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What Is The Best Facebook Ad Image Size – Free Tools For Facebook Image Specs

What Is The Best Facebook Ad Image Size – Free Tools For Facebook Image Specs

hey in this video we’re talking all
about Facebook ad images what kinds to use what size they should be should you
have text or not I’m gonna give you the lowdown on everything so that you
understand and know what images you need to either create or use to make sure
that your Facebook Ads are working effectively and most of all
working profitably so whether you’re promoting shopify ecommerce or you’re
building a brand or doing coaching or anything else in between you want to
make sure that your ads are working perfectly the way you want them to work
and one of the ways that you do that is by making sure your ad image is on point
I’m also gonna give you guys some examples of some images as well as some
tools that you can use to make sure that everything is working just the way you
want them to work and that’s coming up right now what’s going on beautiful people my name
is Gabe Ekemezie with www.gabeekemezie.com and welcome back to my channel on my
channel i teach internet marketing as well as entrepreneurship how to make
money online how to build businesses and your brand online so if this is your
very first time seeing my face being on my channel first of all welcome second
of all don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the little notification
bill thing so that you can get updated on any videos that I do we are in the
middle of my free Facebook Ads course here on my channel so if you want to
learn Facebook Ads no matter if you are a beginner
intermediate that’s this course is really for you so go back peruse go
through my course you can do that either by using the links down below in the
description or you can see it by the playlist of and I go over everything
from beginner stuff to the pro advanced stuff the stuff that people aren’t
teaching or are paying thousands of dollars to teach other people and I’m
giving it to you guys absolutely free been getting a lot of great reviews and
comments about it so I hope that you guys find that value but in this
particular video we’re talking about Facebook ad images okay so we’ve already
kind of covered Facebook ad copy what you should be writing what kind of ads
you should be using depending on what service or product that you’re selling
I’m check out my last video we covered ecommerce ads and what ads are worth
really good for that but obviously as marketers we know that copy is just one
piece of the pie your ad image actually plays a big effect on how well your ad
does so I’m gonna go over a few tips that you want to keep in mind with your
ad images so that you can make sure that they are the right kinds and make sure
that you aren’t kind of taking a step back when you are promoting your
Facebook ads so a couple of points I want to cover first before diving into
some tools that you can use the very first thing is you want to make sure
that you’re using high resolution high quality images for your facebook ad now
this may not seem like a big deal but actually it really is why because the
algorithm that Facebook uses when you first launch an ad can actually tell and
see if your picture is good quality or not and if it comes up pixelated or even
semi pixelated your to actually perform lower than it
potentially could and bad images also get lower relativity scores and if you
watch any of my previous videos I’m all about relativity score that really can
help that basically from that basically scales your ad from zero to ten in terms
of zero being the ad sucks and it’s not reaching its target audience to ten
being you hit it right on the money and your image actually plays a big part in
that so using a high-resolution image super important
super super key when you are thinking about what ads images that you want to
use so big question what size should your facebook ad images be so as you can
see here you want your Facebook ad image to be exactly 1200 pixels by 628 pixels
why 628 I know why’d I just round it up to 620 or 6:30 I’m not that guy that
created this and just let you guys know this is just what Facebook rice didn’t
have if you want your ad to work as most possible you just follow the rules right
so 1200 by 628 pixels and that’s for a standard image now if you’re thinking
about doing like a carousel for example it changed a little bit you want your
images to be 462 for 16 one how do you figure out what size your
current image is now and how can you get your image resize well there’s a bunch
of different complicated ways to do it and there’s one easy simple way that I’m
going to show you in a couple seconds here okay so hold on for that next point
is that when it comes to Facebook images you want to make sure that it has less
than 20% of the actual image that is text the reason being is you got to
understand the psychology of Facebook right so Facebook is a business that
obviously makes money from avatars but the only way they can make money from
advertisers is from non advertisers who use the social platform for social means
and if you create ads with pictures with text like buy my stuff for 50% off and
it’s and it’s huge as big and it’s outrageous it makes it look like well I
can add and if it looks more and more like an ad it’s just not going to run
well with Facebook because Facebook although they know you’re advertising
they want you to create ads that are engaging and that are that I don’t
look like that so you want to make sure the images that you’re using have 20% or
less of text but if you can help it I actually recommend using images with no
text because going back to the Facebook algorithm they can actually see images
with text images without text and if your image does not have text you are
automatically kind of a step ahead in terms of ranking and a step ahead in
terms of the optimization and effectiveness of your ad versus if you
do have text now if your text is lower than 20% it doesn’t mean you’re gonna
get penalized okay but it may still promet still be a little less effective
as no image at all but with that being said I’m not saying that having text on
an image is a bad thing because I’ve actually seen and done ads with text in
it that have performed amazingly but just keep that in mind if you’re gonna
include text in your images make sure that they are not taking up a majority
of the page and I’m gonna show you a quick easy tool that you can use in a
second to be able to do that another point to remember when you’re thinking
about which Facebook ad image to use this you want to use images that involve
one your target audience or your customer avatar and that actually show
people using your product or show people getting the experience they’re getting
the benefit from your product or service so let’s say you are you know promoting
something to elderly people like AARP or something like that right you wanna you
know it’s really nice to use pictures of older couples or older men or women you
know you’re not gonna put a picture of like a you know football star if you’re
trying to sell somebody like life insurance for the elderly right that’s
that just doesn’t mix it’s not it’s not cohesive so you want to make sure that
you are you know obviously creating images and using images that speak to
your particular target audience and you also want to use people you also want to
use images that share the benefit of that particular product so if you’re
doing e-commerce you know it’s great to have images of people actually using the
product right actually wearing the shirt or actually you know driving the car or
whatever okay and if it’s not a physical product you want to give pictures of
experience or what’s the benefit of the product right so if you’re something
like vacation or travel right create an image or find an image that has people
like laughing or having a good time or people that are excited you know that
that’s the emotion that you’re selling that’s what you are promoting via your
product or your service so capturing that image and using a high-quality
image in your ad that depicts that is going to help your ad perform very well
so when it comes down to it you basically have two choices native or
non-native pix native pix being pictures that are just organic you just took a
selfie you can upload that as an image for your ad which couldn’t work actually
pretty well and that’s a native image right or you can have non-native images
which includes like taking a selfie and then giving it to a graphic designer
to touch it up do a little bit of Photoshop throw it background in there
throw some text in there now which one works best all comes down to testing it
all comes down to testing I always recommend whenever you’re running ads
you know you want to test at least three to five different images and see what
worked because there’s some instances when native pictures will work great
there’s some instances where non-native pictures will work even better
so which one whatever works best you gotta test these out so now let’s hop on
to two tools that I want to show you to help you get all of this stuff situated
okay so the very first tool that you can use in order to size your image and make
sure your image is the right dimensions is canva.com so this is canva right here
now oh if you don’t already have an account create an account that’s
absolutely free once you create your account log in and when you log in it’s
gonna ask you what would you like to design and all you got to do is type in
Facebook ad and it’s gonna automatically generate a facebook ad and you can see
the dimensions right there so once you click that it’s going to open up a
display or kind of like a canvas that you can actually use and form that to X
the actual size for Facebook Ads so as you can see this is the image here and
they give you great templates here that you can use which is amazing right now
some of these images obviously have text in them so you also want to make sure
that this text is taking over 20% or less of the actual ad
right but let’s say we’re selling this right so you can take this image and
it’s automatically size they’re ready to go now you can also upload images right
here you can upload your personal images so if I wanted to upload an image of
mine you can do that as well and then you can bring it up over here
change it up the way ever wanted so let’s say you know I hide this image
here can change up this text you know I could say something like IT course
something like that right change this all up okay and you just want to make
sure that it’s not taking up 20% more than 20% of the actual image all right
and so once you have that there you can go ahead and hit download and then you
can download it as a GPG file and then use that file for your facebook ad okay
now how can you tell if your ad image has 20% or less text right one way that
you can do that one easy way that you can do that is let’s go back to our
original ad here I’m just gonna I like this kind of picture here maybe cuz I’m
hungry but so you’re not really sure it looks like it’s lesson to me for Sam but
you’re not really sure so let’s find out all right so what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna save this Pizza I’m gonna go ahead and hit download say this is a JPEG and
then I’m gonna open up a new tab and once you’re on Google all you got to do
is type in Facebook image text tool okay and when you do that it should be
like the first or second hit you can see they’re right here text overlay tool so
I’m just gonna click this here and it’s a tool directly from Facebook so this is
not a third-party tool or anything like that although there are third-party
tools you can use this is directly Facebook’s tool so you know if you’re
good here you’re good in general alright so once it loads up all you have to do
is upload the image or images that you would like to use for your ad so I’m
gonna click upload I’m gonna choose my picture here
pizza and it’s gonna do a quick check for me to see if it works
and as you can see here it’ll let me know if it’s okay or not okay so give it
a second here boom and it pops up with the image it says image text is okay
your ad will run normally and there you go so that’s how you easily check out
remember when and if you can use images without text because they just have a
better appeal to them but if you want to use text just make sure it’s 20% or less
if you have any doubts you can use this Facebook image tool and they’ll tell you
right after that so that’s it for Facebook ad images I hope this video is
helpful for you if you guys have any questions comments concerns troubles
whatever leave them down in the comment section below like this video don’t
forget if you have not yet subscribed subscribe to my channel so that you can
get updated on new videos and new trainings that I’m gonna be releasing
and finally guys if you’re interested in crushing it with your Facebook ads
download my free 10 Facebook ads copy cheat sheet where I’ll go over a 10 copy
secrets that you can use to create engaging ads that are effective they
capture your audience attention and that most importantly gets you to sell your
stuff copy is a huge important part of the ad if someone reads the first or
second line of your ad and they’re not immediately hooked you’ve lost them or
they’re not a good part or they’re not good fit for your product but if they
are a good fit you want to make sure you get them you want to make sure that
they’re taking the action that you want to touch so download that freeze cheat
sheet you can see the link down in the description below fill out your
information I’ll send it to you immediately on your inbox and with that
being said guys I appreciate you all for watching if you are following a lot
about Facebook ads of course you can go onto the next video and if you’re just
tuning in thank you so much for stopping by I hope to see you on another video
whether it’s Facebook ads or anything else related to internet marketing you
have an amazing day and I’ll catch you guys next time

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  1. Nice video! Is there are a good way to tell how much money you should be putting into your ads when split testing them? Also when do you know to target broad vs specific audiences?

  2. Is there an overlay that you can pull up on Canva to check whether your text spans over 20% of the image?

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