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Where Should You Be Advertising? Stories Vs. News Feed

Where Should You Be Advertising? Stories Vs. News Feed

Hi, I’m Jan Rezab
this is Social Media Minute. Before you watch this video, definitely check out
our older video on the recommendation that the Instagram Stories
are the most underestimated category and, especially, advertising
format on social media today. This is kind of a baseline for this video
and the recommendation coming from it. We’ve dug into a little bit more data and we looked at the relative
spread of advertising on accounts that advertise
on both Facebook, Instagram, News Feed, and the Instagram Stories. What we found is pretty obvious,
spend is moving year over year from Facebook News Feed a little bit, Facebook News Feed
still has two-thirds of the spending, over to Instagram Feed and Stories. It’s still no surprise that stories
are just between five and ten percent. So very small. But a lot more is
also moving into the Instagram Feed which is now
the number two format there. What I would recommend advertisers
is to spread that a little bit more perhaps, two-thirds is a little bit
too much on the Facebook Feed, it depends on your audience and category. I would do a little bit more
and definitely lean more towards stories. They’re still the number one
most underestimated category. Definitely watch
the benchmarks along the lines, we’ll be publishing a benchmarking
video on Instagram Stories shortly. So watch out for those and good luck
with your next year’s budgets and spreading them to the new formats. See you next week.

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