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What Kind of Images Work Best For Facebook Ads? QTT #12

What Kind of Images Work Best For Facebook Ads? QTT #12

– One of the most important
decisions that you’re gonna make about your Facebook advertisement campaign is the image that you use in your ads. And there’s a lot of advice out there that we don’t think is
actually that helpful. We wanna clear it up in this video. So one of the most common pieces of advice is to choose an image for your Facebook ad that’s really high resolution,
beautifully produced but we found that that’s
actually been hurtful to our campaigns in the past. Now you’re gonna think about really where people are seeing your ad, like any type of advertising. And on Facebook, although there’s many different
placements for your ads, the most common one that
gets the most traffic is in the news feed. But what else happens
in a person’s news feed? People are looking at pictures
of their friend’s kids or of pets or trips and
most of the content there isn’t overproduced. So when they see something
that’s overproduced, really beautiful, it tends
to be screaming “I’m an ad.” And we know that people just tune out ads. We get better and better
at it all the time and your ad will be ignored. And so, what we did is we
ran a task with a client who is spending a lot more money per month so we had a nice statistically significant pool to work with. And we tested two things. We tested the ads that we
spent a lot of time designing versus ads that were like
taken from an iPhone. You know, lower quality, not overproduced. And as you could probably guess, the lower fidelity ads were actually way outperforming the professionally designed ones. By a factor of usually
200% on clickthrough rates. So we continued to run these tests and across the board, the ones
that were of lower quality continue to outperform the
ones that were higher quality. Now we pride ourselves in
putting good work to our creative and we believe that creative is important but in this case, you really have to match the context of where
you’re showing your ads. And it was really important
for us to blend in to the environment. So I guess the main takeaway here is to question the best
practices that you’ve been given. Including this advice. Right? You should test what’s
gonna work for your business or for your clients. But if anything, I’m hoping
that this little example gives you some ideas of things that you might need to challenge, things that you heard
and just taking to back. Let me give you one other tip on what we’ve learned about the
ads, particularly on Facebook. So when you’re using images of people versus inanimate objects, that can be a very helpful
way to connect too. And I know that there’s
a psychological principle at play here that we tend to connect with eye contact and people. So that’s probably part of how this works. But try mixing in people to
your ads whenever possible and if you’re a software business or what you do is a little bit more abstract, just try to include those human subjects in the shot whenever possible. And so, that could be a
person holding a laptop or a mobile device but the
more you can get people into your ads, the better
chance that you’ll probably have to connect with other people
and get the clickthrough. But again, test what’s gonna work for you. If anything, if you
just take anything away from this little quick tip it’s that you should
question the best practices and when you’re running ads on Facebook, give the lower quality shots a shot.

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