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Why AdSense is Best Advertisement Program

Why AdSense is Best Advertisement Program

Harsh: Now there are many ways that you can
make money from the blog; one of them is, the simplest and the most popular one is google
AdSense, why google AdSense? It’s from google, so most of the ads that you see on google
are of high quality. now high quality ads is very important for a blogger, reason being
let’s say I come to your blog and you are using any third party ad network and its not
AdSense or let’s say if it is AdSense and its showing an ad like ‘make money online
e-book’ and since it’s on your blog, I really don’t know if it’s an ad or not, I will
click on that, I will go and buy it and if it’s not a good book, I will be blaming
it on you because it’s your blog, you are the responsible guy. So with the google AdSense,
somehow this factor is not there because most of the ads there are high quality ads, so
google AdSense shows ad on few bases, one is called contextual ad. It shows ad based
on what is context of the article. So if your article is about food, it will show ad related
to food. If you are writing about e-commerce stuff, so it may show ad related to e-commerce
website, shops, Shoppify and all those kinds of services or related services or otherwise,
google AdSense also happened with the re-targeting, what is re-targeting? So let’s say, have
you noticed that whenever you visit one site and whenever you go to other sites, you will
see the same ad everywhere. Audience: Yes, it comes here and there. Top,
bottom, sideways. Harsh: it feels like the ad is following you.
Audience: I wonder from where these are appearing because for example, I visited your website,
I came to know about your website and I visited. There ads starts popping from here and there,
top, bottom, I was like what the hell? Harsh: it’s annoying but this is called
ad re-targeting, wherever you go, ad will follow because it helps somehow, even though
you have been to the website once, you are annoyed and maybe you are not going to buy
it but you will remember the ad, the brand name. So that’s ad re-targeting. So basically,
at times, google shows… Audience: that is done automatically?
Harsh: automatically. You can opt out of it but that’s a different thing but that’s
how google AdSense works. Apart from that google AdSense pays you ‘pay per click’. When
a user sees the ad and clicks on it, then you get paid. If the ad is just seen, no action
has been taken, you won’t get paid. So click is important. So few important things, CTR
(Click through rate) like how many people are clicking on the ad and one way to increase
the CTR is by placing the ad above the fold around the content where people are more likely
to see and click.

4 thoughts on “Why AdSense is Best Advertisement Program

  1. Great stuff. Is this a some kind of training you are offering there inside the room?

    Just wondering if you're offering training on DGM or Internet Marketing please let me know.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

  2. Harsh… yo jus awesome man!! Pls tel us, is it not like google pays per 1000views(RPM) whn it comes to blogging???

  3. what about the CPM option ??? One gets paid if he has got thousand impressions on a certain content ??? u said in the video that you won't get paid if no one click on ur ads

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