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Why Am I Seeing Low Impressions? AdWords Marketing Tips & Tricks

Why Am I Seeing Low Impressions? AdWords Marketing Tips & Tricks

Impression count is a core metric because
they can tell you the quality and reach of your keywords and AdWords strategy. During the course of your campaign, you might
experience times that your ads received a low amount of impressions. Here are five ways that you can troubleshoot
the causes for low impressions. One, not enough search volume. You could be using keywords that are not readily
searched so your ads have limited exposure. Two, match type. Check the match type that your keywords are
using because using only exact match keywords can limit your impressions. Three, low quality score. A low quality score can result in Google restricting
how often your ads appear, and this can impact the number of impressions. For, low bid strategy. If your bids are too low than Google will
not show your ads compared to your competitors. Five, insufficient funds. Your ads may not be eligible to show, depending
on your campaign budget or maximum bid. If the cost per click exceeds your budget,
then Google will not show your ads.

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