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Why Are Anti-LGBT Ads on LGBT YouTube Videos?! | What’s Trending Now!

Why Are Anti-LGBT Ads on LGBT YouTube Videos?! | What’s Trending Now!

Several LGBT YouTubers are complaining
after seeing anti-LGBT ads appear before their videos. You’re watching What’s
Trending, I’m Martine Beerman. Make sure to subscribe for more trending and
social media news stories daily. This started with a tweet from Shannon Taylor
who posts videos to her YouTube channel “Hey There I’m Shannon” and is the
vocalist for the band New Pollution. She wrote: “Hey @TeamYouTube do you mind
explaining why I’m receiving LITERAL ANTI-LGBT organization advertisements
now? (Yep, with a donation link) I thought the whole point was to keep the site
“non-political” and the videos “advertised friendly”. What even is this garbage? The
ad is from the Alliance Defending Freedom and the title of the video is
“Should The Government Force People To Create Art That Violates Their Beliefs?”
The government was threatening to sue me unless I designed floral arrangements for
same-sex weddings. I was in shock. Which is a totally normal thing to put on a
website where people are creating expressive art, right? The ad features
florist Barronelle Stutzman, who was sued by Washington’s Attorney General for
refusing to prepare floral arrangements for a same-sex wedding, in violation of
the state’s anti-discrimination law. In 2017, the state’s Supreme Court ruled
unanimously against Stutzman, arguing that floral arrangements are not a
protected form of speech under the First Amendment. And since she agreed that
making a floral arrangement for an atheist couple doesn’t mean that she’s
endorsing atheism, then it should probably mean that if she’s making a
floral arrangement for a homosexual couple it doesn’t necessarily mean that
she’s endorsing homosexuality. Stutzman’s lawyers want the federal Supreme Court
to weigh in and they might be doing that pretty soon. In the case of Masterpiece
Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Baker Jack Phillips was
ordered by the state of Colorado to make a cake for a same-sex couple, and he
believes he has the right to refuse. I believe that the Bible teaches that
homosexuality is wrong and to participate in a sin is wrong for me.
I believe that the First Amendment protects my freedom of religion. That
case is gonna be decided by the Supreme Court in the next few weeks. But let’s
get back to that ad with Stutzman. It’s asking for donations to the Alliance
Defending Freedom, which fights in court, depending on your point of view, for
religious freedom, or against equality for same-sex couples. The
Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled the ADF a hate group for linking
homosexuality to pedophilia and arguing that members of the LGBTQ+ community
will lead to the destruction of American society. And members of the LGBTQ+
community are very obviously outraged at not just seeing these videos on YouTube,
but on their own videos. Gaby Dunn tweeted that some of her fans claim to
have seen the ad on Just Between Us videos and Steve Boebi found one playing
in front of an Anna Akana video. And an ad called
“Can You Be Gay And Christian” appears before a video from transgender YoutTuber
Chase Ross. So you could look at this two different ways. On one side maybe
YouTube’s algorithm is just messing up and it’s finding words like
transgender and gay and then assuming that ads that condemn that behavior
would be appropriate for the video. Or you could just say this is hateful and
it shouldn’t be on YouTube period. Especially when far less objectionable
content has been demonetized or deleted. In fact, Chase Ross has good evidence
that his videos have been demonetized just for using the word ‘transgender’ and
he’s even afraid at some point that if his videos keep getting flagged, his
channel might get deleted. Why are videos that were flagged being
flagged again even if they’re age restricted? Why? Because my videos, after
they’re age restricted, are still being flagged. This is putting up a huge red
flag for YouTube and I feel like because of this they’re going to take my account
and see it and delete it. And I’m not basing this off of like ‘Oh this is what
I think YouTube is’. No. I have concrete evidence that this is happening. Again,
whichever side of this issue you come down on, it definitely seems at this
point that YouTube is promoting anti- LGBTQ+ community ads at the expense of
LGBTQ+ creators. And YouTube’s ad requirements only prohibit adult content
and shocking content. Doesn’t say anything about hate speech, or if YouTube
would even consider what these ads are saying hate speech. In the meantime,
LGBTQ+ creators and allies are understandably very upset about this.
Dodie tweeted: “How the actual is YouTube automatically branding anything LGBTQ+ not suitable for advertising and yet allowing anti gay
(ANTI-GAY?!! what is this 1940s?!) adverts on our videos?! I mean that’s just plain and
simple homophobia right?! the platform we use is homophobic?” And Calum McSwiggan
tweeted: “I’m gonna give YouTube the benefit of the doubt and assume the
anti-gay adverts I’m seeing are a mistake. Please correct this @TeamYouTube,
your LGBTQ+ content creators don’t want these adverts on our videos, especially
not in pride month.” At the time that this video is being made right now, YouTube
has not yet addressed the situation, though they have pointed out on Twitter
that ads can be reported if users or creators feel they’ve appeared in error.
I really hope that this is just an algorithmic error on YouTube’s part, but
once this is all sorted out, my hope is that in the future creators will maybe
be able to have more of a say in the type of ads that appear on their channel.
Maybe you’ll even get to pick them. Who knows? Would you consider these ads hate
speech? Should they be allowed on YouTube? Let us know in the comments, and for more
trends head to whatstrending.com.

100 thoughts on “Why Are Anti-LGBT Ads on LGBT YouTube Videos?! | What’s Trending Now!

  1. Really? People are getting butt hurt over a ad? Is there nothing in this world that people won't get offended by. Damn

  2. I think that it was wrong- VERY WRONG- for that lady not to make the cake for that couple, but I think it’s out of line to be sued for it tbh

  3. Anti-gay Christians always use the propaganda that LGBTQ people are pedophiles to make them look bad. These same anti-gay Christians do nothing about the real pedophiles, the Catholic priest who keep on raping and abusing children, more recently in South America.

    The anti-gay Christian are attacking LGBTQ people by flagging and complaining about LGBTQ people on Youtube to get their accounts removed. Anti-gay Christians have been attacking and trying to destroy gays for a very long time and they use whoever they need to use to destroy gays.

    LGBTQ people could always fight back by flagging and complaining about anti-gay Christian videos on Youtube and wherever they post anti-gay propaganda.

  4. They always bring up one part of the Bible but I always forget that God says not to judge and to love all humans no matter what but one line in the Bible means more than the whole thing

  5. Praeger (sp?) University is no more a university than the scammy Trump University. As such, it should be removed. I saw a PU ad before one of Calum's vids. I think the problem is that YT is allowing advertisers to specify LGBTQ+ channels as targets for their ads. Arguably, this is a form of harassment.

  6. I live in America so hate speech means jack shit to me. anti-lgbt have the right to express their opinions just like you freaks have the right to spread your nonsense.

  7. The first amendment says "freedom of religion" meaning freedom to worship any and all gods/goddesses. It does not say that you can use your religion as an excuse to get out of something, or as an excuse to discriminate against someone

  8. As I understand it, it falls under free speech…. one is genuinely right about expressing their beliefs, should they be pro lgbt, anti lgbt, pro weapons or anti weapons…..
    Though we have a youtube double standard here: some of their announcers don't want their ads to be shown on lgbt videos…it's their choice but instead of allowing their annoucers to choose what kind of video they want to show in, they demonitize the vids in the way that these ads won't show….
    On the other side, creators have no control on ads shown on their vids, none of them can check what kind of ads they allow on their vids.

    Clearly youtube does its way, as they want, no respect toward the creators….
    I think the algorythm used by youtube is failing, they must review it and allow more choice, for creators and for annoucers.
    If this is even possible….. can they ad a check for annoucers "this is a pro weapon ad" or "this is an anti lgbt ad"? and for creators "this is a lgbt related topic" or whatever the vid is about. the current categories you select for vids aren't enough.

    Would that even be legal?

    I think we reached the limit of freedom of speech.
    As a comparison, in my country we don't have free speech as it is in US, these anti lgbt ads would fall under hate speech instantly, if not discrimination… and furthermore, according to the regulations we have here, the announcer would be sued and banned as a whole (so to say: not allowed to show at all, not even exist in my country) and youtube could be sued too for spreading these ads and held responsible.

  9. oh what the hell!? why can't people just get over the fact that some people are gay and love is still love even if its between two men or two women ' I guess there will always be stubborn people who just have closed minds

  10. Don't you just love all the christian groups with names like "Freedom" and "Family" in them? Because what they mean is you have the freedom to think like they do, and to have a family how they think a family should be.

  11. 30min ads.
    Youtubers paying thousands to slap a unedited video for the ad making the ad last over 20 minutes for fuck sake.

  12. One of many reasons YouTube is fucked up. Who the hell does that? I have one of those ads on my channel right now from Jehovah's Witnesses. I tore that PSA a new one

  13. My take on this: since these videos are monetized at the time the ad goes up, why not relish the fact they're making money off of haters? Don't get me wrong it's still horrible and disgusting, but take a win where you can. It may be dirty money, but it's still money and you have to pay bills somehow.

  14. Ummm as it is your JOB to serve people why dont you serve them and mind you business because it doesnt effect you as a person so keep your opinon to yourself

  15. Actually no hate speech used to be acceptable at all but Youtube over time seemingly has become spineless and really doesn't care for content creators or beginners for that matter. And for the advertisements that have been going around those are just straight up wrong and morally cruel. (Sorry for the rant sometimes it's necessary to speak your mind)

  16. Please just say queer when you aren't reading tweets. It's simpler than saying the acronym every damn time and says the exact same thing. Signed, a queer.

  17. Ok, no, it's not an innocent slip up. Anti-LGBTQ+ ads are being SPECIFICALLY targeted to go up in front of flagged videos that contain LGBTQ+ content. It's not just a weird little accident. It's been explained by other content creators and does not deserve a "Lets be fair and look at both sides" view point. It's hateful ideas being prettied up and posted in front of videos to target people searching for LGBTQ+ content. It's an offensive measure, pure and simple.

    IF just havign the word Gay, or Transgender in your video can get you flagged, regardless of context, then advertisers SHOULD NOT be allowed to make anti-LGBTQ+ videos to run as ads. Oh, but then again Yutube is getting paid, so I guess they don't give a fuck. Greedy fucking amoral assholes.

  18. I don't think Philippines' ads on YT shows anti-gay ads.. :/ but wow. That is terrible. That is a terrible idea for pride month.

  19. At what point did disagreeing with your lifestyle become hate? Dr. Brown has repeatedly said that he doesn't hate people with same sex attractions.

  20. Imagine if somebody refuses to make a cake to black people
    Nobody would support that
    but I guess people don't think homophobia is as bad as racism

    edit: also im religious and in my religion i must kill people, if you say that's bad then you are horrible and im going to sue you

  21. It's totally disgusting what youtube is doing and saddens me to think that they hate the LGBTQ+ community. ain't people in there eyes people or are they blinded by hate that much that they can't see through the shitty hate they promote and hype up. I'm not being funny but it's no different to being racist towards another person because there different in the eyes of the ignorant. Shame on youtube for promoting it shame on those who make these hateful ads and shame on any one who think it's right to hate on the basis of ignorance.

  22. i think people are just funny (stupid), Adam is Adomus or something like thet and means "mankind" not "man". Evening is the end of the day, the root word Eve means the end. So Woman was "the end of man". So what's wrong with being Gay lol And practicing your religion does not mean telling people about it. Missionaries knock on your door and ASK you if you want to hear "The Word" you can say no and they leave. Here on YT its in your face and it takes a minute to realize you are hearing propaganda and can remove the ad.

  23. They should all move to Mexico all the Lgtbq..they can party live in all the colorful street drink all the tequila they whant and not worry about people hating them cause mexico doesn't care if anyone goes to HELL or not they are senseless wen it comes to sin and most of them hate President Donald trump.pluss we all would really love more the border wall ..no more homos and no more elegal criminals and if there any real Mexicans that are legal they would love America more than ever bigger homes and cheaper rent ..Mexico loves homos ariva..✌or they all can go to brasil or new Orleans so they can live their evil agenda every day ..No wait the Lgtbq wants every one to accept their evil sinfull life..so I guess Mexico is Goin to cry over them not goin. Over and destroy their country…Lgtbq=moral. Canser..👎👎👎

  24. Jesus said that marriage after divorce is adultery but nobody is complaining about doing business to support weddings for divorced people. These people are liars.

  25. How are those ads hate speech? If anything it’s keeping the LGBTQ community informed about what is going on in those cases. So if people don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle because they believe it’s a sin that’s hate speech? I’m sorry that’s not hate speech that’s just a difference in perspective.

  26. Well I’m guessing they still haven’t fixed it since I saw an anti LGBT ad before a video on Shane dawson’s Channel.

  27. If someone sees any connection at all between same-sex marriage and pedophilia, it's obvious they see marriage as a pairing between a man and his sexual object, not a loving relationship between two people.

    Pedophilia is disgusting. Same-sex relationships are not.

  28. They're putting anit-lgbt adds on videos that people are most likely to ignore them so they can take their money but not spread their message to people who will listen, lol

  29. I have to say, although I don't agree she shouldn't have been sued because she does have the right to refuse. However why would you refuse service cause you don't like gays? You are getting money from it just do it and get it done with who cares

  30. Guess who's lesbian, this girl! Guess who prays at night, this girl! Guess who has never sweared in their life, this girl. Guess who has a sign in their room saying " child of God " , this girl. Guess who donates to charity, this girl. Guess who looks after their cousins " this girl ". Guess who sticks up for their friends, this girl. Guess who helps people on their homework, this girl. Guess who does the dishes, this girl. Guess who makes dinner when their dad isn't feeling well, this girl. Guess who makes other people laugh when their feeling down, this girl. Now say I'm going to hell, just because I like girls, I guess you can't do it, can you?

  31. i've had party political ads for the scottish family party appear before lgbt videos i watch. the scottish family party is a far right wing christian political party in scotland that complains about mostly social issues like gay marriage, LGBT education in schools and other stuff such as abortion.

  32. Why is it considered at speech? I agree that these should not be on LGBTQ+ videos, but it's not hate speech, I understand that you don't agree with it and think it's offensive, but it was not meant to be, if you are offended so easily I really question how you were raised. That goes for all sides, in my opinion, don't be a baby, you deserve your rights, but don't go on yelling at people because you think they are yelling at you. These ads against LGBTQ, is litteraly funding the video.I typed this while hungry so I probably didn't type this out the way I wanted to.

  33. Youtube spotlight: lets make vids about pride
    also YouTube: let’s put Anti LGBT and Impeach trump ads on our site!

  34. I feel like both sides are immature. Making a cake for a gay couple does not mean you support their sexuality. Just make the cake and grow your business. Those lgbtq+ people could just go to another place that is not biased towards them. You can’t force someone to approve of your lifestyle. This is ridiculous on both side 🙄

  35. Why why can’t we have ads for iPhone games or tv shows and NOT ads preaching anti LGBTQ+. These ads should not be on youtube anyway! Wtf do we live in the medieval times!!!!

  36. Why would you want an anti-marriage equality baker or florist making things for your wedding if you're gay? Like just ask another company, write a bad review, make a stink about it in social media, and let the court of public opinion make the company lose business. Court ordering them to make a wedding cake or whatever just leaves bad feelings on all sides. Why would you want that as part of your wedding?

  37. If you think homosexuality is wrong than look no further than your furry or scaled or feathered same sex fucking friends. Seriously all of nature has gay creatures.

  38. YouTube is a company. They don't give a fuck about what kind of ads are playing on videos since they get money from the people who made the ad.

  39. This needs to be fixed.

    I think the ad-bots are just seeing "LGBT" in the video, so the ad-bots just see "LGBT" in the anti-gay ads and so they match.

    I also think YouTube needs to get rid of these anti-gay ads, from a business perspective, they don't promote a product or service for money, thus not a business. (It's just a hateful message) Secondly legal issues, these days it is now fully illegal to be anti-gay or homophobic in some countries.

  40. I would not want Bigots making anything for me number 1.) why would you want to support their business by giving them your money and number 2.) wouldn't you worry that they would poison your cake. 3.) Religious Fanatics are Mentally Ill Unstable People and should be avoided at all cost.

  41. I see anti Gay and Racist videos that have Not been Demonetized but they are Demonetizing LGBTQ videos regardless of there content. It does NOT make any sense to Demonetize Videos for having "Adult" content because adults have Money to BUY Goods and Services and children do NOT. Shows how STUPID, Racist and Homophobic these Corporations really are.  Thank you YOUTUBE for showing the World your TRUE Colors.

  42. ok children you can hop into a van when a stranger offers you free WiFi and have a rapist look on their face


    They might be gay >:0000000000000

    -people in a nutshell

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