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What is Smart Bidding Google Ads Adwords PPC

What is Smart Bidding Google Ads Adwords PPC

Hi! Quinn here from Ameet Khabra Marketing, and today I’m going to teach you about Smart Bidding. What is it? How does it work? How do we use it? All that and more, it’s coming up next! Don’t forget to subscribe for more Pay Per Click tips and tricks, and like this video to save my job. By now, if you’ve been watching this channel, and you have been watching this channel, right? You should know that PPC marketing means you have to bid on keywords to show your ads. But there’s so many moving parts! How do you stay on top of everything? But how do you reach your goals without hours of research, testing, and expensive trial and error? Thankfully, your prayers have been answered by Google, and they’ve delivered unto you the miracle that is Smart Bidding. As a side note, if you have no idea how bidding works, please, watch this video, then come back with your newfound knowledge. Trust me, this will make 100 times more sense that way. Okay, let’s dive in. Smart Bidding is an automated bid process that optimizes your bids based on the goals you set. Ranging from simple to understand to incredible complex, these Smart Bidding strategies make Google do the heavy lifting. They’ll make the adjustments to your budget and maximize the desired outcomes. This works by using Google’s vast amount of data to compare scenarios across all of your bids to understand how likely a viewer of your ad is to take action. It does this by taking in different signals, including things like, time of day, location, device used, or other things, in order to make a judgement call on how much to bid for that click. The Smart part is that it can instantly change these bids reacting to these signals in real time. If an event happens, like a sports team winning, then a Smart Bid will move your bid amounts to either maximize your goals or minimize wasted spending. “Well, great!”, you say, “I’m going to use Smart Bidding in all of my campaigns!” [Ameet]: Not so fast, young Padawan. She’s right. First of all, you need a minimum number of conversions to even enable this option. Depending on your goals, you may need more than 50 conversions to qualify. You also need to have a goal and audience that Smart Bidding can apply to. Some markets are just not predictable enough to give useful data to make this bid process viable. Or, you may not have enough risk tolerance to allow a machine to take over your ad spend. Smart Bidding can dramatically ramp up your bidding when it thinks you have a better chance of making a conversion. Machine learning is great when it can take over things that boil down to math and numbers. Many companies have products or services that are excellent applications for Smart Bidding. Like, clothing retailers or app developers. Industries with high gross profit are excellent candidates for Smart Bidding as well as your cost per acquisition and return on ad spend targets typically have enough room for bidding adjustment. While it’s great that this tool is available it still requires careful monitoring and tweaking just like every other advertising platform. Though this takes away the burden of manually setting bids in the overall campaign, creative direction and goal tracking still need to be performed and evaluated. No advertising can be set and forgotten about. It’s important to understand the automated bidding process before you let a machine take over your bids. Setting up the Smart Bidding process correctly is a massive part of what makes this tool useful. Now you know a little bit more about Smart Bidding. Watch our other videos to learn more about things like GCLID and CTR. It can get confusing with all the terms out there, but I hope I’ve helped you understand this one. If you want to understand the rest of them, download out PPC Glossary. It’s “The Ultimate PPC Glossary”. And it’ll help you understand over 160 terms related to PPC marketing. The PPC world can be confusing and scary. If you want to learn more, please subscribe, ring the bell, like and comment on the video below.

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