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What To Do When Facebook BANS Your Ad Account

What To Do When Facebook BANS Your Ad Account

Hello, there. Today, we’re gonna to talk
about Facebook policies and accounts going down and
things getting banned, okay? And, you know, I’ve noticed a big trend in the online marketing
space, I mean a lot of you know Facebook Ads groups, and you know different groups where people are talking about lead generation
and all sorts of stuff. And there’s a trend. You know Facebook keeps getting tougher, their policies are getting more stringent and we’re seeing accounts, we’re seeing in these groups that we’re involved in,
we’re seeing accounts getting banned, we’re seeing business managers getting banned and we’re seeing, in some cases, individuals becoming banned from advertising on
Facebook, which is the most extreme example. So you know we’ve seen you know when you’re creating ads in Facebook sometimes they’ll get disapproved, and they’ll get that
little dreaded red mark against it, and then you have to go back and try and tweak it, in order to you know in order to
get it approved, okay? So the one bit of advice
I would give with that, is don’t bulk upload,
okay? Don’t create you know 20 different ad sets
and have five different ads in each one, and get 50 all disapproved at the same time.
That’s just madness, okay? Do not do this, all
right? That’s a bad idea. And I’m going to skip
down to this part here, when it comes to running ads
before you even do anything, before you’re entering a
new market, or a new niche for a client, you need to speak to your rep if you have one, and
or the Facebook Live Chat, which is pretty easy to get a hold of. And you need to talk to
them like a human being, as a nice person, not
some arrogant advertiser that treats these people
like a piece of crap down the other end of
the phone, or wherever, on email, on chat or whatever. And ask them, “what do you
think about this vehicle? What do you think about
the ad that we’re trying to run? What do you think
about our landing page? What do you think about
the copy that we’re using?” Okay? Start asking questions, and spend you know an hour, if you
have to, chatting to people and document this conversation, okay? Because you might want to use this down the road, all right?
Because if they’re saying that it’s all approved, and it looks good, and something goes wrong, then you have a back up plan. And when you’re you know trying a new angle within your ad copy, or when you’re trying a new landing page, take the time, you know it doesn’t take long to reach out and
ask for their advice. A rep is obviously
perfect, we’ve got reps. But other people don’t have that luxury, but the live chat will work as well. So reach out to them and ask for advice before you kind of set out
anything live, all right? And if you do that, you’ll
have your back covered before you get into trouble, all right? You know not much more else to this video. I’ve seen advertising accounts go down, I’ve seen business managers go down, and personal profiles go down, okay? People are getting,
they’re getting stricter and Facebook sometimes don’t take the time to really look at your profile or the ads that you’re running, and they’ll have someone that
doesn’t really understand what they’re doing, and they’ll ban you and that’s the end of
the story. But if you have something documented
that I’m talking about down here, when you start running ads, for that vertical, then it’s gonna make a difference to your case, you’re going to have a much stronger case to argue. But you know it is
scary, and I think people are freaking out about
it online at the moment, advertisers, but there’s other options. Look at diversifying a little bit, because there’s other options
out there that are just as good as Facebook, okay? So it’s time to maybe start looking at
a few different options. Don’t you know leave
Facebook forever. Start doing this stuff, it’s going to help you. But do start not having
all your eggs in one basket which is never a good idea in business. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this video today, if you’ve got any
questions, reach out to us, put a comment below this
video. If you want to learn more about what
we do as lead gen agency and how we sell leads on
our PayPal link basis, then there’s also a link to a case study which explains everything that we
do, below this video as well. Enjoy, speak later.

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