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Why Are YouTubers so Depressed?

Why Are YouTubers so Depressed?

so something that's been coming up more
and more frequently over the last couple of years is how many youtubers are
opening up and talking about their own depression and from the outside looking
in so many of us can wonder how can it be that somebody who seemingly has
everything be so depressed and that's exactly what we're gonna be talking
about in this video what is up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul
where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution and if you're new
to my channel what I'm trying to do is take different topics from the YouTube
community try to see what lessons we can learn from them to improve our own
mental and emotional well-being and something that I am extremely extremely
passionate about is mental health so if you're into those things make sure you
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yourself one alright so anyways yeah let's let's talk about this this is
something that's been on my mind a lot it's always on my mind like mental
health is just in the forefront of my mind those of you who are just now
meeting me hi I'm Chris of somebody who struggled with depression anxiety for
most of my life I was in active addiction for almost a decade I just
celebrated seven years clean and sober and it's something that I often look at
because I part of my mission in life is to give people hope right I used to be
in that dark place and don't get me wrong depression and anxiety still
flares up but my life is a million times better today and something I try to do
with my platform is not only teach all of you but hopefully if I can help some of
the other creators out there that'd be awesome too so the first thing I want to
talk about in this video I'm going to be talking about different factors that
play into depression not only for youtubers but just a lot of you might be
able to relate to this too but I'm not gonna dive deep into the biological
stuff but I do just want to mention that like there are biological factors for
depression but like I highly recommend you check out a book called lost
connections by Johann Hari and there's some other great books out there like
upward spiral like I have a whole reading list alright anyways biological
factors don't play as big of a role in depression as a lot of us may think so
yeah in this video I want to talk about some of the other factors right so like
I said like for a lot of people out there who are watching this like most of
you our viewers like there's only a small percentage of us who are creators
and then a lot of you are viewers and I know me personally even with my own
depression like looking at other people like it made sense why I was depressed
but how could these other people be depresses people who are rich or famous
and they have everything or maybe they have like a wife and kids or whatever it
is you know always going on vacation like how how these people depressed and
one thing that I really think plays a major role in youtubers depression or
even celebrity depression or even if you're somebody who has worked your way
up like the corporate ladder and experienced depression is the Bill of
Lies that we've been sold since we were kids especially here in the United
States and what that is is what will equal happiness
alright and by the way I did like a 45 minute podcast episode talking about
this a little bit more in depth if you want to check that out it'll be linked
in the description but what I mean is especially in the United States you know
like we have a capitalist society so like we are taught from a young age like
work hard make money and everything like that and like do your thing boom but
we're taught that if you make X amount of money if you get a certain amount of
power you will be happy so especially like you see with the new
generation and everything like that like one of the most common careers that
young people say they want to get into is like YouTube or a twitch streamer
right but even in other fields right even if you just want to be like I don't
know like a bank owner or something or a bank owner it's even a thing but anyways
we're taught that if you achieve this thing you will be happy now I can share
with you from my personal experience that I learned a long long long time ago
that money does not equal happiness all right like I remember when Justin Bieber
opened up about you know his depression and everything like like last year on
Instagram a people lost their crap right like they were like would you make all
this money how could you be depressed well there's people like me struggling
and like here's what I try to teach people money does not equal happiness
money just equals decreasing stress there is no guarantee that once you make
X amount of money you won't be depressed but the problem is is that so many of us
think that it will be so I just want you to kind of picture this for a second
when it comes to your favorite youtubers when it comes to celebrities when it
comes to people who you just feel are better off than you like imagine working
your butt off for most of your life or your entire life to get to the top of
this mountain you're told at the top of that mountain is pure bliss right and
then you get there and it's not what you expected you know what I mean and my
personal experience was that like when I was deep in my addiction my drug
addiction and alcoholism I had everything you can imagine from
the outside looking in I had everything I had a great job I was making a
boatload of money I was making so much money that I was able to fully support
my son's mom I was fully able to support my our son I was able to you know we had
the house we had two cars we were going on vacations all these things and I was
more miserable than I've ever been and for me personally I'm grateful for that
experience like in my 20s I saw what it was like to make all this money and be
absolutely the miserable right and something that I
absolutely loved was one of my favorite authors Mark Manson he wrote like the
subtle art of not giving an F and everything is apt his newer book but he
had a blog post like saying what kind of sandwich do you want and what he's
talking about is no matter what we do in life there's always going to be a
struggle that comes along with it like there's this delusion that a lot of
us have that oh once we get here our struggles are gonna go away no no matter
what you do there's going to be a new struggle right like youtubers have
youtuber struggles obviously like YouTube comes along with being in the
public high everybody seeing you all the comments you get being on you know
Twitter and Instagram all the Komets just complete strangers judging you and
saying all these things to you right but like for you out there as well like even
if you work your way up in a company like but you might be an employee and
you have employee struggles then you become a manager you have manager
struggles right same thing like when you're in high school you have high
school struggles when you get to college you have colors struggles once you
graduate college then got adult struggles you see what I mean like
there's always going to be struggles but a lot of us fall victim to this delusion
then once we get from point A to point B the struggles are just gonna be gone and
this is why it's so important no matter where you're at in life that we have to
constantly be working on our mental health right because of these
expectations we have that once we get here everything's going to be fine the
problem is is that good old-fashioned hit on a treadmill where the goalpost
keeps moving all right we constantly want more we constantly crave more it's
hard for us to just stay in one place especially when you look at people who
are so passionate and motivated to keep improving their life like they're never
satisfied and part of that is good right because it keeps us in this forward
momentum but part of us needs to look at this and say okay but I also need to be
grateful for where I'm at right now and the last thing I want to talk about
is I was actually just reading an article on Mashable about how like
depression and anxiety has become trendy and as many of you know we just had the
tragic loss of etika and a question a lot of people
have is like why wasn't more done how did some people not know and you know I
I was covering this on my channel you know back in what was it April or May
when he had to stand off with the police and like I'm somebody who you know not
only have I had my own struggles but I worked in a addiction and mental health
treatment center for a little over three years I'm looking at this I'm like man
like it's it's right there like we see it going on but when I was reading that
Mashable article Mike yeah Mike it makes sense it makes sense what things fly
under the radar and I'll link the Mashable article but like so many people
right now we're diluting the message of mental health like I'm so glad that more
people are talking about mental health but it's like the pendulum is swinging
in a different direction first we had nobody talking about mental health now
we have everybody talking about mental health so it's difficult for people to
see like which situations are more serious because you have a lot of people
where they're saying they're depressed when they're actually sad you're seeing
a lot of people saying they have anxiety when they're actually just experiencing
nervousness right and I think this is one of the reasons why it's so important
for people to be more educated about mental health because there are varying
degrees like some things are just natural human emotions these are things
that we're all going to experience at some point or another right but we need
to be able to differentiate between is this person depressed or are they just
sad right like at what point do we start taking this seriously because in the sad
case of like edeka how many people were out there just saying like oh he's just
trying to get views he's just trying to attention and the worst part is like so
many people it woke them up right when we lost Etika but this is happening all
around us every single day like how many people in your life are people saying
like oh they just want attention oh that that's all they're doing like this is
this is not something new and this is why I just encourage everybody to get
educated about this stuff right like I'm not a therapist a lot of psychologists
or anything like that although I've worked in treatment I've done a lot of
peer support I do some silver coaching and life coaching a thing like that
but like I'm nobody special like before I even worked in the facility before I
got my certifications and everything I was constantly educating myself about
mental illness because it's so so so important we we hold physical health on
this huge pedestal right and it is very important a lot of physical health can
help your mental health as well but you can have a six pack and be utterly
depressed the same way you can have millions of dollars and be completely
depressed right so anyways I would love to know your thoughts on this subject
down below like do you think that too many people are talking about mental
health and they don't really understand the difference between sadness and
depression or nervousness and anxiety do you think that's diluting the message or
do you have any experience with thinking that once you get to this one place
you'll finally be happy but it just came with new stresses alright
but anyways again if you're struggling like do not be afraid to get help no
matter how much you have or don't have help is available okay if you cannot
afford therapy like find support groups find people to talk to
alright but anyways again make sure you're following me over on Instagram
and Twitter at the rewired soul rewire your anxiety is coming out this weekend
the ebook and audiobook so make sure you stay tuned for that all right but if you
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alright thanks again so so much for watching I'll see you next

22 thoughts on “Why Are YouTubers so Depressed?

  1. Listen to the full podcast episode: https://spoti.fi/2RHUYsu

    Try the online therapy app I personally use for my mental health: https://tryonlinetherapy.com/rewiredsoul

    (Using this link helps support the channel)

  2. i hate saying i'm depressed because of that fine line between depression and just being sad. i'm still trying to figure that out

  3. Chris i am so depressed…! I cant get out of bed and only happens in the morning get negative intrusive thoughts that loops in my mind and stirs on anxiety and spooks me …! Try to break the negative loop cycles but find it hard at times….! I avoid situations dont work no motivation at times im glad the day is over . when the day is over my energy picks up .

  4. Entertainers always seem to be the most depressed. Especially with the way Youtube is NOW. It’s all bout being relevant and coming out with new interesting topics and doing what’s “trending” if you really think about it, HOW can that be fun? YouTube used to be a bit more genuine. It needs a competitor in all honesty, youtube is too smug and regulated now and it needs something bigger better and something on the side of creators.

  5. I really think about killing myself every week. I've begun to think it's normal lol. For me anyway.

  6. You are so right about people thinking depression = sadness and feeling anxious = anxiety. That’s an unfortunate side effect of of spreading awareness about something. I remember when autism became a household name, and while it was so wonderful that people were becoming aware of it, it also brought out a lot of armchair experts who believed that reading an article about autism meant they knew everything about it. No disorder is one-size-fits-all, and when you meet one person with depression, you’ve met ONE person with depression.

  7. NO. IF SOMEONE THREATENS TO KILL HIMSELF YOU DROP A MENTAL HEALTH ACT ON THEM , YOU CALL FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN FORCE TREATMRNT ON THEM. If they " just asked for attention – too bad. But in case they did not, they get an actual chance to get their shit together. And yes it was done to me too – in another way…. I'm still totally fucked up, BUT I'm still alive, so there's still a change I'll have a few better days.

  8. Vitamin D deficiency can play a huge part in depression and behavior in general and it’s not widely discussed. In the 40s, they used to stress the importance of being outside for at least 30 minutes a day. Today, it’s so easy to hardly ever leave the house. Like you said, there are biological factors that contribute to depression, but there are sooo many environmental factors, as well.

  9. I'm a YouTube creator and am very lucky that creating videos makes me happy. I dealt with depression and anxiety a few years ago when I was living with my emotionally and verbally abusive husband. I had a half a million dollar home, cars, etc. and was miserable everyday. I have way less now then I did then yet am a million times happier. I create videos to share some of that hope that we have the ability to change our lives for the better. I also interact with people in a really positive way which tends to create a more positive audience for my channel. Overall I love being a YouTube creator and believe that going through that hard time in my life has allowed me to live each day in gratitude

  10. I have a family member who believes rich people don't deserve to depressed. I got so mad when she bashed Paris Jackson for her suicide attempt

  11. Thank you! It's so important to know that:
    A) everyone has struggles
    B) feeling depressed (which everyone can go through at one point or another in life) and HAVING depression is an important distinction to make.

    Great vid as always Chris!

  12. Why are youtubers depressed
    Cause this is a shitty platform that only cares about money. Not the person. That's why youtubers have to take breaks otherwise they would fully breakdown

  13. They dont have a 12 step program lol. Most "earth" people out there think the 12 steps is just for not drinking.

  14. My opinion is… A lot of them have Socail Anxiety and so they don't work on there Socail Anxiety or just there Generally Anxiety and because they are not getting out and having social interaction and not seeing there councilors and not staying on there medication and then BOOM… They get depressed. I totally agree with you though… More Money, More Problems Boo.👍👍

  15. Money will never bring anyone anything the more you have the more you want. Sad, we have choices we have to have a mindset to choose to be happy. Unless you have a mental illness it's so hard. We all go through things that are sad but we have to pull up our boot straps up. I lost my son at 21yrs old and yes I did get depressed it took me 2yrs to get through it, not easy but I knew I had to go on and decided to honor my son and live my best life.

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