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What is Smart Cleaner Advertising?

What is Smart Cleaner Advertising?

Hi! My name’s Daisy and I run the blog smartcleaneradvertising.com. I want it’s create a hub where there was videos and blogs, and downloadables and conversations going on to market cleaning businesses better. So they can become more profitable. Now, there are already some fantastic forums and organizations out there. Whatever your cleaning niche is you will be able to find one so go ahead and join them. But I wanted to make one that’s just specific for marketing. Now, why marketing? Well, marketing just seems this huge confusing, never-ending topic, that so many people talk about. But it’s hard to know what’s gonna work for you and your cleaning business. Now I know how confusing marketing is first hand from working in my family’s carpet cleaning business. Our carpet claaning business was really quite established in our local area: Manchester. It been set up by my granddad about 30 years ago. We were well known and had a steady flow of jobs coming in every week. However, about a year ago we decided to completely rebrand. We got a new name, new vans, new website we offered new services. Everything about the company changed. And overnight, it felt that we were starting
from scratch. And I was put in charge of remarketing this brand new cleaning company. And getting that phone to ring again. In this time we tried and tested so many marketing techniques. New leaflets: Yellow Pages ads, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, donut Friday. You name it we tried it. Now some of the marketing techniques we tried were miraculous. And made the phones ring more, and we were starting to get that steady flow of jobs coming in each week. Others were a total failure a waste of time and money and effort. And some really could work we just hadn’t perfected how to use them to engage with our customers. What was really fortunate for us is we had a community of friends, who also owned cleaning businesses, and friends who were expert marketers. Some of them put some serious hours into showing us how to improve our marketing. They sat down and showed us how to implement them, how to keep them going on an ongoing basis and how to fine-tune them. I think this community of people + a lot of hard work on our end was the reason we were able to reestablish our cleaning business so quickly. Sure we still have to manage our marketing techniques, but the phone now rings and we get the Diaries filled up week in week out. Now I would love if that community could be out there online for all cleaners to access. That way we’re not all making timely and costly mistakes just dotted in different parts of the world. Here we can share them together and build better more profitable cleaning businesses. So, how do we build this community? Well, I’m gonna be making bite-size videos, with marketing tips that you can implement into your cleaning business today. You can comment on these videos and tell me what happened when you implemented them. Did it help? Can you improve on them? Let us know and together we can get better ideas flowing. You can also suggest videos you’d like to see. Head over to the smartcleaneradvertising.com Home Page and there’s a suggestions box there. Tell me what you want to learn more about. If I can’t help you, I’ll go and find a cleaning expert that can. If you know other cleaners that could benefit from these videos, share them in. This is a community, not a competition. Guys, I think ones are something really positive here. Let’s keep the conversation going. smartcleaneradvertising.com Smarter Cleaner Marketing

1 thought on “What is Smart Cleaner Advertising?

  1. Hi daisy! Just found your videos today. Love it!
    Though I am not in your industry, I am a auto detailer based out of Nottingham, NH. I guess you can say I can a type of cleaning business in a sense.
    Anyway, I moved about 10 months ago into NH and rebranded my business. It's quite the beginning, but I sense things to go well this year.
    Thanks for your video.
    You can check us out at:

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