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When Do Google Ads Extensions Show Up?

When Do Google Ads Extensions Show Up?

Adding ad extensions to your Google Ads ads
makes them a lot more appealing when they appear in Google searches and can increase
the likelihood of someone clicking on your ad. Increasing your clickthrough rate is vital
for success in your marketing campaign. Today we’re going to be looking at when and where
these extensions will be visible. For most of the time your ad extensions will
only show on the search network, occasionally also appearing on the display network. If
you want your ad extensions to appear to international visitors, this will, of course, depend on
the type of extension you’re using. The types of extensions that are available to
you include Location, Affiliate Location, and Callout extensions. To determine which
extension, you want to use depends on what you want your visitors to do, would you prefer
them to call or would you like for them to know where you are, for example, if you’re
a shop. Now that we know the different types of extensions
now we need to understand how Google Ads decides upon where they should be showing. The first thing Google considers is the ranking
of your advert. Your ad rank is decided upon by considering the quality of your advert
and landing page in conjunction with your proposed bid. The limits set out by ad rankings
will restrict who your advert is going to be shown to. If you want to show your extensions
alongside your ads you will need to meet a minimum ad rank, and only then will you be
able to show your extensions. The second thing Google considers is the position
of your ad on the Google search page. It reserves only a certain amount of space for extensions
to be shown. Ads in lower positions generally won’t have more extensions than ads in higher
positions. Plus, Google Ads generally won’t show ad extensions in a lower position.. If
you find your advert is ranking too low on the search results you might want to consider
increasing your bid amount and/or improve your ad rank. The final thing Google will take into consideration
is which extensions you have active on your adverts. The ads which are performing the
best will have the best chance of being shown by Google. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please feel
free to share, like, comment & subscribe. Thanks for watching, bye for now.

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  1. If there's any possibility to view our ads on some other countries google search.
    Only we can check imp and click by targeted location.

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