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What’s the Google Network?

What’s the Google Network?

It’s Saturday morning on Main Street. And
Henry the Handyman… and Maria’s Boutique are two of the busiest stores on the block.
What’s their secret? Knowing just how to use the Google Network
to reach the customers they’re looking for. The Google Network is the term for all the
places AdWords ads can appear: Google Search, and search sites that partner
with Google to show ads; popular webpages; and even inside mobile phone apps. That’s
a lot of potential places to show your ads. The Google Network is divided into two big
areas: the Search Network and the Display Network.
By default, new AdWords campaigns use both the Search
and Display networks to give your ads the most visibility. But many advertisers take advantage of AdWords’
other campaign types… that use just one or the other network. Let’s look at each. PAUSE 2 SECONDS
Henry is a big fan of the Search Network. The Search Network includes those familiar
text ads that appear above and beside Google search results…
On other Google sites like Maps and Shopping…
And on websites that partner with Google to show ads, called search partners.
Search Network campaigns work by linking your AdWords keywords
to the words or phrases someone uses to search on Google.
Henry rarely has a minute to spare since he launched his new roofing repair service.
So he likes how the Search Network lets him get his new campaign up and running quickly…
…and makes it easy for him to connect with customers right when they’re searching for
“roofing repair”… whether they’re home on their laptops…
Or on a mobile device. PAUSE 2 SECONDS
Maria uses the Display Network for a lot of her boutique’s advertising. The Display Network uses attention-grabbing
visuals like rich media and video to match your ads to websites with content related
to your targeting. And lets you select the
placements… topics…
and audiences… for your ads. Display Network ads can appear on Google sites
like YouTube, Blogger and Gmail… Plus millions of popular websites around the
world. In fact,
the Display Network reaches nearly 90% of consumers online in 100 countries and 30 languages. Giving you more options to reach either a
very large… or a very specific audience. Maria’s biggest challenge is standing out
from the competition. So she’s always looking for new ways to
attract the stylish, 30-somethings that shop in her store.
The Display Network helps her reach this audience better by showing her ads where her customers
are likely to be… here…. but not here… here … but not here… and so on. So whether you’re more of a Henry…
Or more of a Maria… The Google Network can help your business
send the right message to the right audience. For more information about the Google Network
and campaign types, check out the AdWords Help Center.

16 thoughts on “What’s the Google Network?

  1. Hey Google, can i have a link of available countries with google shopping ads? I think its not available for Paraguay (If so, how can we change that?)

  2. Couldn't stop thinking about South Park. Were Matt Stone and Trey Parker involved in the creative process for this one?

  3. At 1:12 in the video, it says that Google Maps is a part of the Search Network, but that's not accurate. Maps is actually a part of the Google Search Partner network and details are here https://www.searchcommander.com/google-maps-is-adwords-search-partner/

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