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When You Have An Anxious Puppy // Presented By BuzzFeed & Puppy Chow

When You Have An Anxious Puppy // Presented By BuzzFeed & Puppy Chow

[Dog Voiceover] I know
I say this every morning but they’re not moving. If you think it’s no
big deal, say something. Oh my god, you think they’re dead too. I’ll go check. Don’t be dead, don’t
be dead, don’t be dead. Oh, you’re alive. And you’re alive! Okay, okay. Okay, I’m up. [Dog Voiceover] Your breath smells good. Uh, oh, I’m in, I’m in here. [Woman] I know. [Dog Voiceover] You
can’t just leave, guys. You gotta tell me where you’re going. Is that food? Can I have some? Oh, you’re spitting out. But can I have some? No? Stay right here, I’ll
go check on everything. I know where they are
now, everything’s fine. [Woman] Cornelius, come eat. [Dog Voiceover] I’m so hungry. Oh I can’t wait, I can’t
wait, I can’t wait. Look, I’m even doing a trick. That’s how hungry I am. Faster, faster, faster. Wait, I can eat this, right? This is food? Because I’ve been getting
some mixed signals lately. Is this food? [Man] Not for you, buddy. [Dog Voiceover] Is this food? [Man] That’s a jacket. [Dog Voiceover] This has
gotta be food, right? Are you sure? So you’re sure this is food? Oh yeah, this is really good. (beep) That can’t be good. We gotta hide, we gotta get out of here. Wow. I’m okay. – Why are there clothes on the floor?
– [Woman] Hi. Why don’t they smell like us? I can fix that. [Woman] Are you gonna help? – [Dog Voiceover] Oh, there you are.
– [Woman] Uh-oh. – [Dog Voiceover] Don’t panic, I’m fine.
– [Woman] Cornelius. Don’t worry about me, it’s fun. Please come back inside. That’s not where you go. Excuse me, that’s where you go. You go there. Okay, guys, great news, I’ve
finished cleaning my room and- I can do a little sushi. Eh… [Dog Voiceover] Uh-oh. [Woman] I’m not in the mood for sushi. [Dog Voiceover] What’s happening? – [Man] What about some Thai food?
– [Dog Voiceover] This is a nightmare. [Woman] Eh… [Dog Voiceover] I’ve never seen
them fight like this before. [Woman] Just salads. [Dog Voiceover] I can’t take this. [Woman] But then what are we gonna eat? [Dog Voiceover] Oh my
god, they’re not talking. It’s probably over. Okay, we’re all freaked out, this is upsetting because
I love both of you but I’m gonna live with her because we all know I like her more. Okay, obviously things worked
out, this is embarrassing but we all said things we
didn’t mean back there, right? Thanks for letting me
sleep in bed tonight, guys. You won’t even know I’m here. (owl sounds) Hey, did you guys hear that? Are you awake?

100 thoughts on “When You Have An Anxious Puppy // Presented By BuzzFeed & Puppy Chow

  1. Jack Russell Terriers are known to be hyper active, do not get one if you are not compatible with that trait.

  2. I love him he is so cute ❤️ I really want him Cornelius's
    When there brushing there teeth 'is that food can I eat it'

  3. I love this little dog!!! It's so cute and sweet "❤️ ❤️ I'd love to own one like this 🐕🐾

  4. Cute dog – I haven't seen them fight like this before
    Cause they are not fighting
    Awww I don't know how mnay times I watched this video

  5. “Is that food? Can I have some? Oh your spitting it out……..but still can I have some?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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