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Who Regulates Affiliate Marketing, Internet and Online Advertising?

Who Regulates Affiliate Marketing, Internet and Online Advertising?

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Hey my friend this is OLA coming to you
live for myEmpirePRO studios on this episode we’re talking about who regulate
affiliate marketing stay tuned alright alright alright I’m back to my
studio here my Empire pro studios and guess what you see the others is moving
I forgot my tripod in Ohio so I’m gonna have to order another one I forgot this
one at home have it now have a maybe better audio but I don’t have my tripod
so the picture of me shaking a little bit because of my commitment to you I
have to make it happen anyway so I have this question I came in today and I
wanted to address it with regards to regulation of affiliate marketing by the
government by some kind of police so here’s a question hi Ola so I purchased
dating and relationship course online as I went through the course I started to
realize there was nothing new and or special about what he was teaching
alright good so so a lot of times you buy courses online maybe it’s not your
expectation it’s not exactly what you expect in the course I have a very have
a have a funny feeling about this kind of situation because again a lot of
people when they say it’s not what they expected is because they are expecting
some kind of overnight success magic good type of solution and the truth of
the matter is that a lot of the courses you’re gonna be purchasing online may
not have anything new it may just be a reminder and you need to learn how to
appreciate that because sometimes a good reminder is still valued you need to
learn how to appreciate that but yeah sometimes of course it’s just fluff you
know and and I can and I can understand that so he says in fact he spent the
first 75% of the material telling irrelevant stories so I wanted
my money back alright so again I’ve been online for a long time now 8 10 12 years
you know depending on what part of my biz
and it’s never a good feeling when somebody asks I’m just being honest with
you it’s never a good feeling when somebody asks for refunds back
I’ve seen people they are very touchy and get very offended even though
they’re making a lot of money online they get offended when somebody asked
for their money back I don’t get offended any more okay and I learned how
to factor that in as a percentage of every sale that make that I expect it to
be refunds people can sue sometimes people fluffy and flaky and the sign up
for stuff that they will never finish that in itself is very annoying but
there’s nothing you can do about that I learned that as a business owner so the
fact that you want your money back is nothing wrong with it you know there’s
no wrong gun right here but if you are always working on the internet looking
for money back signing up for stuff and then wanting money back is a bad habit
and this is the time that we should say karma is a bitch it’ll come back one way
or the other and sometimes maybe in ways that you don’t even remember okay so
maybe you wouldn’t matter at that point if you don’t remember but just be aware
of that okay she says so I wanted my money back I request I requested my
money and I received an email back that I was past the 14 days guarantee there
you have it so you can’t blame them if they put 14 days guarantee on it because
people will come back I remember when I used to work at Macy’s people will come
back with clothes that they bought like 180 days a hundred days six months ahead
of time and they will return their mind they will actually accept them back so
one day as I was you know again one of my moments when I first started business
I used to worry about people asking for refunds I was like mixes used to do that
and misses is in business for a long time they became a lot more successful
because they allowed these kind of things because the truth is that an
average customer if you are producing quality products an average customer
will not want the money back does that make sense an average customer will not
want the money back so they feel that want their money back give them the
money let them keep moving and if you’re one of their
I’ll give you money you keep it moving but the truth is that there are some
companies depending on what you’re talking to depending on the customer
service that’s handling your case at the point in time they may say no well now
give me your money back because you’re breaking your you’re not breaking the
rules because he had that 14 days to review the product and you did not ask
for the money so we’re not giving the money back and they have the right to do
that now for me I probably wouldn’t stress that much if you’re not happy
with my product and if if it’s now what you spitted you’re not gonna be happy I
don’t want your money either cuz that’s that kind of money I don’t want it to
mix up with my money okay because that would mean me deliberately holding on to
money that’s not happy money you know what I mean and that’s not something I
would want personally okay but again it depends on people people are coming from
different backgrounds it does not affect their conscience they
don’t care it doesn’t matter and I don’t blame them because you’re past the 14
days period so he says when I accused them of false advertising and
misrepresentation they came back with the excuse that it it was sold to me via
affiliate marketing yeah yeah just a lot of platforms out here quick man cook
sure right a lot of affiliate networks where people can just grab a link and
promote any product that they find attractive okay there’s a lot of
platforms like that out there and they advertise based on what they feel will
sell the product more that’s the whole job of marketing marketing this they
paint up the the usefulness or the value for of the product for you so you came
the persuade you you know that’s passivation you know now there’s a
sometimes that’s fine line between passivation and complete just
straight-out flat-out misrepresentation so that’s possible as well okay but
again the network or the person that sold you the product sometimes they just
want to push their responsibility away to somebody else
again that’s already too much energy I don’t know
what you paid you paid ninety seven dollars 597 497 two hundred dollars
whatever you pay for this course I don’t know if that kind of money would be
worth me investing so much energy and going back and forth with the customer I
personally would just give the money back you know especially if I’m making
enough so if I’m not making no sale then it’s a testament to the quality of my
products or my marketing message you know and then I still need to go back to
tailor fix and bottom line is did that that your money is not the money that’s
gonna make me successful so I’ll rather give back but again some
people don’t care some people are from the school of thought that they protect
every penny and that’s how they built their million dollars and you can’t
blame them if that’s where they’re coming from – I just have had more for
abundance mindset so I tend to be I need to be comfortable in my business zone
okay and that’s why sometimes I’ll just give that kind of money or not
kit front something I’ll just be like no because you’re breaking the rules and
you had enough time to review the product okay so apparently someone
advertised it for Commission’s yes that’s what you call affiliate
Commission’s affiliate marketing you grab a link a customized link you
promote some idea of this product and you make a commission when the sales are
made the person are still responsible for the quality of that product is still
the seller okay they have the way it works is that sometimes they will refund
you your money they are responsible for the refunds the fulfillment of the
product sometimes they will refund their money back to you and they will pull it
back they will pull it back from the from the affiliate marketer they will
pull that Commission back or they will put a negative on if they don’t promote
any more to just your negativity they make any more money it will be deducted
automatically okay so the idea of them sending you back to the affiliate
marketing doesn’t really make any sense if you if you know what I mean the
person that created the product is responsible for the quality of the
product the misrepresentation yes the marketer is the say if there is in fact
a misrepresentation or false advertising the a flea market is responsible for
that but again that’s indirectly they can still refund your money
and then get that money back from the affiliate marketer if they do make sales
in the future if they don’t make any sales in future that’s just the risk of
running business and they need to sub that in not you the consumer on a grand
scale of things okay now he says my question is isn’t there some type of
police to protect internet consumers online a game against this kind of
predators online who regulates affiliate marketing that’s a good question you
know so that’s the ultimate question right there we regulate a flipped market
it is called the FTC I think it’s called the Federal Trade Commission let me let
me make sure I’m telling the right thing here let’s see here it’s called the FTC
and they they regulate let me just make sure okay now the reason why I don’t
know this because I don’t run my business paying attention to the FTC and
if you’re a consumer online – it’s not necessarily your best interest to pay
attention to to police or anything like that but you should know you know but
you should know that there’s in fact a regulation body for for this type of
thing they protect it the online Isis modify I’m gonna put a link here okay
let’s see here I want to put a link that takes you to consume a statement from
FTC that protects that’s called the Federal Trade Commission they protect
consumers generally online as well they have a page I want to put the page and
they protect but when they say protect that’s if something significant happens
usually because again you have to realize this it has to be worth their
time you has to be what the resources that’s gonna be invested before they can
run around trying to protect you from losing 30 dollars from a course that you
said you want it okay and now you’re claiming misrepresentation its
information is the information it’s not adequate enough it’s kind of like you go
into the bookstore you bought a book and then you’re coming back and you say
maybe misrepresentation FTC is not gonna spend the time or however if there’s
enough complaint against a business if there’s enough the key word is enough
complaint against the business they will be obligated to answer to it okay
because there’s just damn complaint and lawsuits can fly to the
roof again that will be worth their time okay so I’m going to put a link below on
what exactly FTC protects smell if I can review a few of them here right now but
typically what they will put on that page is advices on how to protect
yourself because they want you to be responsible as well and you should be
responsible when you buy courses online and you buy anything online you need
part of your responsibility is to know that it may not live up to what it says
okay or there may be limited information after all its information and it’s in
that you know how adequate it is it’s in the eyes of the beholder sometimes you
say it’s enough sometimes some other people say yes and if you go looking
around you see you may even see testimonials from other people saying
this book helped them after same book that I really feel like helped me and
then I’m looking at other reviews in there and I feel like they’re crazy
right so that’s typically what you can expect so you can see on this page some
of the disclosure that’s expected of a producer of a content or of products but
what’s expected of you as a consumer as well but even some of the credit card
you’re using the purchase online are protected by consumer laws and if
somebody refused to give you money back there are ways you can get your money
back and the bank goes after the merchant or the producer of the product
so there’s more than of the ways that you’re protected the key but the key
thing to protect yourself is to first of all have the right mindset when you’re
purchasing a course of course it’s just a course okay all the information that
you need to solve your problem you’re not being let me lead to another thing
the first course that I purchased that led me to building my business to where
I am right now it was $3,000 I purchase it back in early 2005 so when I run
leaks 2004 early 2005 and that course there was
only one tip that I got out of it it was $3,000 the only one tip was to join a
local real estate association and that was wanted that was the one good tip out
of that whole thing everything else was fluff and no says
I’m bullshit and you know it’s just stuff that wasn’t useful but I’m
appreciative today because that $3,000 has paid back multiple times thousands
of times over then okay so I just want you to pay
attention to that that your responsibility to police is yourself and
typically people are good people most of them I’ve never been scammed online and
I’ve purchased a lot of courses and most people are not scammers poor just too
lazy or they’re just complaining or they’re expecting too much off of a $30
course okay so you just wanna be mindful of that and that’s my insight in terms
of regulation of affiliate marketing and things like that the system has a way of
policing itself I can tell you that much okay so that’s what I have for you today
on this episode in speaking of courses if you want access to information on how
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episode hopefully you’ve been enlightened and educated and I’ll see
you on the next one peace

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