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What you need to know to Make Money with Video Facebook Ads

What you need to know to Make Money with Video Facebook Ads

in this video let me show you what you need to know to make money from video facebook ads that’s right it’s time to double down on making YouTube videos and then publish them on facebook to double your profits facebook has over 100 million hours of watch video per day which is very similar to the watch time on YouTube and have over 1.2 billion daily active users and this continues to grow year-on-year so what’s been stopping you from uploading your youtube videos to facebook well until recently you couldn’t make money from facebook video views so you probably didn’t bother but that’s all set to change with the new video facebook ads rollout yes you heard correctly facebook has already begun showing facebook as during the middle of Facebook videos and although it’s live they are still in the testing phase but here’s the important information you need to know what you need to know to make money from video facebook ads Ad Revenue the split for facebook video advertising is the same as with YouTube 55/45 you get fifty five percent of the ad revenues and Facebook gets 45 percent minimum videos length your facebook video must be at least 90 seconds long but longer videos will also have the ability to include multiple ads and unlike youtube videos you don’t need to make a 10-minute video to qualify for a second ad just a few minutes will do space between ads facebook ads need to be at least two minutes apart when do facebook ads appear in your video unlike youtube that uses pre-roll ads that appear at the beginning of the video facebook reportedly hate this model and have gone with a mid-roll video ad model which means facebook ads will only appear after 20 seconds from the start of the video I suspect this model was chosen because Facebook videos automatically start when scrolling through your screen and Facebook probably didn’t want to annoy everyone with video ads appearing in the facebook stream as they scroll past when can you start making money from your videos with facebook ads as previously mentioned facebook video ads are in a trial state right now but the live video ads trial has recently been expanded to U.S. residents that meet the following criteria only facebook live videos you must have 2,000 more followers and you need to have more than 300 concurrent views for your video just a note live facebook video ads are slightly different in that you must be live for at least four minutes before you can take an outbreak how to get ready for video facebook ads he has a couple of quick tips to make sure you ready to make money from facebook video ads ensure your videos are over two minutes in length longer videos mean more opportunity for ad revenue but make sure they’re engaging be sure to hook your viewer in during the first 20 seconds you want your viewers to hang around after an ad so ensure you’ve given him plenty of reasons to stay start building your facebook following more facebook followers means more viewers so start asking for facebook page like in your videos about my facebook page link in the comments below so please make sure you like the page start uploading to facebook now start uploading your popular videos on facebook as what works on YouTube will probably work on facebook to youtube video versus facebook video don’t give up on youtube yet as YouTube is still the number two search engine in the world and you’ll find it much easier to find new organic traffic on youtube then you will on facebook but said once you’ve found those viewers you’ll want to leverage social media sharing to grow quicker this is why giving an active following in facebook matters again sharing is much more common in facebook then on youtube i’ll keep you posted on any new updates as Facebook rolls facebook video ads out to more users on their platform but until then please like and subscribe and bye for now

13 thoughts on “What you need to know to Make Money with Video Facebook Ads

  1. Hi, Interesting video. When I upload my videos to Youtube, I always SHARE to Facebook. Does sharing qualify for monetization on FB, or do I have to upload DIRECTLY to FB? Thanks!

  2. facebook has that many views because as soon as you scroll trough any video on your timeline it starts playing and when it finishes it starts again

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  4. Hi i have 16k followers and i dont know why and how facebook would pay me, one of my videos have like 62k views from live streamings can u help me understand how they would pay me? do i need to activate something for this to work?

  5. Screw Facebooks model. Nothing says "I'd love to listen to this song" like an ad smack dab in the middle of the first verse…. let's be honest, everyone loves to watch a magic trick where there's an ad 20 seconds in which anything could have been messed with and swapped at the 20 second time mark….
    this model is great if you do fake pranks and pretend to feed the homeless routines but it's a huge middle finger to actual creative people.

  6. live streaming with 300 viewers I usually do this in groups and have 500 viewers + but I'm going to do it from my personal page and see if I get the ad breaks invitation for pay icon 🤷🏾 wish me luck 🤞

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