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Who is Gumas? | Gumas Advertising

Who is Gumas? | Gumas Advertising

Gumas Advertising started in 1984 as a
full-service marketing and advertising firm we have created a unique strategy
that we refer to as challenger brand marketing
it helps companies that find themselves up against competitors with greater
resources the concept is about being different the areas that make goo
special that separate us from the other agencies in the world
are really our five-step process discovery truly discover what our
customers customers want to hear and need to hear strategy that culmination
of all the work that we did all the research all the time we spent
identifying what it is that it’s going to make this client special design the
creation of the materials execution it’s the media plan it’s the distribution
plan it’s how we put that messaging into play
measurement how much growth do we have and then adjustment we offer creative
services to teaching marketing services social media services digital marketing
traditional media everything that a client could possibly need to help them
grow their business our job is to put that in a place where they’ll be
successful we have a wonderful family atmosphere our culture is embracing of
everyone and I believe our clients feel that as well there’s nothing more
satisfying than what our clients reap the benefits of what we

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