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What is the Facebook Ads Learning Phase? Why Does it Matter?

What is the Facebook Ads Learning Phase? Why Does it Matter?

– Hi guys, it’s Ben Heath from Lead Guru. This is gonna be a quick video about the Facebook Ads learning phase. Now it’s an important
Facebook advertising feature, but not one that many
people know a lot about. So when you first launch a Facebook Ad the ad set that that ad is in
will start the learning phase and during the learning
phase Facebook is basically trying to work it out for you. They’re gonna serve your
ad to different people within your target audience to work out who is most likely to
take your desired action. So let’s say for example you’ve created a Facebook Ad campaign and
use the traffic objective, then Facebook is going to try and work out who within your target
audience is most likely to click on your ad and come
through to your landing page. And because the learning phase
is an experimental process the results that you get during it are likely to be quite a bit worse than the results that you
will get once Facebook has had a bit of time to
optimise your campaigns. So it’s important that you
don’t judge the results you get from your campaigns too
early, don’t judge them during the learning phase wait
until that is completed. It’s also important
that you don’t make any significant adjustments
to your ad, your ad set, or even the campaign
during the learning phase because that will restart
the learning phase, you’ll have to go through
the process all over again and it will confuse Facebook’s
targeting algorithms. So I know it could be tempting but it’s best to just
leave your campaigns alone, leave your ads alone,
once you’ve launched them, come back to them in a few days time and then start to make some assessments, don’t make any adjustments too early. Now just before you go,
there’s something I want to tell you about that I
think you’ll find very, very interesting and that’s my
five part Facebook Ad template that you can download right now for free. So in this template I’ve included some of the best performing ads that
I’ve created for my clients in a number of different industries. I’ve explained what I’ve
included in each ad and why, and if you’re looking to get
better results from Facebook then I think you’ll find
this very, very useful. As I said, you can download
it right now for free, all you need to do is click on the link in the video description,
that’ll take you to a page on my website and you
can download it there. Best of luck with your
Facebook Ad campaigns guys, bye for now.

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  1. Ben, One of my adset is in active phase but after the active phase the purchase, reach and spend is going down. what should I try ?

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