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What’s Wrong With Capitalism: Employment and Advertising Part 3

What’s Wrong With Capitalism: Employment and Advertising Part 3

So, ContraPoints has this bold assumption,
much like any other socialist, where they seem to have this view that, you know, these
employees just go and work in these companies, they have no stake in them, therefore, they’ve
got no interest in, you know, the company itself and how it does. “Chapter 2: Alienated
Labor, ugh, this Marxist Jargon sucks, let’s come up with something new: Chapter 2: Shitty
Jobs. Why is your job so shitty? Well, probably it’s because you work at the Comcast customer
service call centre and you spend your day dealing with whiny entitled white bitches
who don’t understand that you’re just a lacky without any lack of power and the system is
organised so that people of no power just have to pointlessly shout at each other. You
don’t have any stake in the profit of Comcast as a company, so you don’t really have any
reason to give a shit about the success of the corporate machine in which you adhere.”
But that completely ignores the fact even the employees have a reputation for themselves,
especially if they want to work hard to basically move up the ladder to better their experience
and, of course, to basically get paid better wages. Now, this is the point here: “The CEO
makes $36 million a year while you make $14 an hour, which means a lot of the value of
the work you are doing doesn’t get paid to you, it goes straight up the chain of command
and into the pockets of the chief lizards. The ruthless hierarchical structure of the
company means that you are competing against your fellow employees for a promotion or even
to not be laid off and if that happens, you’ll end up competing against other unemployed
people for another shitty job as a concrete lifter or a mud mule, or maybe even a coffee
shop Macbook person.” These companies should not be paying $14 or $15 an hour, especially
for working in places like McDonald’s, etc, that’s just ridiculous. The point being is
the fact that you might think: “Oh well, you know, what do you expect people to work for
$6 or $5 an hour or something?” These are entry level jobs, they’re not supposed to
be jobs that you spend your entire life doing. An entry level job is there for experience,
for you to then later move up the ladder to progress and then earn more. Those shitty
jobs enabled people to then later progress to move up the ladder to earn more and do
better. “This means its difficult to even experience companionship with the other people
in your shitty situation because you’re all being pitted against each other by the God
damned reptiles and it gets even worse, you could be employed by new age reptiles who
force you to participate in team building exercises, company scavenger hunts, mandatory
fun, which means that not only do you have a shitty oppressive job, but you’re not even
allowed the basic pleasure of openly hating your life.” This is about capitalism, capitalism
is about the free market economy, see in a free market, you can go and start up your
own private business, what’s stopping you? Or if, you know, if they can’t afford they
might then go and do wee shitty jobs, save up money and then go and start up their own
private business, that’s their free choice. And it isn’t the real world to state that,
you know, these employees just jump into a job and then, you know, because of all this
competition, oh, how their life is just oh so miserable. Again, it’s this mentality,
it’s this infantile mentality to think that, you know, things just fall on a plate for
you, that’s life, sometimes you might have to do things that you don’t like. I mean,
what do you want to do, do you want to get rid of the private sector, what you going
to do then? Because then you’ve only got one option to turn to the printing press. “You
have to constantly pretend that you’re having fun all for the sake of maintaining the overlords
comfortable delusion that he’s not your overlord. These lizards are smart and they keep coming
up with more elaborate ways to lie to you. If you work for Uber they won’t even be honest
about the fact that you are their employee, they’ll call you an ‘independent contractor.’
You get to be your own boss and set your own hours, you only have to take out the initial
loan, buy the car, pay the insurance, pay for the cleaning, take out all the risk and
give Uber 25 percent without getting a guaranteed wage, benefits, paid leave or pension, so
much better than being an old fashioned employee, right?” Clearly ContraPoints doesn’t really
seem to understand the whole point of Uber’s business with regards to the independent contractor.
That’s part and parcel of a private business, there is operational costs of a company, for
example; a big company owner might own stores all over the United States and all over Great
Britain, which is very expensive to operate, you’ve got all of the costs such as the wages
that are being paid out in all of the stores available, you’ve got all the production costs
to take into account, you’ve got everything and when you take into account that all of
the operational costs, it all tallies up to a lot of money. The critique by that of ContraPoints
makes no sense because, if you’re to start up your own private business, you’re going
to need to, you know, independently be able to find ways to get the money in order to
afford to, you know, pay for your own car, etc, etc, etc insurance or whatever it may
be. What America and Britain is living under today is a high inflationary based economy,
why? Because they tried to mix capitalism with socialism, because socialism strangled
capitalism half to death, ended up creating this corporatist system as a result of the
mixed economy and, therefore, drove private sector costs through the roof all in the name
of trying to mix the public and private sector and over regulating the private sector. Through
Uber, if you’re an independent contractor, then it really is down to you over what you
do, over what car you drive, etc. It’s basically all down to yourself. Sure, the company itself
that you work for is rightly going to take a certain percentage of that money, you’re
basically running through their company and why shouldn’t they? It’s actually a very smart
deal and they brought a greater level of efficiency out of it and I thought it was a a very smart
company, so to speak. The reason why it’s so expensive for them today is because like
I have explained of the high inflation, because of everything to do with the fractional reserve
banking, etc. This is why, you know, it’s harder for people to get by, but if Uber was
running in a free market, I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t cost anywhere near as
much for these people to go out and buy their own car and be able to afford their own insurance,
etc, etc. So, that argument goes flying out the window. “Chapter 3: Advertising. Is it
pretentious to use chapters in a YouTube video, what if each section is named after an episode
in the odyssey. If you’ve lived your life in America, you’ve spent every day since birth
assailed from all directions by propaganda campaigns for cereals and cigarettes and sugar
snacks and now you can’t get no satisfaction. Jesus, people have been complaining about
advertising so long its come to seem like a basic feature of the human condition, but
its not a basic feature of the human condition, its a situation particular to life under capitalism.
I mean, North Korea is a dystopian shit hole, but at least the trainstation isn’t cluttered
up with advertisements for. Oh! So many fans” “ContraPoints is a tankie confirmed. A NEOLIBERAL
TANKIE!” “The purpose of advertising is to manufacture desires which brands across the
world spend nearly $500 billion a year doing.” It’s onto this, you know, typical argument
you hear again from many socialists on advertisement, as if its a bad thing. I do understand the
point that you do get these things to do with the false advertisement and things relative
to do with using sex all in the name of selling said given products, etc. The consumer has
the free choice over whether they buy or they don’t and see if an individual rushes out
and spends money recklessly, that’s their own fault. If they don’t do proper independent
research into things, it’s their own fault, because you will find that when you look at
products, even if you go on, you know, sites like Amazon and you look through the reviews
section and you read all the reviews, you’ll find what many people say and you find all
of the ratings, etc on specific given things and you can even research elsewhere and do
your own independent research into things and read and learn from other review sites
and things like that on what they say about specific given products. You’ve got a wealth
of information out there before you even spend money on a particular product and then on
top of that, what ContraPoints has just completely ignored is the very fact that these companies
because of business reputation, because of consumer demand, these companies have returns
services. So, in other words, they might have a 30-day money back guarantee service that
they have in their business, basically to say that if you spend the money and you’re
not happy with for whatever being, you can easily return the product and get your money
back. Going back to my youth, I never had the things that you have today, the luxury
of what is available today. The type of produce that is available today because technology
has advanced, etc is simply beautiful and it did improve our material standards of living
and I’m just going by my example alone, for example; we didn’t even have the internet,
I wasn’t even able to produce such amazing 4K video. “Love cannot survive without diamonds.
Is this rational, does it help people make genuine decisions about their own best interests?
Of course not, the goal of advertising is not to satisfy the pre-existing needs that
people have, its to endlessly create new needs.” As if, you know, these producers just produce
what they want and then advertise it and then demand is created, as if to say consumerism
is created by production. That’s completely false! It’s actually down to consumer demand
that determines what is going to be produced. You know, it’s all well in this fairy tale
fantasy world believing that capitalist business owners can just produce whatever the hell
they like and then advertise it and then, you know, just throw it out there and as if
by magic it just sells. That isn’t the real world. In every company you have a market
research department, the market research department, like I’ve explained earlier looks at the niche
that they’re going to sell to, they look at what people are in demand of and they try
to find a gap in the market of things that people want, right, of what people want and
they produce it. If specific individuals like that and they buy it, that’s their own choice,
what’s it to you that they buy, what’s it to you on what they spend their money on?
And this is the other thing, ContraPoints doesn’t understand the difference between
needs and wants, that’s what you call wants, people want these things, they don’t need
it, people don’t need the diamond jewellery. So this is the argument because it’s misunderstanding
that difference. When it comes down to production, producers will produce what consumers are
in demand of and they do so in order to make a living for themselves. I mean, what’s ContraPoints
problem, is ContraPoints arguing that we should just get rid of all of this and people will
have nothing? As if that will somehow make people’s life better, I really don’t understand
to be perfectly honest with you, but there you go. “Consumer society is all about Goddamn
lizards inventing desires which they implant in your brain through advertising, so what
we have is a society built not around meeting basic human needs or maximising human happiness,
but around the extravagant profits of powerful reptiles who tell you what to want and then
sell it to you.” If that’s what ContraPoints thinks capitalism is about, they haven’t got
the slightest clue, right, that’s not how it operates. The private company or private
company owner starts up their own private business, they look at the niche in the market,
they see what is in demand because that’s what is going to make them profits because,
after all, what’s the point producing if nobody’s going to buy it and then after finding that
gap in the market, after finding what consumers do want, they then produce what the consumers
want and then they advertise. I’ll tell you how deeply flawed that view is: If that’s
how the world worked in ContraPoints view, why on earth then is it that certain companies
have produced certain products and those products never sold, those products ended up going
to waste and what did the companies do? The companies ended up reducing the cost to try
and sell off as much as they could to try and get rid of it. What else did they do,
what information did they gather from that? They gathered, there’s no point producing
more of that because there’s no need to because it’s not selling, because it’s not what the
consumers want, so it’s actually the consumer demand that drives production, it’s not production
that drives consumer demand. ContraPoints doesn’t understand what drives production
in the marketplace in a capitalist system.

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  1. We need more economic literate libertarians to smack up socialists. Too bad the right wing focus too much on anti SJW garbage.

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