙁

  38. hi there i was suffering from great problem. i worked with adsense since 2015 but my first adsense account was disabled due to my fault and open another one. after some days adsense community also block my 2nd account and gave the same claim i did to my first channel. ok then i create 3rd adsense and also it disabled but the reason unknown to me.

    now may i open another adsense from same name, contact info, from same computer and Internet line..?

    please reply me in brief and it will be a grate help to me.

  39. Can I plz have a support email? my account got disabled for invalid clicks. But my ctr was maintained & I didn't click on my own ads. PLZ help

  40. My account earned a few hundreds in 2 months and now almost 90% of that is deducted for invalid traffic, how is this possible? all the clicks were accidental? They don't even provide information how they calculated the amount to deduct. No support, no contact form. What should I do now?

  41. My account was just banned. I had no idea there was any invalid activity, and AdSense doesn't let me know who or why there was anything invalid. The sad thing is I was making all my money from a custom search engine that has a bunch of loyal users. In effect, AdSense destroyed that search engine. The funny thing is that I'm also an advertiser using google display. I see fraud ALL THE TIME that Google never takes care of. It's pervasive. So the thought that they shut down legitimate websites like mine is actually ridiculous.

    Needless to say, unless they re-enable my account I'm going to look for a search solution through Bing, and they'll get all of my loyal users.

  42. Hello Adsense Team…
    My adsense account is suspended because of ads clicking ..But I don't do this .. I know very well we can't do this … Last month my id is suspended for 30 days …. That time I'm guilty but now I'm not doing this …I don't know how to protect it …. I have requested many times …. Please Give Me Suggestions what should I do yo get back my adsense id…..

  43. Dear
    Google AdSense Team, why my channel Show Not suitable for most advertisers all my video please you check for me thanks you.

  44. After a Fucking Hard Work in fucking 6 months. I Managed to upload 526 videos on my fucking channel Eveyday i worked for 16 to 18 hours for this fucking shit Youtube Website.. And they have a fucking piece of garbage reason for "ïnvalid Click activity or traffic"" They disalbled my fucking monetization.. I have been working for youtube for 4 years.. They Always Do this.. fucking shitty people!!!.

  45. I have been with adsense for years. 10 Million youtube views. I recently moved from UK to North America and in order to change my adsense bank account to american bank, had to close my adsense account and open a new one, which I did. The day after adsense verified my new account, they disabled the account for 'invalid traffic'. I have no idea what has happened. This is crazy – no phone support, no email explaining what the violation is. Seems there are a lot of us online saying we received the same 'invalid traffic' notification. Seems like an adsense bug and that their algorithm to pick up real infractions is failing a lot of users. This is panic inducing for me – this is my work! No adsense, no monetisation. What are we all to do??

  46. Has anyone decided to set up a new Youtube channel and start over this way?? It means building up to be a youtube partner again, new emails, new adsense account etc. It feels like a massive undertaking when you have built up a huge following but wondering if anyone has decided to just start fresh?

  47. Google AdSense thanks for scamming people, i don't know why my AdSense account was blocked, but i am sure i didn't do any kind of unfair activity and if time comes i will make sure that you gets banned in big market like India by appealing though pil for creating disparity between different AdSense users, thanks

  48. Hi. My account was disabled because of this. So basically if I'm the new kid in town, I start creating great and fresh content that intimidates my rivals, and they decided to spam click on my adds, they can pretty much run me to the ground? Do you see the problem here?
    I find it extremely unprofessional to blame us for something that we have no control over, and to add insult to injury, give us no way to appeal this. You give us no information as to where the clicks are coming from, if we can block our URLs from being uploaded to these sites. Nope, zip, nada. You shut us down and give us a typical corporate response that might as well say ''sucks to be you''.
    Another thing I'm noticing from commenters, is that it appears to be affecting only small creators. I don't think this is a coincidence. You know we don't carry enough weight to make waves about this, so you abuse of your power. But since I'm a man of evidence, please, point me to the person with over 100k subscribers with this issue and I'll change my mind.

  49. You should do this, that the newcomers should be in danger of their ID. If you close down a lot of YouTube ID by making a lot of cost, but you are doing it against humanity, it is unfair.

  50. Please fix your "invalid activity repeal form". After account suspension, we were asked for "traffic reports" and "user statistics". We do not have any of this data since we only integrated a "smart banner" at the bottom of our Android app (according to the documentation). After all, it is the responsibility of Google to monitor "traffic reports" and "user statistics" for their own Android library.

  51. google adsense account disabled invalid traffic & I not making any invalid traffic i just publishing my videos in my YouTube channel but i think there stupid gays working in google adsense

  52. We need tutorial to show step by step how to save account from this issues !

    We need solution , l don't like this kind of video talking !

  53. I don't know why my site disable . I don't have any invalid activity is my account .. one day ago my adsence approval and next 2 days my adsence invalid activity ..

  54. Brother. Please reply. I have one website(WordPress) and I got Adsense approval 2 days before. by mistake, I click on my own ads and account is disabled and I got an email that my account is disapproved. I already send an appeal. so is there any chance to get it back in your experience? please reply. also please tell me normally how long will it takes to get a reply from Google..?

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