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When Should You Scale Out to YouTube Ads if You’re Already Running Facebook Ads?

When Should You Scale Out to YouTube Ads if You’re Already Running Facebook Ads?

– So I got a question yesterday in my Facebook group, and basically, this person was asking me about whether they should
scale out onto YouTube or they should stick to Facebook ads. So I just wanted to cover that topic and tell you what you should do when it comes to scaling out on YouTube coming from Facebook. So there’s a few things here. Number one, are your Facebook
ads working well or not? Now if your Facebook ads are working well and you’re profitable, then definitely scale out on YouTube because hey, you don’t
wanna rely just on Facebook. I have met a lot of business owners whose only source of
traffic is Facebook ads, and when they’re ad
account gets shut down, or they have ad compliance issues, they are scared. They are really just horrified, they’re constantly on the
phone trying to figure it out. It’s pretty traumatic for them. Honestly, when that happens
to one of my friends and I see them, it’s just
this look of like, holy crap, am I gonna be able to actually continue to living my life? Or am I completely screwed? – Oh, my god! – On the other hand, if
you’re doing YouTube ads and Facebook ads, you have
a little bit more leeway. You have two ad platforms. YouTube is generally a lot
easier on the compliance side. They’re a little bit more reasonable. They’re not just gonna
suspend your account and never get back to you. Usually they’ll tell you
why they’ll suspend it and if you fix it, they’ll unsuspend it. That’s what I found. And if you’re spending a lot, they have really amazing rep from Google, shout out to my rep, she’s an angel. But definitely if you’re
already doing well on Facebook, scale out to YouTube as well because you’re lowering risk. And you’re adding a bunch
more money to your business. You’re adding a bunch more revenue, but you can easily double your ad spend with two platforms instead of one, especially with YouTube, which
is just a great platform. I actually talk about
why it’s a great platform in another video, link in description. But in this case, it was
actually a different situation. He just started out with Facebook ads and he wasn’t profitable on Facebook yet. So I actually told him, hey listen, just stick to Facebook for now. Make it work, make it profitable, because if you’re
unprofitable on two platforms, you’re essentially
diluting your attention. You really need to focus
on making things work in one place before going to the other. Same thing if you’re doing YouTube ads, it’s unprofitable and you
want to scale out to Facebook. I get it if you have been trying for a pretty long time, a month, constantly testing, nothing’s working, then maybe you might wanna try YouTube ads because you think that’s
gonna work better. But honestly, if you’re in that phase of optimization and testing
with your ad account and you’re not profitable yet, just focus on one ad platform because doing two complicates things. So that’s basically
what I wanted to cover. The big takeaways are, if you
are doing really well or well, and you’re profitable,
definitely scale out onto two ad platforms because going from profitability to more profitability is a lot easier than getting from losing
money to profitability. So at that point, you have the ability to focus on two platforms without it diluting your attention. But if you’re not
profitable, just stick to it. Just like anything in life, you’ve got to really stick to one thing, get it right, and then
move on to another thing. You can’t just be doing
a million things at once because that’s just a recipe
for online marketing failure. And that’s the kind of advice I also give. And thanks for watching the video. If you like this, hit the like button. Ask any questions in the comments section. If you have any topics you
want me to cover, let me know. Hit the subscribe button if you can. And cheers, have a great rest of the week.

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