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Why did King Tut have a flat head?

Why did King Tut have a flat head?

We’re here back in the Human Evolution Lab with Dr. Robert Martin, who is curator emeritus of human evolution here at the Field Museum, and today we’re going to be talking about artificial head binding in ancient Egypt! So uh, Bob can you start by telling us a little bit about what artificial head binding is? Yes, you know, there are various cultural developments, for example, binding feet in China so that you’re getting a permanent change and this is usually done in connection with the elite in society or particular groups and so what happens in head binding is that pe..people deliberately set it out from birth to tightly bind the baby’s skull in different ways so you can have a band across the crown or you can have it from front to back the baby’s head is flexible for the first couple of years but after that, the head shape is pretty settled and so once you’ve done it, it’s done for life and it makes the head look very distinctive. EG: And this is achievable because when the baby is born it’s cranial bones aren’t fused together? RM: Absolutely. The key thing is if you look at the skull just before birth Humans have these gaps called fontanelles, there’s a major one on the top of the skull and there are subsidiary ones on the side. Those gaps are there to allow flexibility because we have such big brains our babies only just passed through the pelvis this is a female human pelvis, and going through the pelvis it will only go through if it’s facing this way. EG: Wow. RM: And then when it gets part of the way through, it has to turn 90 degrees And it’s facing backwards. We’re the only primates that give birth with our babies facing backwards rather than to the front. But that’s why the bones are so flexible and that allows you to produce this artificial shape by molding. EG: Does this impact the fetal development at all? I mean, does this have a negative impact on any other kind of developmental properties or things that are happening to a baby? RM: As long as you don’t reduce the volume. That would be bad news for the brain. But if you just change the skull shape without changing the volume As far as we know there are no negative effects of doing this. EG: Oh, that’s good. And it’s interesting that this has come up with such notable figures from history like King Tut I mean we have this model which wasn’t just artistically created to have a flattened head but there is actual evidence that King Tut had experienced cranial deformation. With my colleague JP Brown we CAT scanned several Egyptian mummies in our collection. And then when we are doing our mummy project we wanted to get a copy of this reconstruction by the Smithsonian when it arrived we unpacked it from the box Oh my word, that is artificial cranial deformation. And in fact, you can see a kind of saddle shaped depression over the top of the skull and then at the back underneath you’ve got a counterpart It’s interesting because his father Akhenaten had a skull shape like that and Akhenaten was married to Nefertiti and it seems that she had this kind of head shape and they had 6 daughters All 6 daughters had head shapes like that. And for many years Egyptologists have described this as an artistic style. -Sure We don’t have the skulls to check that. But certainly for Akhenaten we have the skull and we have the skull of King Tut They definitely had head deformation and I’m pretty certain that it is artificial two mummies it was a 40 year old woman and a priest son called Minirdis when we produced the 3d print from the skull then it became absolutely clear that there was a saddle play shape depression you can see it has an elongated shape but it’s not extreme it’s not like King Tut but it’s subtle but it’s there and so presumably the priests were doing this to get this distinctive head shape at least a thousand years later than King Tut so these are these are two separate events in time what I’ve seen is that there is no written evidence or record of like this happening for people in royal positions or higher society like King Tut why do you think there wouldn’t be a record of this I think this was done in secret this was not something that was to be public knowledge whole idea was to take a small group of people and artificially change their head shape so that they would look different from everybody else and it kind of spoils the effect if you tell everybody what you’re doing do you have any other thoughts about about head binding and its prevalence in ancient Egypt do you have any other examples that you might want to talk about a big question for me as an anthropologist is why would so many different human populations independently hit on the idea of binding their babies heads and I’ve mentioned it at birth you can get misshapen heads and so you can get most of the shapes that people then use you get these cone heads and you also get skulls that are flattened from front back but I think one of the main influences was cradle boarding that many societies in many societies babies are carried around strapped to a board on the mother’s back typically there’s a bandage around the head holding the baby’s head still eventually there can produce deformation but you can recognize it because it’s not regular you it’s asymmetrical whereas in something like King Tut if you look at this skull is beautifully symmetrical that is achieved by deliberately binding the head but it will be a short step from carrying babies around and noticing that you can artificially accidentally change the head shape to doing it deliberately I assume there are probably some people who might think that there were extraterrestrial influence to the ways that we you know the shape of the head and obviously like there are movies that depict aliens coming to Earth with cone heads do you do you have any any anything to say to dispel some of those rumors that might suggest that alien life forms are really at play there are skulls in Peru particularly from Nazcan Paracas they are so extreme that it’s opened the door to people saying you know they this is so extreme it cannot be human and you know with the Nazca people it was particularly convincing because you have these Nazca lines which are absolutely gigantic and people say well you can only see these properly from outer space and therefore they must be connected with aliens so take these strange head shapes and the Nazca lines and you’ve got the basis for a best-seller and quite recently somebody claimed that they had extracted DNA genetic material from one of these Nazca skulls and it wasn’t the same as typical human DNA but they haven’t published the results in a reputable journal and my advice is don’t hold your breath the brain scoop is made possible by the Field Museum and the Harris family foundation it still has brains on it

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  1. ridiculous. have you seen the paracas skull's they aren't full human dna shows it and you cant deform a skull to this extremes and not die plus they only have 2 skull sutures

  2. He was black dark skin smh you can't be that color living in Egypt you will get darker smh stupid ass small minded white people always trying 2 make shit about this

  3. The guy was totally inbred. His parents were brother and sister and keeping up the family tradition Tut married his sister. He also had a club foot and would have walked with a bad limp. His tomb contained a pile of walking sticks.

  4. Demons envy God's creative forces and creation. Since demons cannot create, but only destroy, the target is God's creation. To bind babies physical attributes and deliberately create deformities where God created perfection, puts the wickedness and hate of satan on display. Then it calls evil "good" by a delusional embrace of seeing this as "special". The "elite" are no different today, being freaks of their own making. Such as forcing their children chosen by God to be a girl or a boy, and forcing that child to grow up as the opposite of their sex. This is rampant today, and just as this Dr. says head-binding was kept secret by the cult doing it, so too is the multitude of people in power or public position that are cross-sexing their children, a form of pedophilia that may include incest, and making their circle well-known among themselves but kept secret from the public. Except it is hard not to see it. A little boy is forced to grow up as a girl, castrated with surgery and drugs to imitate the female form, then puts on a red dress to host a show like this one. 06:28 There are no natural women on camera today. Wake up to that. The trans movement is just another demonic attack on human form, and delusional stronghold of the mind. It is satan's planned perversion, the destruction of mankind. Thanks be to Jesus that satan loses in the attempt and is destroyed in the end. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:3) Amen and Amen.

  5. Don't forget, every tomb and every image that is released to the public has been "restored" ie painted over by Euros or Egyptian "authorities". They are unable to change the funeral mask which clearly shows Tut's features in 3d. You know the truth in spite of the bullsht shown in tis video and depiction. Just admit it.

  6. Well let's call out the aliens…anything but not to believe in Jesus as the word of creation. His kingdom is eternal all the empires have risen and fallen but if you follow Jesus you will be an eternal entity that would by far supercede any pharaoh!!!

  7. The family were pre-Adamites, not really Earth origin, and these pre-Adamites were all over the planet. This form of skull was natural due to the external genetic material brought in by the offworld, pre-Adamites. The binding that was done by indigenous tribes were in tribute to the desire to LOOK like the pre-Adamites who were the "gods" of the day and worshipped. Nothing is even mentioned in this video about WHY any people would want to look so abnormally different from their peers. The pre-Adamites ruled the land and people tend to want to look and act like those who are in power. However, since the body-types of the pre-Adamites were noticeably different than the homosapiens,sapiens, just having an elongated skull wasn't going to give the child any true "ancestry" to the "gods". The DNA that was extracted from one of the pre-Adamite skulls truly WASN'T the same as human DNA but no "reputable" journal will publish any sort of report like that because their governmental and private funding would be cut off straight away should they have anything in them that alludes to off-world, extraterrestrial origin. https://www.exopolitics.org/tag/pre-adamites/ But then it has alway been impossible for Egyptologists and tech-based scientists, who are researching the past, to EVER agree and think laterally enough to truly come up with answers for all the anomalies that exist on this planet. Instead they devise fairy tales based on their convoluted ideas and their desire to force info to fit into the constraints that will fulfil the current paradigm. They also use what peoples of the past tried to understand and write down with limited understanding and vocabulary. . . hence these self same "experts" come to completely erroneous conclusions. The obvious conclusions, the ones that truly FIT the anomalies , are excoriated from any texts or conversations. Censorship of the obvious, the most logical and what eventually is shown to be the truth has been done down through the centuries. . . .why should it stop now? So, as with the laughing and rolling of eyes here in THIS presentation, the idea of Ancient Aliens or ANY kind of civilization that would have emanated from anything other than "evolutionary standards" is to be discounted, debunked and buried as deeply as the tunnels under the Sphinx. Those who desire to prevent us from knowing the truth about our beginnings will constantly present pitiful presentations such as these that, if you do your research, can all be explained by other means and for other reasons.

  8. The real question is why does that person on that bust not look nothing like the actual bust that was found in Tut's tomb, which had a brown melanin tone?

  9. This man purports there is no detrimental affect from head binding, despite the photo of that poor black baby with EYES POPPING OUT, face overwhelmed by the torture of it's tiny brain. That's the tormented face of seizure. And these two jokesters are literally handling this subject as if they're discussing LEGOs. They have no concept nor empathy of the human condition. They are sloppily deliberately rehashing Tut into FICTION. And purposefully removing INCEST from the equation. There is an undercurrent in the media to defend pedophilia, which in large measure is incest, so as to legalize this abhorrent abuse of children. The wicked work in baby-steps, much is done in the not saying. The media is already hammering to lessen the moral wrong of incest, and here, they are erasing the physical wrong. The Smithsonian has for decades definitively stated Tut's condition, which afflicted his whole body AND behavior as being solely from generational incest. Are we to believe that these two supposed 'museum people' have never heard of the Smithsonian? Notice how the man tried to make Tut's head the result of binding as a CERTAINTY, but backed off from saying it was certain. This is how one LIES without being trapped by their LIE, protecting themselves from any ramifications. As much as you might find these speakers looks or style or manner/tone of speaking to suit you, don't be fooled. These two are chosen for this reason, to have a believable enjoyable screen presence. Jesus tells us to size-up the person by their fruits. Their deliverables. So check the bottoms of your shoes. The BrainScoop is PooperScoop.

  10. I like the stupid kid music playing right after the interview, kinda sum's up this whole flat head video. Don't hold your breath…

  11. THESE COMMENTS ARE DUMB. King Tut looks arabicish, and I don't doubt this is how he looked. There were also MANY dynasties and eras of Egypt. And Egyptians look exactly like North Eastern Africans. Not western African or European. Look up modern day Somalian and Ethiopians. Pretty much look like how ancient Egyptians depicted themselves yo. Pussies

  12. See "Ancient Egyptian Art They Don't Show" in my uploads
    (More shocking info in my top pinned comment and replies)

    Sub-Saharan African history in the description or uploads

    Also, African and African American acheivements ( recent and modern) in description

  13. What is it with humans deforming babies, even tody, mutilating baby boys genitals with circumcision? Primitive acting, cruel, retards.

  14. " they have not published the results on a paper..ho ho ho ho" ( annoying dude) his entire world would collapse if the DNA was not human and he realizes has been talking shit for years. The long skulls, allude to a long lost group called the Paracas that lived in South-America. They were apparently red-hair-people in Peru!!! and lived in the Pre-Incan era near (today) Peru and Chile … as if this was to be laughing matter… interview is done contradicting the efforts by another scholar who has spent his life researching this issue and continues to be blocked and denied. see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnERUZNqwbc

  15. These NAZI white people are cursing their families by digging up these bodies…… How about kicking out those white people from north africa? All they do is genocide and repression

  16. Some of the the researchers of the Nazca elongated skulls claim a much larger cranial capacity for a certain portion of such skulls compared to human skulls, sometimes up to 50% larger. There are also videos of a very young infant with a abnormally large skull. Here is just one example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjR9TkLvtXE Would you explain how such a foetus would come to exist please ? BTW : Your video is a good one, with logical statements, but how would you explain videos like this one please ?

  17. "reputable" eh? he must mean "in the club journal". why would a reputable/peer reviewed journal publish ANYTHING that goes against their written in stone bible of decided or agreed upon "facts"? they cant be proven wrong or change their minds. cuz its ALL about them apparently and not the actual science, history or scientifically proven facts! didnt think thats how science was supposed to work but ive found out over many years everything from doctors to government to military to business are based all in lies, control of info, secrecy etc and has nothing to do with the people that are supposed to make it all up. its the biggest division there possibly could be. ultimately all crimes against humanity. unfortunately we're going to have get reset by yet another cataclysm and relive it all again from the beginning and try again. of course just to f it up again n again. it may be the only truly perpetual thing.

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  19. stupid stupid assholes "…as far as we know , there are no negative effects."
    bullshit , how many of those deformed freaks become nuclear physicists ?

  20. When I watch those two idiots we can really think human brains are flat or getting flat [3:42], when we listening their brainless speech and drawing their conclusion.

  21. Do something productive for the humanity. Jump from the bridge and record it, we need a proof you will not add any more stupid videos!

  22. Was his head ONLY FLAT or did it stick up a long ways …there are hybrid skeletons found all over the world by archeologists and just ordinary people ! These skulls are very elongated and have only THREE sections not four…they are hybrids..half human and half outspace dudes..fallen angels or whatever….its all in the BIBLE and in ENOCH…so I surmise they COULD have been hyrids thus they wore VERY high head pieces ! It was NOT binding in my opinion AND the opinion of a LOT of those who study it all very intensely….

  23. HOW do you think they built the PYRAMIDS !! THE nephilim did it !!! The egyptians had the help of nephilim who they may themselves were a part of in some way…

  24. Well the girl can giggle and try and sound cute, but to think there wouldn't be advanced life forms other than our own in space is being extremely narrow sighted to say the least. I would recommend stop assisting in dumbing down the nations here on earth. Our planet is in a perilous time and very well could receive innervation from the powers that be. My suggestion is not to belittle others who have views different then your own , we are all on this learning curve together.

  25. So the flat heads were caused either on purpose or through insest. (It was rare for a child to be born healthy or alive in ancient Egypt due to all the insest going on, and mostly everyone was walking around with some pretty magor deformities or illnesses)

  26. Originally God tribe=The korean..
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  27. Once again listening to this man will explain somewhat why people think there's aliens,,,because people see things like these and make money off stories books and movies,,aliens hahahahahahahahahahahahah megalodon and sasquatch there real too ,,if this was true then were is the evidence that we can walk up to and visit and hold touch for ourselves I can believe anything but show me the actual physical evidence,,,lol,,there is none only fabricated stories pictures and drawings from people you dont understand anomalies of nature and self deformities from manipulation of for instance,,,,,,drum rolll,,,,,,,human sculls

  28. Pay attention if you are seeking the Truth. Are you paying attention?
    The fontanel should always remain flexible because there purpose is to return the flow of cerebral spinal fluid sent in waves from the Sacral Cerebral pump at the base of the Spine which is powered by the breath, forced open by inhaling into the belly and allowed to close on the exhale. It is very important to inhale deeply into the belly in order to maximize the flow of energy and information from the Heart which is also sent in waves of cavatation like the waves in the ocean where we can see that the water doesn't move only the waves. Tides and currents move things, waves move through things. Are you paying attention or is your mind cranking out thoughts to distract from the images being revealed to you? Try to focus on the images.
    Anyway, I saw a chiropractor video by chance that shows the cranial fontanel flexing in response to the pressure of the flowing cerebral spinal fluid from the flexing of the Sacral Cerebral pump. I couldn't find fontanel in the dictionary after watching this but a definition of font is given as a receptacle for baptismal or holy water. The Spine has 33 vertebrae or steps from the root which could be said to be grounded in the Earth below to the crown or land of Pineal that could be said to connect to the sky above. The Great Pyramid has 8 sides subtly divided as it's outer boundary, it's root found in the Earth below is the subterranean chamber that leads to the Grand gallery of seven levels leading to the King's chamber past a broken and emptied "sarcophagus" to a stacking of granite slabs built to be freestanding so they can vibrate is my assumption just as the ganglion that surround the Pineal vibrate in the waves of cavatation sent from the Sacral pump at the base of the Spine or the first rung of Jacob's ladder if you will. Can you see it? Close your eyes and breathe deeply and listen to see and feel to hear or whatever moves your focus from the thoughts of the past that replay in the present pretending to consider something new but is really the same often repeated process of rejection of new ideas for the familiar ones we adopted by the age of 7. Most of us almost never consider, we almost always do automatically what we have learned to do in predetermined reactions to situations according to specific rules for general situations. We mostly run programs from our minds that are much like "if then" statements in computer programming. We react to the information we receive from the world around us in sine waves automatically according to our programming or what we have "learned". I call this the fractile of inevitability, usually in a voice like James Earl Jones.., and I believe that this reactionary state is what is meant by the wages of Sin being death because in this state there is no free will, it's been given away to the beliefs given to us by others who probably got them similarly and passed them on automatically. I came up with my own definition of consciousness as being demonstrated by it's ability to deviate particles from their otherwise inevitable position. Many look at the world around us and believe that what happens to it is inevitable and beyond any individual's control and so go along as best they can with the world they believe in and are afraid going against and thus become a part of what they Fear and give it energy. We should Forgive all of these people because they know not what they do as they can't imagine that the world is exactly as we imagine it to be. ✌💞

  29. Read this very slowly: king tut of egypt marry to his Mother Just like Oediphus marry to His mother and they have sons and daughters..

  30. Tutankhamun was a artificially modified elongated head i.e (head binding) black African pharaoh, evidenced by his exquisitely preserved jet black (skin) mummified by faultless Kem-istry ..and his two jet black life-sized funery statues wearing the Royal Uraeus headress, royal skirt and holding the Royal sceptre, interred in his tomb for 3 and 1/2 thousand years, and famously discovered by Howard Carter in the 1920's…Try obfuscate the historical record with fake Arabized forensic replicas all you like..The material evidence still stands and is there for all the whole world to see..Tutankhamun A Black African..

  31. I'm guessing he was beat with some type of metal object or had a defect and was born that way. Maybe that's how they built the pyramids… using King Tuts head. I'm sure they bullied the shit out of him for it though. And he was probably like, I am your king, you can't speak to me like that, but people back in those days just didn't give a shit.

  32. Bcuz the Smithsonian cut the skull replacing it w the current as to deter ppl from knowing of the past, I’m sure if u see his skull it’ll show its separation

  33. Only Africans does that to their heads. Why they refuse to show those people as what they were (dark skin) oops sorry I forgot Jesus was white with blue eyes 🤔🤦‍♂️🤣

  34. I watched a show on t.v. about ancient civilizations. The Egyptians were hybrids, part human and part extraterrestrial. Tests were done on the DNA of Egyptian humans.

  35. You do know, that HAM didn't have a son named Egypt?. The names of Ham's 4 sons are PHUT, MIZRIAM, CANAAN, AND CUSH. Shem is the Father of the Negros and Japheth is the father of you Caucasians as well as Esau they never ceased to be a separate nation.

  36. 圖坦卡門王生前要是留一點頭髮的話,他整個人比例會非常好,再說光頭很容易讓頭皮變得脆弱,留點頭髮的話,它們可以保護頭皮。

  37. You Brits can add this to the long list of British failures. Brits tried to take something that could never be British.
    The story of our Greek lives priceless monuments and culture painted on canvas or etched in Marble stones.
    You Britons Should Be Ashamed. Return the plundered Parthenon Sculptures back to Greece.
    And Keep your grubby British filthy hands off Corfu and Cyprus. Do not feel obligated to the British enterprise.
    The British plundered and murdered nearly a quarter of the world for their own profit, let's not pass it off as the age of enlightenment.
    Everything in the British Museum has been stolen from Africa, Asia, and Europe – Even the Queens Crown.
    The British Museum in London is a crime scene. You British English are cheap self-proclaimed royalty and a cheap mixed stock of people and society. I hope the fallout of Brexit will be bloody and tear the UK apart. …Goodness knows the Nazi English Queen and English fascist bastards
    deserve it?

  38. See "Ancient Egyptian Art They Don't Show" in my uploads
    (More shocking info in my top pinned comment and replies)

    Sub-Saharan African history in the description or uploads

    Also, African and African American acheivements ( recent and modern) in description

  39. The custom persistsin the Caucasus among the Mountai Armenians. Because the Armenians are related tothe ancient Egiptian Royalty through the Mitanians, and the Hurrians.

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