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What’s Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score?

What’s Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score?

– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath
here from Lead Guru. In this video, I’m going to explain Facebook Ads Relevance Score. So whenever you run a
Facebook advertising campaign, you can go into ad manager or
you can go into Power editor, and if you navigate to the ad level, this is displayed at the ad level, you will see something that’s
called a relevance score. Now, this is a metric
that Facebook produces. You’ll see it for every
ad after you’ve got, I think it’s 500 impressions on that ad. This is a metric that Facebook produces to tell you how relevant your
ad is to the target market, how well that ad is being
received by a target market. So it’ll be a score out of 10, 10 being the absolute highest you can get, and that’s a fantastic ad,
it’s going down really well with your target market. One obviously being the opposite. And relevance score is really important for a couple reasons. Obviously it’s important because the higher the score, the
more likely people are to take the action you want them to take, whether that’s buy
something, become a lead, watch a video, whatever it is. It’s important on those grounds. But it’s also important because
Facebook takes that score into account when they’re running your ad. So your cost of advertising will be less if your relevancy score is higher, so I’m gonna put that up there. So a high relevant score
means you’ll pay less to advertise to the same number of people, it reduces your cost. Now, the reason why this
happens, why Facebook do this, is because they really want
to encourage their advertisers to create ads that don’t annoy their users and that their users actually enjoy. Because if all us people
advertising on Facebook created really annoying spammy ads, well that’s going to put
people off using the platform, it’s gonna annoy them and they’re gonna use the platform less, which is terrible for everyone. It’s really bad for us advertisers, it’s really bad for Facebook, ’cause people aren’t using
the platform as much, and it’s bad for the users because they get a bad experience. What they do is they want
to incentivize advertisers to create these ads that people enjoy, and that’s why they’re
doing relevance score. So if you’ve got a 10 relevance score, you’ll be paying a lot less
per thousand impressions than if you’ve got a one relevance score or two relevance score. That’s why Facebook do this. It’s really smart, because
it helps protect the platform and ensures that it’s not
ruined for everyone else by a few bad advertisers basically. Okay, so a general rule of thumb when you’re looking at
your relevance score and you’re looking at your ads thinking, should I run these, should I pause them, is what we’re looking
for is an eight plus. So out of 10, we’re looking
to see eight or more in a relevance score to keep it running. Now of course, if you’ve
got a five relevance score and your ad is delivering a fantastic ROI, that’s fine, you can keep running that if you know it’s producing
a great ROI for you, that’s great, but if it’s
not, I would kill all the ads that are less than eight plus, because the cost of your advertising is gonna be significantly more, and of course the higher
the score as well, the more likely your target market are to actually take the desired action that you want them to take. So if you do have low relevance scores, and you want to improve those, couple of things you should do. The first thing I would
look at is the targeting, ’cause it’s the easiest to change. Perhaps your ad, you’re like,
oh, we put a lot of effort into this video, it’s a
high quality video ad, or we know that this ad works really well, this image works really well on other advertising
platforms, stuff like that. We’re pretty confident
that our ad is good, then definitely look at targeting. Maybe you’re just putting it
in front of the wrong people. So if you’ve got a
couple targeting options all with low relevance scores, what I would look to do
is go through Facebook, identify all the possible targetings that might be appropriate
for whatever it is that you’re offering, create
an ad set for every single one, run it for a few days,
and then come back and see what your relevance scores are
by each different targeting. Because out all those targeting options, you might find one or
two that work really well and they’ve got relevance scores of eight or nine or even ten, and then you can obviously
go ahead with those. If you tried that, that doesn’t work, the next thing you need to
move onto is your ad messaging, the messaging that you’ve got in your ads. So again, provided what you’re offering is something people want, you
need to think about the hooks that you’ve got in your ad. You need to think about what
credibility have you got in that ad, what proof are you presenting? Is it obvious what you’re offering? All these sorts of things, really take a look at your ad messaging, come up with some variations, split test, split test, split test until you can get some ads that are eight plus relevance score. That’s really, really important. Okay, so if you are looking to improve your Facebook advertising
results, then we’ve got something that you might be really interested. We’ve got a five-part
Facebook ad template, so that you can download
right now for free, and this ad template includes some of the best performing
ads we’ve created for our clients in a number
of different industries. You can download it right now for free on our website, just click on the link in the video description above, that’ll take you there,
you have to download it, and obviously you can
model from these ads. You should find it really, really useful. If you enjoyed this video,
please like, comment, and share, I would really appreciate that, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

7 thoughts on “What’s Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score?

  1. Hi Ben, great video, thanks for sharing! I have two questions if I may 🙂

    1. I have an ad set performing with RS 6 after the first 24hrs, CPR is 0,02. Is it already time to shut it down/edit it or would you give it some more time?

    2. When I decide to edit this ad set, do you recommend to just edit this, existing one (which already has some metrics from these 24 hrs), or to turn this one off, duplicate it and make a new one (I will change the targeted audience)?

    Thanks a lot for you reply and also for the 5 steps guide I downloaded, it's really cool!

  2. Sorry, do not agree that the higher the RS the lower you pay.. I have run ads that have lower scores, but cost less.. Still trying to work it out!

  3. The ad's messaging is about the text, or in general the message that your video/photo represents? Thanks for the info!!

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