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Why Advertise On Facebook? Part 1

Why Advertise On Facebook? Part 1

Why advertise on Facebook? – Part 1 Hi, my name is Ben Heath and I’m the Founder and CEO of Lead Guru, which is a London based digital marketing agency. Ok, so why would you advertise on
Facebook, why would you advertise your business on Facebook when there are so many other options both online and offline. Well, most people are aware that you can
advertise on Facebook nowadays but there are a lot of misconceptions about it. A
lot of people think that it’s not very effective. They think that people are on Facebook to
socialise, they’re not there to buy. They think that you can’t offer anything in
the B2B space or you can’t promote any high-end products or services. All
that’s completely untrue. Facebook is a fantastically effective
advertising platform if used in the right way. But I’m kind of happy that
those misconceptions are out there, because as a result of those
misconceptions, Facebook advertising is really undervalued right now. And because it’s undervalued, it’s cheap. It’s much cheaper than a
lot of the other online advertising platforms and that’s great for
advertisers because if you can combine cheap yet effective advertising, just
like you can on Facebook right now, you can really generate a fantastic ROI. So let me show you an example. Right now we are promoting a series of video ads and here’s a screenshot that will show you how well those ads are performing. As you can see here, we’re generating video views for a penny each. And that’s insane, that’s incredibly low and that means that you can get your videos in front of
thousands of people with a really really small budget. I wanted to show you this one in
particular because it shows you how inexpensive it is to generate great
results. So with this particular video, we
spent less than £20 – almost nothing. And we’ve already generated nearly 2,000
views. Just think of what that exposure could do for your business in
terms of generating leads and sales. Ok, so another reason why Facebook
advertising is so effective, is because of the social proof that you can get. So
we all know that word of mouth advertising is just about the best form
of advertising that there is. And when you advertise on Facebook you can
benefit from a digital version of word of mouth advertising. So let me show you an example. Here’s an ad that we ran to
photographers that was for a free webinar, that showed them how to generate leads online. And you can see from this screenshot that it got a 102
likes, 6 comments and 44 shares. And that social engagement is key because it endorses whatever you’re offering. So when that ad pops up in someone’s newsfeed, they can see that it’s got all these likes and shares. And they’re
immediately going to think that it’s valuable, and particularly if one of
their friends has liked it or shared it they’re going to pay much closer
attention to it, and they’re far more likely to click on it or take the
action that you want them to take. It’s effectively like a personal
recommendation. And as you can see here the numbers don’t have to be very high, the amount of social engagement doesn’t
have to be huge numbers, just like we’ve got here, but it will still make
all the difference. So there are lots of reasons why
Facebook advertising is so effective. I wanted to keep this video short so I
broke it up into two parts. I’ll be releasing the 2nd part next week so
if you don’t want to miss that then I’d recommend you like our Facebook page.
As I mentioned at the beginning of the video Lead Guru is a digital marketing agency
and we currently have some capacity for a few more clients. So if you need help marketing your
business online or you’d like to give Facebook advertising a go. Then just drop us a message on our
Facebook page or click on the link above this video and you’ll be taken to our
website where you can fill out a contact form. So if you enjoyed this video, please like
comment and share. As you now know that’s really really key and I would really
appreciate that. I want to wish you the best of luck with your Facebook
advertising campaigns and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye bye.

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