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What Makes Facebook & Instagram Ads Really Work in 2019

What Makes Facebook & Instagram Ads Really Work in 2019

Hey everyone, welcome to grand advice by Good Monster. I’m John Zimmerman today we’re gonna talk about why Facebook and Instagram ads rather are so magical, but it’s probably not why you think so. We all know that there’s crazy targeting capabilities with Facebook and Instagram ads You can target the exact person who your product or service is right for we don’t think about often times Is that that targeting capability isn’t the reason that that person is going to engage? With your brand or your business for your service of your product. It’s not the targeting capabilities It’s the creative that is where all the magic happens and quite often We look at the ad budget and the ad spend and setting up the ads and then we just slap on some Creative and hope that it works. Well, if this is how you’re currently doing it, you are literally leaving Multiple X’s of return on your ad spend on the table You’re leaving a lot because you’re not connecting with the person who’s actually seeing the ad, right? we’ve all seen it we’ve all seen Instagram ads or Facebook ads that come across and This has a little sponsored word on it and it’s something that we see that we don’t relate with that looks cheap That we don’t really connect with well if the company spent a lot of time figuring out who we are who that person is they’re using that crazy targeting towards and then telling a story that they can really connect with the chances that Person is going to engage with that ad goes through the roof. It goes sky-high. So let’s use a couple of examples So let’s use a makeup company a makeup company. Maybe they’re gonna target the female demographic They’re gonna target women They can target based on age group of whoever their product is right for They can target based on income level if it’s a higher end or a lower end product They can base the target based on style or culture different geographical areas Okay, they can target based on all these things But then if they just take their standard sure of their makeup and they put it and they target that person There’s not a lot that really they’re gonna connect with unless they already know the brand unless they already know that makeup brand They’re probably not going to stop what they’re doing. Click on it and look at the deal or product or whatever it is now if they take that crazy targeting capabilities Reverse-engineer whose are targeting and now tell a story in that creative That that person can align with the ad feels like them it looks like them they’re in an environment that they relate with and they understand they’re doing Activities that are the same activities that that real-life person experiences every day It addresses problems that they experience every single day now of that video that Facebook video ad tells that story The chances that they’re going to engage with that ad goes through the roof goes crazy high Right, and that just makes sense? Now this goes for out all advertisements whether it’s a billboard or display ad right the more the creative Connects with the person the better it’s going to work. The problem is that’s currently done in traditional advertising It has been for years but a lot of companies think that just because they’re doing Facebook or Instagram Advertising they don’t have to worry about the creative. They can go cheap on it. It’s totally not the case So let’s use another example talk about a manufacturing company looking to attract good talent We’ll use this one because this is a space that we play in a lot So if a manufacturing company is looking to hire on new employees. They might target based on gender male female They might a target based on Geographical area if they’re looking for more entry-level hands on get your hands dirty kind of work. They might be targeting more blue-collar areas, if they’re targeting more high-tech software-driven engine years people coming out of college with Software development or engineering degrees major metropolitan areas may be coming from a background higher income lower income They can target based on all of these different things But then we look at the creative and if they just put an ad on there that says we are hiring That isn’t going to say much to that specific person. They’re not gonna know what you’re hiring for now We can take it a step up. Maybe they’re saying we’re hiring for tech jobs or we’re hiring for software developers Okay, great You’re gonna of course to attract somebody who’s looking specifically for a software development job, but it really doesn’t tell anything about your company So you’re relying on them really needing that job right then to go and figure out more instead Let’s stay on that software development You might want to tell a story in a video or a picture That that person can align with the same people. You’re trying to target the same Backgrounds the same cultures the same problems the same thing they want out of life Figure out what these people want out of life. Is it income? Is it job stability? Is it a great work environment and show that in the ad saying hey we’re hiring for high-level software developers to come join our Amazing culture and then show everyone’s smiling and laughing and you know going out for happy hour after work or whatever It might be right Tell that story and you’re so much more likely to get a Facebook ad or an Instagram ad campaign that actually drives Quality people to apply for your jobs. So those are two examples fits just two examples I mean there’s hundreds of thousands if not millions of examples that you could use but the moral of the story is don’t Go cheap on your creative when looking at Facebook and Instagram ads Because you’re knocking down the chances that you’re going to get any return on those ads If you spend ten thousand dollars a month on Facebook ads, but you slap together your creative in Canva, or you just use some old creative graphics that you had and that’s what you put in. You’re pretty much wasting that money instead go with $5,000 a month spend and spend the other $5,000 creating amazing stories and your return on that ad spent is going to go way way Way up. Thanks everyone for watching or listening to another episode of grant advice buy good monster Remember you can find this content on YouTube LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Or your favorite podcasting platform So depending on whether you like to watch or listen Check us out and make sure you subscribe to make sure you catch all the episodes that come out We’ll see you next time have an awesome day

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