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Why Aren’t My Ads Showing on Google? | Google Adwords PPC

Why Aren’t My Ads Showing on Google? | Google Adwords PPC

Mike Mancini here with PPCVideoTraining.com. Today we are talking about why aren’t my Google
ads, formally known as Adwords, why are they not showing up when I do a search for them? Now, inevitably, when I’m working with a client,
I will get a phone call and they will say, “You know what? I just did a search for my ad. Why is it not showing up?” We’re going to show you why. Stay tuned. When I do get that call from clients asking,
“Where is my ad? Why is it not showing up?”, there are a number
of factors we need to look at. In this instance, we are going to use one
of our favorite examples, plumber. If my client did a search and one of their
keywords was plumber and they typed that into Google and they’re not seeing their ad, we’re
going to go down the reasons why. Number one. Is their ad eligible and showing? Now, that might seem very obvious to check
out, but sometimes that happens where maybe it’s a new campaign and you put an ad in,
maybe the landing page isn’t hooked up correctly, whatever the reason might be, maybe that ad
is not showing up. Obviously, that’s something to double check. That’s number one. Go in and make sure that the actual ad is
showing and make sure that it’s eligible to show. If that is not the case, another reason could
be the budget. For instance, if this client looking up plumber
has a $300 a month budget, just for sake of argument, then they would have $10 a day budgeted
to their campaign. The question that needs to be asked is has
that budget run out? Often, a client will be looking for their
ad maybe after work and they’re looking at 10 o’clock at night. There’s probably a good chance if the campaign
is set up correctly that that budget has already depleted, meaning once that budget is used
up, your ads will no longer show. If that $10 has already been used up, those
ads will not show for the rest of the day. That happens quite a bit. If that client’s looking for their ad, it
will not show up. A third reason could be, and this happens
quite a bit as well, if I am that plumber and I’m looking up for my own ad, and I type
in, and I’m looking, and I see my ad here, and then the next time I try and I type it
in, I see my ad again, and then I try and type it in again, and I see my ad a few days
later, what happens is Google is taking notice of each time you look up an ad or you look
up a search term, are you clicking on those ads. If you keep searching plumber and you see
the same three ads and you’re not clicking on any one of them, Google’s taking note of
that and they’re going to say, “You know what? They’re not finding what they’re looking for. We are going to serve up a new ad to them.” If you’re not clicking on those ads, Google
will serve you something else. If you’re looking up your ad and you’re not
clicking on it, which obviously you don’t want to do, otherwise you’re just wasting
your own money, Google makes note of that and they will stop showing your ads to you. I have had clients in the past because we
neglected to have this conversation with them upfront where they are searching every day
to see whether their ad is coming up. Then, all of a sudden, it’s not showing up
anymore and they kind of start to lose their mind because they’re thinking that their ads
aren’t being shown. A couple of things that you can do to help
prove this to them is obviously going to your statistics. Take a look at whatever is the previous day. You can say, “You know what? Your ad was shown 58 times. Here’s how many clicks it got.” If it has conversions, obviously those can
be proven to that client. They are seeing those on their end. You can set up reporting for them to send
them reports each and every day. Or maybe they have access to this, just as
long as they’re not going in and changing anything without telling you. Another thing to explain to them is tell them
not to do a search on Google for their terms, but to go into the account, click on Tools,
click on Ad Preview and Diagnosis. Here they can enter in the search term that
they want to search for and the location. Make sure the location is somewhere where
their ads are allowed to be shown. If this client is in Las Vegas and I’m searching
for under the Minnesota location, the ad will not show up. Make sure that that’s taken into account. But those are just a few reasons why when
you search for your keywords on Google, why your ads may not be showing up. Thanks so much. Hope that helps. If you like free PPC tools, tips, and tricks,
take a look below this video in the description. There are a number of our free worksheets,
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  2. Sir , I am running six campion … first 3 is work good (adds are running ) but next 3 campion is not running (6 days gone but it's not running) … plz help me what to do ???

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