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WHISKEY Dry Aged STEAKS Experiment!

WHISKEY Dry Aged STEAKS Experiment!

For today’s cook I am taking this
beautiful export rib and dry-aging it in two different ways. As you can see it is
a USDA choice and I got it from the Rivier Cattle Company. The first and most
important thing to do when dry aging is to keep everything clean you could use a
cutting board but for me it’s much better using aluminum foil. I recommend
using gloves always. After opening the packaging the first thing to do is split
it in half. As you can see even though this is choice the marbling is still
wonderful the next step is to wrap this piece in cheesecloth. Now it is important
to go several times around. Once I was done this is what it looks like. The very
next step was to put it on a tray so that I don’t make a big mess the next
step was to pour all the whiskey on top of it. The key here is to get it as wet
as we can so just in case you are wondering how much I use I used half a
bottle of Maker’s Mark and the other half of Jack Daniels in total was a
complete bottle of whiskey. To complete my dry-aging experiment I am using the
UMAI dry bags. This is a special bag UMAI dry actually calls them a membrane. Now
for what I’m doing this experiment is definitely not recommended by UMAI and
the reason being is because you want the meat to stick to the bag and the only
way to do that is to ensure that the meat has contact with the membrane and
it is also important to keep the meat wet, but since I added the
cheesecloth and the whiskey I am not quite sure what will happen. But I am
running this experiment anyway because I have a feeling it will work just fine.
Right after I put it directly inside of the UMAI bag, the UMAI dry bags comes
with special fabrics so that you can suck all the air out. Right after I fold
the edges and put it on a cooling rack so the air can circulate all the way
around in my refrigerator. For the other half is pretty straightforward all I had
to do is follow the same exact step but the right way, as you can see there’s no
cheesecloth. As I mentioned before you can clearly see that the UMAI bag did
not stick to the meat and that’s a hundred percent because of the
cheesecloth. Right at this point I was not sure if this was going to work. Now
that I have both of my meats ready there’s nothing else to do but to let it
dry age and my regular refrigerator for 35 days. Once the 35 days was over I quickly
opened it up, and to my surprise as soon as I open it up that wonderful smell
just hit me right on the face and it smell like wonderful freshly baked bread
and everyone in my house said the same exact thing he smells just like bread. It
seems like the fermentation of the whiskey went into the meat and fermented
some way somehow and it smelled like bread. I’m gonna let you guys hear the
actual audio from the video that I took from the camera this audio is not
perfect but it will give you the reaction that we have check it out. Oh my God it smells like bread, it smells like bread! Right after I decided to open the
real dry-aged one, as you can see perfectly dry aged, and he has that nice
nutty smell. I know for a lot of people that never experience dry aged it looked
bad and horrible but for me that I’ve done it several times this is what
you’re expecting this is why you waited so long for and it’s perfection. Then it
was time for the whiskey I quickly removed all the cheesecloth and to my
surprise it looked amazing here’s the actual audio from the video. Wow! it worked like a charm! Wow, wow, that’s amazing! Oh my god! I love it! Oh my god! Look at it! Oh my god ha, ha It worked! Wow! Yes, yes, yes! As you can see I was super
pumpped because I saw this. And here’s one next to the other. The whiskey dry-aged
on the left and the real dry-aged on the right, both perfection the only
difference between them right now is that the left one smells like bread and
like freshly baked bread. Then the next step was to find out what was inside I
quickly opened the whiskey dry-aged one and to my surprise this is what it
looked like. And for comparison I opened up the real dry aged one. As expected
just absolutely perfect. When I put one next to the other you can really see the
difference between them. The whiskey penetrated almost the entire cap. Right
after I quickly trimmed them up frenched the bone so we can make some beautiful
cowboy steaks. I decided to tie it so that it would not fall apart on the
grill. To ensure I’m cooking both steaks at the exact same temperature I’m using
my wireless thermometer. Then I lightly seasoned them with salt and pepper. Now
that we have these beautiful steaks ready one dry-aged for real and the
other one on whiskey I am excited to find out how they taste.
But I say it is enough talking and it’s time to cook them, so let’s do it! Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks over here they look gorgeous. What do you think angel? I want to eat. I know
me too they smell incredible and you can see
how juicy it is. A lot of people have the misconception because it’s dry aged they
think is not gonna be juicy, oh oh it’s juicy,
it’s juicy! Alright Angel so we have two beautiful steaks here I say go for this
one here first and we see how it tastes. You’re going for that one over there? Perfectly cooked, here. You are just gonna go for it? I got a knife this time. Oh you got a knife, nice. I like it! let’s go for it!
Cheers! That’s gonna be hard to beat! That one is amazing all the way! That one is
going to be hard to beat! It just started raining right now can you believe it? Guys I’m sorry if you’re hearing the rain I apologize but you know I couldn’t
wait for another day to cook these beautiful steaks. That one was incredible
do you agree? You eating again? Are you ready for the
second one Angel? Let’s go! I want to know if is as good or if there’s a difference or
anything like that I’m very curious. Cheers buddy! Oh there’s a difference!
There is a difference! Oh, there’s definitely a difference. Is that the makers mark? Yeah you put that on everything bro. Oh you can tell the
difference everybody I was not expecting that,
I was not expecting that results man What did you do to it? You just drowned it in Maker’s Mark? This is the one that it was dry aged in Maker’s Mark in whiskey Angel. And this one is dry aged regular Oh is dry aged?
Yeah dry aged in whiskey and dry aged regular. Can you do that with any alcohol? I think we can we just have proven that it actually works. Now here’s
the question… Tequila! Whoa tequila sounds amazing.
Before we start start talking about all different ideas that we might have we
have to explain the flavor to everybody It tastes dry aged with maker’s mark.
It does guys I didn’t think this was gonna work I thought this was gonna be
pretty much the same exact thing but it is not it is different it tastes
different and you can taste the alcohol. so wow I’m actually quite surprised in a
very good way not in a bad way it tastes different. Does it taste better than this
steak? I don’t think it tastes better than that steak I think it’s just a
unique flavor. I think, you know what I think I
think if you would have used a vodka let’s say it probably would have tasted
normal like a regular dry-aged. You think so? I think this is our next experiment. I think.. I
think that you just say that cuz you want any more steak! I think it’s I think
it’s just time to get drunk in this channel! No, no, no, no…. You keep playing with it you keep playing with fire. We did that little shot out of the bone… yeah i see where you are going with this.
It’s time to be wasted on Guga Foods! It is time! No, no, no we don’t do that! We do real experiments! Give us a few likes and comments if you want to see Guga drunk of like 3 or 4 shots, that’s all it takes right? You don’t wanna see that! That’s all it takes right 3-4 shots? No maybe just one shot is enough!
Honestly I am NOT gonna say that it’s better it is not better than this steak.
I do like them both. It’s different. I agree with you. It still very soft. It’s different
tastes and you can feel a little bit of that alcohol it’s kind of weird ish in a
good way different than I’m used to It’s worth giving it a shot. It is not better
than the regular steak but it is different. If you had to pick one Angel,
which one you like best? You like the regular dry age? I agree with
you but this one is unique it’s good it’s unique but the regular dry-aged is better.
There there’s a lot of things that are what you’re in the mood for. I agree. Cuz
I’m drinking while eating and they gave me this steak and I have. If you’re
drinking while eating you eat anything it doesn’t matter what it is
you just eat like even corn by itself is gonna taste amazing! This guy, why are you throwing
me on the bus? There you go everybody these are the results I’m quite
surprised I have to be honest with you when I started this experiment I really
did not think that it was gonna do anything and your refrigerator
smells horrible. Uh angel? It smells horrible for quite some time now it’s
not smell like that for one day to day it smells bad for a little bit because
it’s so..Time out, timeout I want to reminisce on the day that I came in here
and Guga goes, Angel can you get me a little bit of orange juice there I go
all right I’ll get you some orange juice? I go when I open the refrigerator and
all I smell is, how drunk I am now. It punches you in the face! Bro, I opened it and just of a whiff I was gone! I think was a good experiment was something unique
I enjoy the steak it’s not like it’s a bad steak. No, it’s good. Its a different kind of steak. I like it. The dry-aged is better but at the same
time it’s something different and unique and if you are willing to give something
new a try yeah it’s good, it’s good is not bad. So what’s next? Tequila? We gotta make sure, let’s test my theory I think vodka will make it taste exactly
like this. Guys if you guys want to see more alcohol dry-aged put it on the
comments down below I might do some more experiment to find out if you can play
with different flavors on the steak because this I consider a success. You
agree? I think it’s great man. I agree Look I just had another piece right now
and they’re both really good, just as good I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do
enjoyed this video make sure you give it a thumbs up, if you’re not a subscriber
be sure to subscribe for future videos remember if you’re interested in
anything I use everything is always on the description down below. Thank you so
much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one take care everybody bye
bye. I’ve been using this you know like a arm holder. I feel like John Snow right now. Oh really okay. You guys watch Game of Thrones? Yes it’s coming up oh oh
I think by the time this video is up winter will be here! Winter versus fire.
Oh what an idea what I have an idea what, Speak! There’s a there’s a new whiskey
yeah I think it is whiskey hmm and it’s called White Walkers. But is walker is ah I don’t know if you guys can tell,
we are big Game of Thrones fans and if you are to comment down below we got to
make some Game of Throne experiments oh I like that
Game of Thrones experiment thank you for what..oh that was so good!
thank you for watching guys we’ll see on the next one take care bye bye!

100 thoughts on “WHISKEY Dry Aged STEAKS Experiment!

  1. para un madurado intenso te recomiendo un tequila zauza hornitos añejado. y para un madurado suave aterciopelado te recomiendo un tequila don julio azul

  2. i consciously made the decision in my head that i was going to stick my tongue out, lean forward and make physical contact with my screen with my tongue…and i actually…slapped… my hand…to stop myself. Not my proudest moment but it was for a good reason

  3. Thank you. I don't care at all about alcohol…I'm in recovery so it is just pointless. But the rain is nice! No need to apologize…we love rain here in Kansas. It helps us to grow the cattle for your delicious steaks. 😎

  4. I say try dry age it with Clasa Azul or Casa Amigos, or 1942 tequila. Something that had that dark caramelly taste

  5. Try to do this again, but maybe this time cook out the alcohol. Maybe you'd get more of the maker's mark's flavor. What do you say? hehe

  6. Yeah – my meat sticks to my bag (and that's why I walk like John Wayne).

    (Sat., 8-3-19) (5:15 a.m.)

  7. Makers Mark is a bourbon so its sweeter, it would be interesting to use a peated scotch, so it gains that smoky peat flavour

  8. I love the part of each video where you and angel sit together to taste it with a chit chat.. It feels so good to watch you both have so much love for each other guga! Oh.. Yes.. I love your reactions too while tasting guga! Lots of love to you both!

  9. There are a lot of comments so I’m sure at least one other person noticed you two appear drunk shortly after eating the whiskey dry aged steak. LOL!!!

  10. "Vaca Borracho"?

    You should not have spoiled the Maker's with that nasty Jack – Maker's is El Real de Bourbon! My favorite drink is a "Fiddy-Fiddy": 50% Makers and 50% Coke with a healthy squeeze of lime and the chunk you just squeezed dropped in. My second favorite is the same thing but with Pusser's rum – served daily exclusively (not available commercially) aboard the British Royal Navy since the 1700s until 1972 and the entire reason they took and held the British Virgin Isles (for the sugar cane).

    You should do a version of this using nothing but Pusser's rum, and dry for a full 45 days.

  11. I've tried doing this several times but for some reason every time I pour the bloody whisky it evaporates into my glass and I get all giddy!

  12. You should use a scotch whisky since it has more "wood" flavour than bourbon. Bourbon has a lot of corn and cereal aroma (that´s probably why it smelled like bread). I think it would be a great combination!

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