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When Should You Use Facebook Slideshow Ads?

When Should You Use Facebook Slideshow Ads?

– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru. And in this video, I’m going to talk about whether you should be using
Facebook’s slideshow ads. Keep watching. (upbeat music) So, for those of you who don’t know, Facebook have an ad type that is a slideshow ad. I’m not talking about you creating your own slideshow here. In this video, I’m talking about Facebook’s specific slideshow ad that you make within Ads
Manager or Power Editor. And Facebook slideshow ads
are very straightforward. You simply select up to 10 images, you tell Facebook how long you want each image to show for
from within your slideshow. And then you just add some music from one of the preset little theme tunes that Facebook has available. And that’s your slideshow, ready to go in a little video format. And when this ad appears in
your audience’s newsfeed, the slideshow will
automatically begin to play, on silent, just as it would if you were running a video ad. So that’s what slideshow ads are. But the question is,
should you be using them? Well, from the testing that we’ve done, we’ve found that slideshow ads are great for a lot of service-based business, particularly where you want
to show off a portfolio. If you want to show off previous work, a slideshow can be a great way to do that. So if you’re a designer of some sort, or an artist, where you know that your previous work, your portfolio, is gonna help you win new business, I definitely recommend you
give slideshow ads a go. If you’ve been watching my videos for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of advertising content to cold audiences. So, people that don’t know anything about you or your business on Facebook, I’d really recommend
advertising either a video, or a blog post for most businesses. But if you are a portfolio-based business, then you can actually use a slideshow, use your portfolio in a slideshow, as a piece of content to cold audiences right at the top of your funnel. That’s a great way to use slideshow ads, but you can also use them very effectively as re-targeting ads. So perhaps someone has
visited your website, they’ve read a blog-post of yours, you can re-target those
people with a slideshow ad that shows off some of your portfolio and help convert them
from someone who’s perhaps slightly interested in
what you’ve written about, maybe interested in your services, to someone who actually then goes and becomes a lead. Now, there are a few best practises when it comes to slideshow ads. And the first is that
Facebook will allow you to use up to 10 images. And I’d recommend that you use all 10. You wanna be able to show off as much about your business as possible. Facebook also have 20,
maybe 25, bits of music that you can add to your slideshow. And they make this optional, but I definitely recommend
that you go ahead and add one of these little theme tunes to your slideshow. Because it really just
helps bring it all together, makes it a bit more engaging, and will probably help your results. Another thing you need
to do with slideshow ads is select how long you want
each image to show for. And this is obviously a balancing act, ’cause too short and people won’t be able to see it properly and
see what’s in the image. But too long and they may
get bored and move on, scroll down to something else in their Facebook newsfeed. So, from the testing we’ve done, we’ve found about three to four seconds is usually about right. So, as I said, slideshow ads are great for service-based businesses, particularly ones that want
to show-off a portfolio. Now, we haven’t done much testing with other forms of businesses. It could work for e-commerce companies, that may be worth testing if you’re selling products online. Usually we use Carousel ads
for those sorts of businesses. But what I can say, right now, is that if you are a
service-based business, if you do want to show off a portfolio, then definitely give slideshow ads a go.

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