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When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay?

When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay?

You identify yourself as gay. Why do you then choose because it is a choice Whiny then choose to be muslim when it says explicitly within Islam within Judeo-Christian tradition that that is Prohibited is the choice Just like to say that sexual orientation is not a choice. It’s not a choice out for You so you must say don’t why would you no no no don’t get health in this why would you do? That that is prohibited Here’s [the] choice at the end of the day you can choose to be much They doesn’t you in the quran that is prohibited. What is prohibited is the anti Can give you the ayah they exciting. [I] am not here to talk about that one Let are some sweet. [please] [let] [also] speak. Hey, miss lane respond to your question I am not here to talk about that one outs what I’m [here] to talk about is love love between two men two women Where I will it be okay and accepted to be gay in Islam. That is not It’s a loaded question, but I’m sorry you either be gay or you be Muslim. No one is forcing you Yeah, yep, lady here [on] the blood. I think that is totally wrong I mean, I I was brought up in an iSlamic household I’m from islamic Community I’m from a very conservative Pakistani community if my mom and dad can accept me why can’t the wider community services? Just float in the blood another company and I personally think that the question you’re asking is when more the muslim community [accepts] you as a Gay person accept gay or homosexuality the thing is homosexuality is not accepted in islam So the Muslim community will never accept homosexuality in a whole But you being gay or not on a judgemental level you can be gay But then at the same [time] if you choose to follow a religion which prohibits Homosexuality, then you can’t turn around and ask when will they accept for you to be gay can I just say that? Yeah, can I just say what are people like me meant to do then you know gay teenagers the suicide rate is going up Homophobic Crime is going unreported, and it’s because of attitudes like this that that is causing Carter [Lemon] the danger with literalism is In insisting that there is only one interpretation on one way of doing things if we take that literally if we take literalism Literally, then only [200] years ago slavery was accepted and justified by religion Quran explicitly and literally let me finish and make this point the quran literally allows for slavery as does the bible But we no longer practice it because our attitudes and interpretations have changed there is no one Muslim community There is no one way of interpreting things if he wants to identify as being muslim as this gentleman here said Abdullah He said he’s not gonna. Tell him he’s not a muslim, and I applauded him for that He said he’s not gonna discriminate against him you just did and so he disagrees kill Tumor here God does not exclude anyone that is a crucial first point and everyone has the right to Define for [themselves] what their identity is and we all have identities which quite often are contradictory We all have to find some way of navigating that remaining faithful to our vision of God while also remaining faithful to who we are But to add to [that] [also] the rest of society in particular state Should not try to impose its view of its morality upon islam This is a conversation that has to happen within Islam that might be here there might be room here to them And that’s what it there might be room for growth and change Ultimately you decide for yourself but the idea of saying to someone You’re a sinner even if you do define them as a sinner you cannot be part of this religion that to me is Anti-God because that’s a decision that God makes You said about interpretation. You’re pushing the idea that there was no true interpretation of Islam by that exact logic You’re saying that the people that extremists, right? [uh] are there their interpretation of religion is also valid there is Mainstream Islam there are things that are universally accepted within Islam for example the gentleman brought up the idea of Drinking of doing drugs you know those things are prohibited within islam I can choose not to do them or I can but for me to go out and say I’m a Muslim and I drink and that should be accepted. That’s not religion You’re completing your conflicting choice And how somebody is on without choice that first of all he was born the way he is And I’m sure he can speak for himself what I would like to say to you is Many many Muslims would consider you sinful for not covering your face and would insist that your sinful And you can’t be a muslim for showing your face I’m not wearing the jill Bob the long gown so at the end of the day This is all interpretive and just as you’ve got the right in fact they’ve known of these lemons Modestly respond to you, please No, no talking about interpretation. Can I just finish my point? They would also say that you shouldn’t be speaking in front of men You shouldn’t be on television calm. There are literally HSIhu argue that too, we Noticed a boxer. [I’ve] [got] quickly everyone relates [some] bin Laden was asked right. He was asked Why’d you go against the islamic prohibitions of killing women and children and he says are the laws not set in stone. Yes He’s a modernist song bin laden is a reinterpretation. It’s modernist. He doesn’t believe he believed in different interpretation of islam You can reinterpret it. I’m he’s the same mentality imagine the world has to reinterpret scripture when it suits him in the slum He believes in it. Maybe even people you can’t just change some [things] you can’t just change those [things]. We’re not a shoe

100 thoughts on “When will it be accepted to be Muslim and gay?

  1. omg this guy is so badly wants to be gay. Wallah that is transgressing against life and what Sllah said. Alhamdullillah i find the opposite gender attractive.

  2. Wallah Quran is against slavery. if it agreed with slavery I would have left islam. But Islam is peace and the truth. I don't listen to liars.

  3. The white Muslim girl is 100% correct about Muslims cannot be a gey this is absolutely not allowed in our religion

  4. the guy said that slavery was accepted by Islam .. which is wrong .. the arabs had slaves ..they were used to have slaves .. it was their culture .. but Islam came and prohibited slavery .. it says to free ur slaves and let them go and u will get this and this much good deeds (sawab) when u free a slave .. so islam dnt support slavery ..the arabs did and Islam gradually made them understand that you should let go of ur slaves.

  5. I find it funny how not all but some of the "Muslims" want to be accepted globally and yet somehow they have the audacity to go around and bash Homosexuality.

  6. People who say leave Islam if your gay will get the sin of becoming non-Muslim as they are forcing them to leave Islam! The act of homosexual marriage and relationship is a sin but a sin does not make you non-Muslim only major sins like associating partners with allah

  7. I’m waiting for pastor Sempa from Uganda to walk in with a bag with gadgets like: bananas, cucumber and carrots

  8. God is watching well you know let me put out here
    What will happen when a trans , gay dies , will he go to heaven, NO
    Ofc he goin strong to hell
    Arab culture in a million years will never except the gay culture

  9. Hell is welcoming the gays , trans , and also the guy who calls islam
    A community
    Well that communtiy will be 20million strong

  10. Well done to the young Asian lady. She was right to the point. Homosexuals are not accepted by any religion not only Islam

  11. It already is accepted in the western world. What are they talking about? What they mean to say is, "when will MUSLIMS accept homosexuality as a normal life choice…" This would be more to the point and straight up honest towards us. They're not interested in getting gay "Muslims" to be accepted. They're interested in getting rid of the Qur'an and Hadith which say that homosexuality is an absolute abomination in the sight of Allah and that the punishment for homosexual sex is death. They want us to start disbelieving in the Qur'an and Hadith so that we can be equal to them. Because misery loves company. They want to see the end of Islam. But Muslims will never accept homosexuality. Period. The only way that can happen is if you manage to turn us all into disbelievers and you convince us to abandon Islam and become apostates.

  12. LGBT members are so self absorbed. An entire culture and islamic people are supposed to change their beliefs just for him. The comment that islam may change and grow is a scathing comment suggesting Isllam is backwards. Such narcissism.

  13. To the gay brother, you as a Muslim man must fight those desires. First you must accept its wrong and then ask Allah to guide you and make you firm in your Emman.

  14. God creates Adam & Eve. Not Steve. We are made Pairs. Steve needs helps but that does not exclude him from being a Muslim . Unless its an Idolatry ( Syirik.) Muslim allowed marrying more than 1 for sounds Funny, Oppression to Non-Muslim or most Westerner. Consenting Gay marriages, they find it OK? I cannot understand this. It is Science, it is Hygeine, It is Medical . It is putting it at the Right place

  15. Gay relationship is prohibited in islam.If anyone feels like it’s ok to be in a gay relationship, will be considered as sinful person. But if you abide by every other moral virtue, then remember allah is merciful.
    If Allah want He can forgive your every sin,but remember you are sinful in the eye of islam for more than 100% sure cuz it’s Quran, it’s islam you can't Change it’s moral things.
    But over everything, Remember Allah is merciful and He can forgive your every sin.
    Stay happy, stay cool,spread peace, Don't try to chnge any religion for winning a debate or something cuz that's really funny

  16. If ur gay and Muslim and hate the Muslim community hating u then leave but if u love god as much as men then u will choose not to be

  17. those men who talked againt daughter they didn't know anything i was confused how they can dare to themselves to come and say their stupid and non-knowledgable thought and people believe them.it's a pitty. shame on them.i aslo was wondering that girl was burst into anger .this is not the way that muslim women should behave.she also not wearing a suitable dress i saw her hands too .THESE ARE NOT THE REAL ISLAM.

  18. Seriously why ask Muslims this Question when you already know the Answer but at the same time expecting Muslims to except something that is against there religion smh.

  19. I'm a muslim myself but I can't help but find the girl at 0:12 annoying. She doesn't let the opposing side even present what they have to say before interrupting! So rude.

  20. The problem is these idiots think religion is a community… It is not. Because if it were, Muslims in Muslim countries would not be throwing homosexuals off buildings.

  21. Correctly if i remember wrong… But is there not death penalty for leaving Islam??? So even suggesting this gay person to leave Islam and that it is a choice in the end of the day is completely contradicting to their own belief…. He is BORN muslim.. So according to Islam he shall stay forever… Well.. Atleast until he get thrown of from a high place or whatever… But he cannot LEAVE and it is not a CHOICE…

  22. you should consider differences between homosexuality and transgender prople. in islam homosexulity is banned but transgender that have for example female brain and feeling and male body or female body and male brain have some rights for example they can publicly announce their sex and there is some solution for that for example surgery that can change body to their desire gender after drs confirmation….but homosexuality that for example two female or two male accept their gender but have sex with the same gender is banned in islam as i found.

  23. Great point by the first young lady. I often wondered myself. By default, he is NOT Muslim because he’s breaking one of the rules with his lifestyle. And why strive to be part of something that condemns your lifestyle. You already belong to the GAY group. Why fight to become a Muslim if you can’t abide the rules?

  24. Sometimes i really appreciate why Islam exists. Boundaries must exist in order to preserve orders and now people have stepped over very large boundaries. Consequences will be withheld

  25. I find it so odd that women are always at the forefront of being anti-gay. Ladies, ask yourself a question, will you marry a man who prefers other men? Do you want to marry a man that finds your naked body ugly? By the way, all my Muslim chat boyfriends are married with families and secretly gay, they live mostly in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Pakistan. Do you want a husband that cheats on you with another man? How will two gay guys living together and loving each other make an impact on your life?

  26. I’m not gay, but what if you’re gay and truly believe in Allah and Islam? What would you do then because it seems unfair given he didn’t choose to be gay. Does he simply go to hell for something he can’t control?

  27. Even if being gay is biologically driven, you're still sinning in the context of religion. Just because you are driven to do something, whether biological or not, doesn't make it sinless. It's exactly the same way a straight man has a biological drive to have sex with any women he feels attracted to, but what does religion say about sex before marriage? It's a sin. An alcoholic or a drug addict has a drive to abuse substances, but that's still sinning. People steal because they are poor, that's still sinning. Some Muslims/Jews eat pork because its tastes nice, that's still sinning too. You're told to control some urges or desires you might have, not embrace them. The actual feeling of being attracted to the same sex isn't a sin, but the physical acts of performing gay intimacies are. If you're gay and you're a Muslim living in a Muslim country I can only give you this as advice. Try and control those feelings. What you do in the private confines of your home is between you and god on the day of judgement. As long as you are not hurting anyone, and as long it's confined to your private home and discrete, the government/sharia have no jurisdiction in there. It's only considered illegal and punishable if you're out in public performing gay intimacies, with witnesses. They actually treat straight couples the same way too. If you are seen having intercourse or performing extreme intimacies in public, it's illegal and punishable as well.

  28. Thought the BBC were against bullying but this geezer is just being shamed outright by this angry female. Imagine being her b/f or g/f. A bit harsh on the ears. He needed to show more backbone but shows when it comes down to it sex trumps religion.

  29. Someone needs to tell these girls in the crowd that Pride is also a sin. Does that mean they’re going straight to hell?? NO!
    But she continues to talk as if she speaks for all Muslims in the world.
    That is the sin of Pride!!
    Being gay or greedy or prideful doesn’t automatically condemn a person to hell. Hence why the Quran talks about repentance and forgiveness.

    Don’t judge other people because they sin differently from you.

    We as humans have to learn to extract Culture VS Religion.

  30. Well let's not forget that in Islam telling someone who's a believer that he's not a muslim makes you a non-muslim . We just cant know what's in this guy's heart . يقول النبي محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم "من قال لأخيه يا كافر، فقد باء بها أحدهما" ومن يكفِّر الآخرين يضع نفسه أمام خيار صعب من ناحيتين، الأولى: أنه لا يستطيع إثبات كُفر الآخرين لأنها مسألة محلها القلب وهو لا يمكنه الإطلاع على ما في قلوبهم، والثانية: هي إمكانية وقوعه هو نفسه في الكفر إن لم يكن صادقاً في ادعائه بتكفير الآخرين، وهذه هي الأقرب. فمن يحكم على الناس بالكفر يُخرج نفسه من الملة لعدم علمه بما في قلوبهم وقد قال رسول الإسلام لأحد

  31. Yes let’s destroy others beautiful religion to make me feel more comfortable I’m bisexual but I’m not gonna force people to accept me if it literally goes against there religion people have the legal right to express there religion and we are oppressing their religion to fit our ideologies this is the most disrespectful video I’ve ever seen.

  32. I get what he is saying…..Islam is a religion…buttttt…..there is a Muslim community…not all Muslims think the same..if he identifies as Muslim And Gay….You are not gonna die if he does ……so Just accept it

  33. Crazy, I've stayed in the middle East and most of them are arse bandits oh and Mohamed is gay and a peedo go look it up ha ha Islam is an ideology and a fake religion, peace out 😄

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