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Why Copywriting Is The Key To A Successful Sales Funnel

Why Copywriting Is The Key To A Successful Sales Funnel

(hip, upbeat music) – [Russell] What’s up everybody? This is Russell. So, many of you guys,
hopefully everybody, has watched the show “Seinfeld.” Do you guys remember
that Elaine got a job at the J. Peterman
Catalog, right? And, you remember J. Peterman is like this eccentric person. He’d go on vacations,
and he’d go buy hats and then he’d write
all this amazing copy in these catalogs. Elaine became one
of the copywriters, they had all these
people and it was like this huge spoof for
multiple different seasons. What many of you guys
probably don’t know is the J. Peterman
Catalog is a real thing. So, anyone selling ecommerce, or anyone selling anything, you gotta understand
who J. Peterman was. J. Peterman was a
visionary, a genius, an amazing copywriter, who built a huge company
based on these catalogs. Give us an example
of one real quick. – [Dave] A Bedouin
horsemen chased you halfway across the desert. A beautiful woman on a
camel in the desert alone is too ripe a target to dismiss. (laughter) Your heart leaps in your
throat again and again in exquisite torment that the Arabs call
katu’l-kalb, or heart-cutting. Delirious, half-dead, you
reach the emir’s palace. A Galla slave rears
his horse in your path. You notice he is speaking
in Peter O’Toole’s voice. (chuckles) Just then you awaken
in the Royal Suite of the Lanesborough in London, “Lawrence of Arabia” blaring
from the television set. You rush back to sleep, slinky silk cord tank top
and slinky silk cord pants. Not Harem pants, but close. 100% flowing, loose silk. More romantic, more interesting
than you remembered. – [Russell] Ooh. Now that is how
you sell something. That’s called good copy. Understand that, you
guys, copy is the key. It’s the secret, and next
time you watch Seinfeld, and you see Elaine working
the J. Peterman Catalog, now you’ll know kind of the joke behind the joke. What she’s talking about, why it’s so cool, all sorts of stuff like that. That’s what I got, you guys, everybody have an amazing day, we will talk soon. Bye, everybody!

23 thoughts on “Why Copywriting Is The Key To A Successful Sales Funnel

  1. When this two is done right, it will create more sales for your business. That's why to keep learning skills that are aligned with your business or brand, it will help you a lot and make more sales.

  2. Just wanna drop this here. Russell, your books and your brand changed my life for good. I'm Nigerian and definetely to some extent handicapped in getting certain payment gateways but it feels so good knowing that applying what i've learned so far has brought my brand a whole lotta success.

    The keys to RICHES is Good COPY + GOOD OFFER + RIGHT AUDIENCE = $$$$$. Love your content 100%

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome video Russell 🔥 This will definitely help me grow my Online Business and Make More Money Online!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  4. @Russell, thank you very much, I inspired by your channel. I created my own channel and successfully monetized as well. Love your Videos.
    Thanks for growing VD Workshop

  5. Love this! Also I would to share a few copywriting tips for everyone reading.

    1. Start off with a 'hook'. Something catchy that will entice people to keep reading
    2. Have a story. It's all about the story in marketing today.
    Facts tell – Stories sell
    3. VALUE – Talk about how valuable the product is. Some marketers do this really well by mentioning everything the customer is going to get for a specific price so that the price seams measly compared to what they will get.
    4. Add a sense of urgency – Why they must get it NOW! (Limited stock, bonuses etc.)
    5. You can also spark a feeling of regret if they DON'T buy. Say something like:
    "You can either change your life now…

    Or continue living the same lifestyle, never reaching your full potential"

    That's it! Hope you found value in this comment.

    Let me know what you think! 🙂

  6. Hey Russell, I learned a lot about copywriting in your book and it's so weird that when I land on someone else's squeeze page or see ads across social media, more and more of them are like: How to [move towards pleasure] without [move away from pain]. In my head I'm saying: "that's a Russell", lol.

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