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What Is YouTube Advertising And How Can You Advertise on YouTube

What Is YouTube Advertising And How Can You Advertise on YouTube

– What is YouTube advertising and how do you advertise on YouTube? Hi, I’m Chad Nelson, owner
of Champion Online Marketing. YouTube is the second most used
search engine after Google. So it’s a great place for
businesses to advertise. Now when you advertise on
YouTube it’s typically a video that shows before the video
plays that you wanna watch, or if it’s a longer video
there’ll also be advertisements throughout the video in
places you can advertise. What I love about video advertising is you can do things in a video ad that you just can’t do
in a text or display ad. So there’s a lot of also studies out there that just show how powerful video is about connecting with people
and driving more clients or customers to your business. There’s a couple of ways that you can target your ads on Facebook. Number one is looking for
specific channels or videos. So for example, if you were
a local auto parts store, you wanna show ads in front
of channels that dealt with, or videos that dealt with car enthusiasts. If you were a local veterinarian, maybe you wanna get in front
of ads, or excuse me, videos that have to do with pet grooming or pet training, for example. You could also target via keyword. So you can either specify the videos that you wanna show up in front of or you can specify the keywords that you wanna show up in front of, and then Google will show them in videos that have those keywords. So for example, again, if we
were looking at a veterinarian, they could put in the
keywords pet training. Google will then go out and find ads, excuse me, videos that talk about pet training on your behalf
and place the ads there. So it’s a great, great place to advertise. We have a free checklist that talks about the top nine ways that local businesses can advertise online to
drive more customers. If you’d like that it’s absolutely free. You can get it at

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