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Where do Google Hotel Ads show?

Where do Google Hotel Ads show?

This video covers the various properties
and devices where Google surfaces Google Hotel Ads. Google shows Hotel Ads to
future travelers searching for hotels and hotel information across google.com
and Google Maps. Of course users are researching across devices, so all Hotel
Ads experiences are tailored for how users engage on both desktops and mobile devices. Diving a bit deeper, Google also tailors the Hotel Ads experience to how a user is searching. For example when a user searches for a more general query
like “hotels in Cardiff”, Google understands that they’re not searching for a specific
hotel and so surfaces multiple hotels. These organic results appear above other
organic search results and include at-a-glance details that might inform the
user’s next steps, like hotel name, rating and brief descriptions. Users can
also click “More hotels” to be directed to a page with more comprehensive hotel
listings. Again at-a-glance details help the user determine a next step which can
include clicking on a hotel they’d like to learn more about. Taking this action
opens the hotel details card which, like its name suggests, provides more
information about that particular hotel. Additionally on this page, the user can
actually see prices and booking options through Google Hotel Ads. As mentioned
earlier. Google has optimized this experience for mobile users as well. So,
once again starting with a generic Google search like “hotels in Madrid”, the
user sees organic hotel results that they can browse at-a-glance details. And
once they find a hotel they like, they can click to see the hotel details card. On top of generic queries Hotel Ads can also trigger for hotel specific queries when user tells Google exactly which property they’re interested in. In this
case we show the user a hotel details card right on the side of the search results
page. This part of the page contains useful
information about the hotel they’ve said they’re looking for, including Hotel Ads which allow them to
easily compare prices and reserve a stay at that hotel. Once again, a user
searching for hotels on her mobile device can easily find hotel details and
also Hotel Ads with booking links. These booking links once again allow her
to easily select a booking option and complete the reservation. Last but
certainly not least, users can also search hotels on Google Maps or at
maps.google.com. Similar to Google search results for generic queries, Google
surfaces a list of hotels with at-a-glance details. Then either clicking on a
specific hotel or searching for it by name opens up hotel details card which
includes more detailed information about that hotel as well as Hotel Ads
with booking links. Once again this experience is optimized for researching and searching for hotels on Google Maps across devices, including mobile devices and tablets. Check out the rest of the videos in this playlist to learn more about Getting Started with Hotel Ads.

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