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Why Blog? 3 Big Reasons to Blog if You Have a Home Business

Why Blog? 3 Big Reasons to Blog if You Have a Home Business

hey there what's going on this is tan Eliezer from tan Eliza dot-com and have you ever wondered why all these leaders in the home business space have blogs like what the heck does home business have anything to do with a blog well in this video what I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you three reasons why in my opinion I think all home-based business owners need to have a blog so stay tuned alright so why the heck do we have a blog if we're trying to run a home-based business right so here's the deal three reasons in my opinion why I think all home-based business owners need to have a blog and this is for the big thinkers out there people that want to build a big business in our market space number one is exposure so we need to expose our product and what if we can get out of our little circle right have you ever heard of the indirect approach when it comes to marketing like calling up a friend and saying hey do you know anybody that would be interested in either making some more money from home or looking to lose weight or whatever your product might be in the home business niche that's a very indirect approach well blogging actually gives you that ability on your platform so here's an example this is what I love if you have this save weight loss product and you're trying to get exposure for it in the marketplace and you don't want to come off as pushy or as like a sales person per se so here's an idea of what you can do you can do a blog post and you can talk about some of the success stories you have in your company some of the testimonials you can share pictures you can share info info graphs and you can put a blog post up on your own infrastructure personally branded to you you can take that blog post and you can post it and share it on Facebook you can share with it you can share that with your friends so if you're out and about rather than acting like the sales person all you're doing is sharing a story that you posted on your blog this is an incredible way to get massive exposure indirect way outside of your warm market on your blog space it's real really cool way to do this now the second reason why if I opinion I think all one based business owners need to have a blog is that's right to gain credibility so here's what happened with me when I started my home business and I decided I wanted to blog about it I set up my blog infrastructure it wasn't anything perfect but at least it gave me that platform that I could share value I could share stories and what ended up happening over time is the friends and family that I originally went to back in the day that said no to me and they actually thought it was crazy for starting a home business and going into that space they actually saw my blog they saw my value they started to share it and then they started to ask me hey Daniel what's going on and you started this blog I see here I'm reading some of your blog posts so it brought my warm Mac market back to me and it was the most incredible thing so you're your success is purely dependent on your amount of influence and value that you have in the market space and in my opinion having a blog is a great platform to express that value and to gain that credibility out in the marketplace now the third reason why I think all home-based business owners need to have a blog is to expand outside of your warm market now how many of us want to do this we want to expand outside of our warm market why because we want to have a worldwide business of course so how are we going to do that if we are just in our own hometown right I mean yes there's ways to do it but I'm all about efficiency I'm all about working smarter not necessarily harder a blog allows you to do that why because your blog is now present on the world wide web which is really really cool so other people in other countries other leaders that there are people looking for opportunity other people looking for your product can now find you on this little thing that we call the Internet this actually add technology to our toolbox go figure right okay Tanya this sounds really good but where do I get started so if that's you and you don't have a blog yet and you're looking to set up a more personally branded infrastructure so you can play a little bit bigger in your business what I can encourage you to do is hop over to Tanya Eliza com opt-in and you'll get my free 30-minute video workshop where I break it down to show you what to do and where to get started which is pretty cool now if you liked this video and you found value in it I encourage you to share it with anybody that you know that might find value in it for themselves or their business and also if you like this video please please give me a comment and let them let me know what you liked most about it be blessed and have an awesome day thanks for joining me here at Tanya Eliza TV

5 thoughts on “Why Blog? 3 Big Reasons to Blog if You Have a Home Business

  1. Nice video im in the process of building a site just wasn't sure if i wanted to ad a blog.
    Now I see the purpose

    thanks !

  2. Awesome and the content is in simple words, really simple even simpler than the lay man's style !!!! awaiting  more to come 

  3. The most successful businesses are guided by strategic plans. Having a blog is indeed one of the surefire strategies to establish your own brand. Very insightful. Thanks for sharing this video Tanya! 

  4. Awesome! It's opened my eyes to WHY. I will be checking out your video on how to get started. Thank you!

  5. Great Video, thanks alot, I have inserted it in my blog. 

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