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Whistleblower: President Donald Trump’s Own Staff Thought He Abused Office In 2020 Collusion

Whistleblower: President Donald Trump’s Own Staff Thought He Abused Office In 2020 Collusion

100 thoughts on “Whistleblower: President Donald Trump’s Own Staff Thought He Abused Office In 2020 Collusion

  1. Menace to America, really what has this guy done of his own regard that wasn’t already laid out and in the works, other then simply stone wall other countries and disrupt world wide allies…in it for himself, salesman self serving not a better position for his business future

  2. We, the American electorate, deserve and demand all of the facts: unredacted transcripts, unredacted depositions and testimony, live coverage of the Senate impeachment trial. We demand these things because we have a right to know what our government is doing. It was set up this way so that we could know all the facts before deciding how to cast our votes, and there is nothing more fundamental to a democracy than the existence of a well-informed electorate. Register, and VOTE! YOUR VOTE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

  3. Will republicans go along with it – ha! Sen. Graham has said, the president can't be charged with a crime, no charge means no crime and obstruction is not a crime unless it is unsuccessful. They don't just go along, they pave the way.

  4. Lindsay Graham YOU ARE GOING DOWN WITH DUMP FINALLY!!! you flipflop so much you dont even know where u want to stand..but u will be going down the drain with him!!! When u see the calls with putin u will jump on the impeachment train but it will be TOOO LATE BUB!

  5. 'In the old days, when we were smart'? You're not looking very smart now Mr. president. Careful what you wish for with regards to treason and spying, and what you used to do 'in the old days'.

  6. This political circus is the consequence of losers not accepting the election of President Trump. These losers are obsessed with taking down the President. Even the Mueller Special Counsel failed with false accusations of Russian collusion.

    Now it's false accusations of extortion, corruption and bribery? The Ukraine President Zelensky denied feeling any pressure from the conversation with President Trump. The US and Ukraine already had in place a joint effort at combating corruption in Ukraine.

    Next up is a demand to review all conversations between President Trump and foreign leaders– another fishing expedition for all things bad done by the Bad Orange Man.

  7. Impeachment for what?

    After clicking on MANY of these users denouncing the President for non existent treachery, I've found that many of them have no content.

    Sock puppets.

  8. Seems like they are all in the same cage!!! They sound like a bunch of chickens trying to lay eggs, not realizing that they are sick roosters. The fact is their behavier!!! Facts are the Truth!

  9. The greatest SCAM in American politics was having a life-long criminal fraud. a pathological liar, pervert, admitted sexual assaulter, a philandering cheat, turned Russian Asset rig the election with help from the Israelis, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The name of that conman is traitor-trump…, and he is CAUGHT and will go down in history as the single most corrupt, greed-driven, mentally deranged, RACIST, criminal ever to sit his double-wide backside in the White House.

  10. If you are not loyal to Trump he believes you should die. That's the ways I take it. Trump the Dictator, this is how he wants to run America.

  11. JAVELIN ANTI TANK MISSILES. That is what Mr Trump was holding back from Ukraine.  Mr Melber would you please get a Javelin and bring it into the studio so your viewers will get the picture. The Russians do not want the Ukrainians to be able to defend themselves.   FGM-148 Javelin

  12. Personally I think DT is upset and not understand this, as in his Owen mind, he has committed a lot worse crimes than this and being allowed to get away with it. So now he genuinely cannot understand what all the fuss and drama is about.

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  14. No doubt that Trump's traitors wearing MAGA hats will plead insanity, now they have had it made clear their leader is a traitor, and his WH are traitors, as shown by Fox News scrambling to spin these acts as a conspiracy that cannot be true, given facts, and Trump's own words knowing Russia interfered in elections in 2016 and wanting the same for 2020. Such cowards indeed!

  15. The only question here is can Trump, Barr, and Guliani fit in the same prison cell….seems like an apt way to save taxpayers dollars.

  16. Yes we all allowed and guilty iftraden not convicted we might've been had .either way smart trump tower Moscow get go gig of trump / putnum s comrades from qY back

  17. It's finally happened! Thank you Jesus!
    What's done in the dark will definitely come into light!
    Pray for this deceptive, and evil man! He needs Jesus! 🙏

  18. It also shows in the comment section. There are so many less Maga spewing propaganda trolls in these things than just a week ago. They all know the jig is up. See how quick they run from their (perceived) leader. They have always known he was a crook. We need to hold THEM accountable for supporting him no matter what. They have no integrity, and should never hold elected office again.

  19. I want to know more about Hunter Biden's role. He was dismissed from the U.S. Navy for cocaine use, but within 18 months was making a million dollars a year on the board of a Ukrainian Petro Company. I am a die hard democrat and will do everything I can to defeat tRump and the republicans, but this stinks all over. I understand that we have less of a chance of winning with Elizabeth Warrant or Bernie Sanders, and I can forget Joe Biden if his son benefitted from his political position, but I want to know how deep this corruption goes.

  20. No whistleblower necessary. Trump is impeachable for his public confession made to the press alone. He withheld funds to Ukraine. Then he pressured Ukraine to investigate a political rival prior to those funds being released. The funds were made available by Congress, not Trump. He violated his office by interfering with a Congressional act (funding to Ukraine) with his expectation of personal gain (investigate political rival). Impeach.

  21. Donald Corruption Trump is a corrupt politician leading a corrupt administration. The DOJ is corrupt and led by a corrupt administer named William Barr.

  22. Se Trump comprou a prova pra obstrução de justiça é crime. É com que dinheiro das Estórias. Isso já não pertence a ele pega está prova é executa .a pena .máxima.

  23. I bet Devin Nunes will leak to Trump as soon as the Whistleblower walks in the Committee Room.
    BTW that would be ANOTHER crime to the Republicans.

  24. The moral of the story for Trump:
    You can get away with non-trivial corruption. If the story is even slightly complicated and investigation takes a while then by the time a report comes out the American people have lost interest.
    You just can't be blatantly corrupt.

  25. The orange man is a long time cheater in all aspect of his life and will continue to do so until he dies. Americans, please help rid him out of the presidency office! Impeach!!!

  26. They keep talkin how they think the whistleblower’s complaint was written up by someone in the legal system, wouldn’t it be funny if KellyAnne Conway’s Hubby was the whistleblower lol

  27. The Ukrainian collusion is PROOF-POSITIVE that collusion with a foreign country (friend or foe) needs to be acted on, and punished IMMEDIATELY. If Trump had faced some punishment from asking Russia to hack Hilary's emails (and then Russia immediately doing it), this Ukrainian thing would never have happened.

    Trump was seeing no consequences of importance for anything he did, so he felt fine about expanding what he's doing.

  28. we need them out of office Pompeo miller trump the lot of them and the ones that are being there and staying silent as the republicans are i know why moscow mitch is staying silent on this
    he gets a new factory courtesy of the Chinese govt i dont know why Lindsey graham

  29. What a terrific opportunity for 25 republicans to begin to make amends and perhaps survive. After everything has been revealed, anyone not voting to remove will no longer have a career

  30. I have received information from multiple college educated fully employed successful gun owning family men and women that MSNBC BLOWS!

  31. No no no no…Trumps crimes go far beyond those involved with the Intelligence Committee; he has committed crimes that involve and affect the electorate

  32. Obama administration Susan Rice, married to Ian Cameron of ABC news.
    Obama administration Tom Nides married to Virginia Moseley of cnn news.
    Obama administration Valerie Jarrett, mother of Laura Jarrett from CNN news.
    Obama administration Ben Rhodes, brother of David Rhodes from CBS news.
    Obama administration Jay Carney, married to Claire Shipman of ABC news.
    Obama administration Jim Sciutto, married to Gloria Riviera of ABC news.
    Obama administration Liz Sherwood, married to Ben Sherwood of ABC news.
    Obama administration Katie Hogan, married to Mathew Jaffe of ABC news.
    Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo, brother of Chris Cuomo of CNN news……..
    See a trend?

  33. I hope he is impeached. I'm also hoping his removal will improve race relations in our wonderful country. Im black your white so what were all human.

  34. Dear tRuMp, Hillary was so much better at hiding her 30k emails than you were a hiding your one phone call!😜🤡

  35. I know this is where delusional Democrat supporters come for news but I heard from Fox and other new sources that he asked about the Biden issue not force it. Also Trump gonna Win 2020 election anyway because the democrats are wasting our tax money on investigations instead of fixing our cities.🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  36. The Ukrainian president said he was not pressured but sniveling Democrats insist on he was. Mueller said there was no collusion but sniveling Democrats insist there was. Biden is guilty of abuse of VP power in stopping investigation of his corrupted family in Ukraine and threatened to withhold US payment, which sniveling Democrats now turned it into Trump's problem. One thing is sure they will not be able to remove Trump from the office and another thing is sure that Biden will badly fail in 2020 .

  37. I Love these fake news media people always have that "Bombshell" "Gotcha" "walls are closing in" moments only to fail miserably. The IG Horowitz report is coming soon and Spy Gate will be wide open.

  38. Let’s think – BEEN wasting my tax dollars over 3 3/4 YEARS ON RUSSIAN COLLUSION. NOW UKRAINE! BOTTOM LINE HE IS going to win 2020 . !! Only crap you evil people can do ! To keep him from being Re-Elected again!!
    Try to Impeach ! Not going to work!

  39. When should the Democratic ever allow a whistleblower with second hand information. That's he say she say. Secondhand information would never standup in any court of law. Joe Biden did threaten Ukrainian president to get rid the prosecutor investigation of his son for corruption!

  40. He needs to stop being addressed as the president and start being addressed as Donald Trump this is a disgrace to this country and it's a disgrace to all the people that are Republicans that won't back down on him this country is going down and if he continues to govern this country we are going to be a third world country he is dividing this country we have so many white people that don't like black people we have so many black people that don't white white people and it all stems from him they may have been racist within but now that he's an office they just don't care it's blatant get this man out of office and I don't want to hear nothing about his children and any of them ever again they are all corrupt and I don't blame his children because they were born into it so they don't know the difference get rid of him

  41. We used to do what you are suggesting for treason Mr. President. Treason, as defined as aiding and abetting a foreign enemy — comrade!.

  42. This all goes to show that Trump doesn't know a damned thing about governance but knows how to lie, money laundering and the mafia's bible!!

  43. America what ever happened to honesty? To integrity? To telling the truth to power? To standing up for our nation first and personality second? To morality? To decency? To the CONSTITUTION?! To honour? To our word? What has happened to us?

  44. Trumplestiltskin: you're fired!!! I hope we get to see the big, fat, dopey, Tangerine Turd in ADX Florence Federal Prison in an orange jumpsuit with 'INMATE' on his back and his kids and Whitehouse staff as the cherry on top of the cake. He can tell someone who cares on a telephone behind one inch Perspex "no collusion" "the phone call was perfect" "but Hillary's emails" and Rudy Nosferatu can be his cellmate and prison cell lover.

  45. Fake News…
    We now Know
    Biden is dirty and “whistleblower” worked Directly for Biden.
    Trump makes deal with China!

  46. Ari do you think the Founding Fathers heard your shout out? Lololol 😂🤣 Sorry I had to do a funny.
    I bet the other call at least one of them was Puton! Maybe the Prince in Saudi Arabia.

  47. EVERY body knows when the whistle blows!! pop goes the weasel!!!
    Come get your hot fresh pop corn now at our REFRESHMENTS STAND!!

  48. No, the WH knew the calls were being leaked. This was the 3rd call to-date (at the time) that had been leaked. Anyone having their conversations made public would try to fix the problem. That's why transcripts were moved to a more secure server… a doyyyyy

  49. The transcripts prove you and your news channel are lying and Jesus will be the final judge. Ppl l suggest you read the transcripts and think for yourself, these ppl are lying to you in your face and you believe them bc you won't do the homework… Trumps not going anywhere, it's a sham to get your vote, wake up already

  50. i dont mean to be sexist or disrespectful. im sure she's incredibly accomplished in her field. but that lady is really really beautiful.

  51. This prez if he were a fighter would walk into the ring, pay off his opponent to loose and dance around like he really earned the win, hey whatever it takes to win.

  52. Trump withdrew from Syria because he was mad about the impeachment comments (I pulled out of Syria because you "the U.S." wouln't let me make Ukraine" play ball" with me.

  53. I hope this whistle blower Is mexican, I know I know this president hates mexicans, even though he spends a lot of money on getting Orange if he would spend a little more money he would get brown the color he hates, I find that funny lol

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