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What is URL Channels in AdSense & How To Use It

What is URL Channels in AdSense & How To Use It

Hey guys, Harsh here from Shoutmeloud and
today we do is for all the AdSense users. If you are starting out or if you already
have an AdSense account, you will learn something new about AdSense.
So today’s topic is about URL channels in AdSense. So most of us when we create a new
ad unit, I am very sure you must be using custom channel and let me show you how it
works. Basically, when you create a new ad unit, you add it to a custom channel. This
is the most custom practice and this is recommended whenever you are creating a new ad because
it helps you to make your ad more targetable and especially your advertisers can also see
what that channel is all about. for example, these are the channels that I have and when
I create them, I also mention that this blog is for tech blog, this blog is for I-phone
apps, so that helps in getting more advertisement but what we are going to talk about today
is a URL channel and this is one of those things that is under looked by most of the
AdSense user. So basically what this does, the blogs where you already have AdSense ads
running or the blogs where you are planning to have AdSense in the near future, so it
helps you to track the revenue from one particular domain. I will give you a complete overview
of that. So login to your AdSense account and click
on ‘My ads’, go to URL channels. By default, you will see the websites that you have, if
you don’t see, no problem. Click on New URL channels and here you can type the entire
website’s blog domain that you own, so let me quickly type ‘Shoutmehindi.in’, so this
is one of those new blog where I am using AdSense. click on Add URL channels and that’s
it, claim site and create URL channels, that is all done and I can see here and from here
I can see view reports and see the revenue from this particular domain and what you should
do is click on Performance report. under Common reports, you will see a option called Sites
and here you will see all those websites like which you haven’t claimed wherever your
ads are running, so I am seeing few websites which are not even mine but my AdSense ads
are showing there. What you can do is click on advance report and click on URL channels
and this is where you will see the major benefits. so all the websites that I have, I don’t
see ‘Shoutmehindi’ right now, I think it would take some time to see the report for that
but you can see that I can see the total page vies, I can see all the revenues coming from
that particular domain. so it gives you a good data, a good information on how your
blogs are performing because what happens sometimes when you create a new ad, you might
adding it to custom channel and sometime you miss out on adding it or if you are using
any third party tool to run ad on your blog, so this will help you to understand how much
revenue you are generating from one particular site.
So this is about URL channel and if you have any question regarding this, feel free to
ask me in the comment section. I will be doing few more videos about AdSense in coming days.
So don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel, see you in the next video, bye!

11 thoughts on “What is URL Channels in AdSense & How To Use It

  1. more vids on adsense plz. need a quality cpc, ctr info explained video bro.. if possible high cpc stuff too… it's an tuff term to understand for an avg blogger. thanks in adv.

  2. You don't properly know how to use URL channels. You can add URLs of pages inside your website not just the homepage. When you do this then you can see which pages are earning most money or under performing. For example high RPM earning pages can be promoted to increase earnings even more.

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