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Why do facebook ads fail – how to win at Facebook ads – JR Fisher

Why do facebook ads fail – how to win at Facebook ads – JR Fisher

good morning everybody I guess it’s good
morning here it’s about after 8 o’clock in the morning in San Diego and I want
to ask you a question have you run Facebook ads and they didn’t work and
the funny thing is if you ask that of most people who run Facebook ads I bet I
bet 90 95 % run ads and they don’t work I mean they don’t work I mean they spend
money and they may not get any sales whatsoever I mean is zero and the shame
is you spend all this time yeah selecting a product and you know getting
your cost right and then you build a page and then you have upsells and maybe
you’ve got an order bump and you’ve got down cells and you get some really cool
artwork that looks good and you write what you think is really good copy and
it you know what it could very well be and then you run your ads and crickets
nothing happens or maybe you get one or two sales but
you know the sale cost you and that three times four times what the product
does and it’s just it’s frustrating I know I went through it it’s really
frustrating and then I stumbled upon a couple techniques and these techniques
changed everything matter of fact they actually made money
on the ads how about that isn’t that astounding and you know what the fact is
you know that people are making money on these ads there’s no way Facebook is in
business and you know is worth billions of
dollars if some people aren’t making money the the thing is you got to figure
out that process on how to make money because here’s the truth
let me ask a quiz a little quick quiz here the first question is what’s more
important your ad copy your image or video or your audience which one there’s
the three do you think is the most important okay now that you thought
about that for a second consider this you go out and you hire the best
photographer of the world or best videographer in the world and they do
this awesome video for you of your product where they do these it just
super cool pictures of your product and then what you do is you go out you hire
the best copywriter in the world right I mean this guy can write or she can write
and I mean it’s good stuff it’s compelling it’s interesting it’s
everything right and then you put all that together and you pick an audience
and it doesn’t work what do you think the problem is the problem is the
audience and you know people think it’s so simple it’s like you know hey if I’m
selling you know bowling shoes I’ll put it in front of people who ball all the
time it doesn’t work that way it’s it’s nothing like that you know and that’s
the problem is we make it so simple that it makes it difficult and we don’t get
any results so you know if you think about this for a second if you have an
audience that is really excited about something I mean
really into it and they really love it and you put a so-so ad and finally
you’ll probably sell them so the most important component is being able to
select those audiences that are gonna make you money that’s the key that’s the
key right there share this video if you think that there’s somebody out there
they could benefit from this you know I was struggling with Facebook audiences

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  1. Thanks for the video. It would be much better to watch you talking from home, without the car engine or street bumps sounds, sitting and talk in front of the camera. The angle of the camera driving your car doesn't catch the attention of the viewer. Also the music is too loud and distracting. It is just an advice to make the content cosier and comfortable to watch.

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